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How We Misunderstood Religion?

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Religion is a highly sensitive topic ; where all religions aims at peace and tolerance there’s hardly any whose followers tolerate anything  when it comes to religion , such an irony !! .It won’t be wrong to say that religion is the most misunderstood phenomenon. Everyone believe what they want to believe in and if anyone dares to question it he may not have any place in society .religion6

Well here I am not to  question any belief but to tell you how we misunderstood religion 🙂


Wikipedia describes ” religion as an organised collection of beliefs , cultural systems and world views that relate to humanity to an order of existence “religion 1

In simple words , religion is something that holds people together , gives them something in common so that they have a sense of belonging to each other . BUT today , religion have just become another name of war , division , hatred , radicalisation, domination and justification for extremist views .

“Religion is nothing but just a WAY OF LIVING , a way of teaching morals and values , way of nurturing human minds towards  love , respect ,devotion and empathy ” . NO two religions have same way of teaching but the lesson is same – PEACEFUL CO-EXISTENCE.



As said earlier , the very purpose of religion is co-existence . To get it straight and bold , religion give people something to fear , rather than devotion it is based on fear . Fear of unknown  and it is so strong that people are afraid to question the intentions of this invisible being . Religion

The root of this fear lies in ancient time where it was necessary to have something to stop people from commiting evil deeds . You will be surprised to know that many of the religions have their origins in famines , plague and floods. It is believed that having faith in a supreme deity helped to ensure that people  live by certain moral rules that are necessary in harsh environments or in times of hardships.


Believe it or not , truth is religion itself is the cause of suffering and miseries .religion 2

The few deadliest wars to name which are a shame on mankind includes thirty year war between protestants and catholics during roman empire took almost 11,500,000 lives , french war of religion claimed 4,000,000 innocents ,crusades war between christians and muslims killed 3,000,000 people. And why to go far just look at present scenario the syrian war , which have displaced almost whole country .

And still you say religion is supreme ?


What science describes GOD is as ENERGY , the energy which is large enough , powerful enough and pervasive enough to create the solar system , the planet , the stars , the sun, you and me and everything on earth .Religion

Even if we don’t believe what science says , we can’t avoid the fact that god doesn’t created religion , it is we humans that for fullfillment of our greeds and desires have given birth to religion.

There is only one God and i bet he won’t be happy to see what we have done to his beautiful planet , how man is killing innocents in his name , how we are destroying his creations .


True religion is just one and that is HUMANITY , nothing is greater than this and nothing will be 🙂Religion

Follow your faith but first follow humanity , God created mankind for a reason , and reason is not domination of religion .Always remember …

 You don’t need religion to have morals , if you can’t determine right from wrong then you lack empathy not religion “

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