How Much Sugar Should You Eat?

How Much Sugar Should You Eat? 1

Sugar is often negatively called “crystal death” and “the substance that keeps empty calories”. Parents most likely control their children to stay away from this amazingly tasty component of every high-quality meal. They say: “Don’t eat too much sugar, because your teeth will rotten!”

But how to understand how much this is “too much”? Is it possible to consume a small amount of sugar daily without much harm to health or is it worth completely eliminating sugar from the diet?

How Much Sugar Should You Eat? 2

It is very important to realize the difference between the sugar that we add to the food and the sugars that are present in the products initially – in fruits and vegetables. These are absolutely healthy products containing water, fiber and various nutrients. So, the sugar present in them is absolutely normal. If you want to lose weight and optimize your health, try to avoid foods containing added sugar as much as possible. Or, you should consider trying products that substitute a sugar-containing meal meal. You can always read detailed information on

So, how much sugar is safe?

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to answer this question simply. Some people can eat sugar without harm to health, while others should avoid it. According to the Association for the Study of Heart Disease, the maximum sugar intake per day should be:

For men: 150 calories per day (37.5 grams or 9 teaspoons).

For women: 100 calories per day (25 grams or 6 teaspoons).

For a clearer idea: one can of Cola contains 140 calories from sugar, and the standard size Snickers contains 120 calories from sugar. If you are healthy, tightened and active, then such amounts of sugar will not harm you in any way. Your activity will help burn you those calories. It is important to note that sugar added to food is the enemy of the diet. It does not serve any physiological purposes. The less you eat it, the healthier you will be.

Why you shouldn’t eat too much sugar

If you constantly abuse sugar, the immune system decreases by about 17 times! This is especially noticeable for children. Sweet-tooth kids catch colds much more often than children who eat healthy food. Abuse of sugar leads to obesity. Eaten sweets are deposited on the sides, hips, abdomen in the form of fatty interlayers. And if you eat fat along with sugar, then it is digested much faster. But the combination of fat and sugar – is, for example, loved by adored people Twinkies. Sugar causes a false sense of hunger. Over time people lose control over their appetite.

Table sugar does not contain vitamins or minerals, it is absolutely useless for the body. On the contrary, sugar interferes with the absorption of B vitamins and flushes calcium from the body. As a consequence, people have problems with bones, teeth, are sick with beriberi and other health problems.

Now you clearly know how much sugar per day will not harm you and why this rate should not be exceeded. Carefully monitor your diet, add more useful sweets too it, and, on the contrary, exclude unnecessary sugar from the diet.

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