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How Media Plays an Important Role in a Sportspersons’ Life

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The media the always been an important link when it comes to providing the latest news or gossip to people. Be it positive or negative, as long as there are people listening and following them, they are here to stay.

The media plays an important role in getting the story across to the general public. These stories may range from rumors to actual facts about a particular person that you like and adore.

I have always been a fan of the Indian cricketer Virat Kohli. Hence, when he got married, I was nothing but awestruck, Even though the entire world was unaware, the media however did manage to get the news about his marriage, which shocked the entire world. This media can also be an effective tool for celebrities, elite people, sports persons, to get their side of the story across to the general public.

How Media Helps Shape Better Sports Persons

In this article, I would like to share certain ways in which the media has been effective in shaping a sports persons life –

  1. Helps to stay in touch with your fans

Your fans are the one’s who follow you blindly. Hence, any decision that you make may have some or the other effect or them or may be a point of conversation for them. Nonetheless, a sportsperson needs to stay in touch with their fan base to know what they want and also, to provide information about their upcoming matches or their current form.

2. Helps to earn money through sponsorship and brand deals

The media helps in order to promote a sports person in a particular light. If the brands feel that the particular sports person relates to people of a certain age group, they are offered with brand deals and sponsorship. This helps them to in turn increase their fan base and also earn extra money.

3. Major coverage

Most newspapers cover stories that provide more human interest coverage in their sports articles. Hence, newspapers tend to focus more on the human side of these sportsperson, be it good or bad. Therefore, they tend to devote more space to sports than to the general news section. It is one of the formulas to be popular with the readers.

4. Can be targeted

Win or lose – the media targets you at every step. The performance of the player is dissected thoroughly, without thinking about how it may affect the person. This is one of the disadvantages of extreme media attention and needs to be handled with immense maturity because any wrong step or word could cost you your fans and loved ones.

5. Personal life on display

The personal life of the sports person is on full display. This too is dissected by the media guys and the paparazzi, without thinking about the consequences. They have to be ready to face the criticism and negative judgement at all times.

Conclusion –

Like it or not, media has surely helped in the dramatization of sports and the players. They are mutually dependent on each other at all times. Hence, co-operation of these two is required for their survival. It has the potential to influence the ideology of the society and the way they present views.

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