How To Create An Emotional Shayari

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Emotional Shayari is a way to express your sad feelings for someone whom you love and who used to love you once. To be honest, Shayari comes from heart and soul.

Technically speaking, for writing a good Shayari, one must focus on certain things like topic, style, depth of thought, and creativity. Before proceeding to how to create an emotional Shayari, lets first know about parts of a Shayari.


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A Shayari usually consists of 2 lines. Each line is termed as a ‘Misra.’ So, you can also say that Shayari is consists of 2 Misra.

Now, let’s focus on the elements of a good Shayari, which every great Shyar follows. A Shayari contains a part called a ‘hotaa.’ ‘Hotaa’ is the repeated word which you generally find at the end of sentences of a Shayari.

To create an emotional Shayari, you should keep these things on mind:

1. Purpose of Writing

purpose of writing

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You must know for what reason or circumstances you are writing the Shayari. If your intention or motive is clear, then it will be easier to structure an emotional Shayari. So whenever you think of writing an emotional Shayari, first decide the purpose of writing.

2. Topic Selection

Selecting a proper topic while writing is a crucial thing one must do before writing an emotional Shayari.

3. Gather Information

gather information

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If you are a beginner and don’t have a vast knowledge about Shayari, then the first and foremost thing which you can do is reading a lot. Now you will think about why I am telling you to learn? The simple reason behind it is that if you read or research other emotional Shayari available on the internet, then you will get a basic idea and perception of how to write or structure a proper emotional Shayari.

4. Follow one

There are many great Shaiyars like Gulzar, Mirza Ghalib, and Rahat Indori, who, with their immense power of writing, bloom their Shayaris with lots of emotions. They can even bring tears on your eyes with their ability to write. You can follow one Shyar and get some ideas from their Shayaris. Their way of expressing emotions and feelings is so fantastic and praising.

Let’s take an example of a Shayari of the famous Shyar’ Mirza Ghalib’-

“Kuch iss tarah

MeIne zindegi ko aasan kar liya.

Kisi se maafi maang li,

Kisi ko maaf kar diya.”

In this above Shayari, you can see that there are two words at the end of the two sentences- ‘Liya’ and ‘Diya’, these words are used to make the Shayari more rhythmic. The meaning of the above Shayari is- In this way, I make my life easier, by apologizing from someone, by forgiving someone.

For more Shayaris of Mirza Ghalib, you can just go and check these sites:

The great shaiyer Gulzar, who use to write Shayari on heartbreak, life, friendship, and love life, is a very famous shaiyer. Let’s take an example of a Shayari of him-

“Jab bhi dil yeh udaas hota hai,

Jaane kaun aas paas hota hai.

Koi waada nahi kiya lekin

Kyun tera intezaar rehta hai.”

The great shaiyer portrays reality. He has the immense power of writing, his words of expressing the emotions are so praising. Any can become followers of them because of their writing style.

You can also have a look at Shayaris of Gulzar:

Don’t forget to visit Rahat Indori’s Shayaris also:

Seriously, I must say their style of expressing their emotions through just a few lines is unique and beautiful.

5. Uniqueness

As your pain is different, try to write your Shayari uniquely and put your feelings in it. The motive of the Shayari can be the same. When you place your feelings into it, then it will be best, and it will be a unique one. Readers prefer unique Shayari. So try to put your own emotions and be unique. You can follow someone’s style of writing or structuring a Shayari but try to avoid using the same words.

6. Dedicating

emotional shayari


Try not to dedicate someone directly, while writing always avoid using their names. Somewhere it becomes awkward. If you want to dedicate your Shayari to someone whom you used to love so much, but due to some reasons your partner left you, then you just dedicate them indirectly without using their names rather than using emotions or feelings into the Shayari. Emotional Shayari is mainly written for failures in love faced by the writer him or her, or maybe he or she is writing for others imagining their situations or circumstances after heartbreak. When you are writing an emotional Shayari, try not to write for yourself. Only try to write for all so that everyone can relate.

7. Message

The message or motive of the Shayari should be clear. The main message lies in the last lines of the Shayari. So try to enlighten the previous tracks.

8. Word Selection

words selection


Choose suitable words or phrases to make it more emotional. Vocabulary is essential as much as you will learn new vocabulary as much as you can add new words to it to make it catchier.

9. Make a Connection

Try to add some emotions by which others can make a connection. Suppose a real-life experience which is very common to most of the readers. Readers mainly find connections and try to relate to their lives and stories.

10. Rhythm

Your Shayari must follow a rhyme, so that reader’s interest gradually grows while reading the Shayari. A rhythmic Shayari is also very musical to read, and it lefts a soothing impact on our mind and heart.

11. Maintain the Flow

While writing an emotional Shayari, follow the flow of the Shayari. When you write the first line, then just read it several times, automatically your mind and heart will tell you the second line of the Shayari. Maintaining the flow is very important. It keeps a monotonous rhythm and leaves an effect on the reader’s mind and heart also.

An emotional Shayari is the shortest collection of words, feelings, and emotions, but it makes a long-lasting impact on the reader’s mind.



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