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How To Deal With A Bully

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Priyanka Bhoj
"life is a voyage" this is the saying I live by. Passionate about travelling , writing and books. I have been writing articles from the last five years on various topics like food , travel , books, self help and inspiration . My articles are simple and informative , which you can read with a cup of coffee at the end of the day.

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Everyone talks about how they have faced bullying and difficult people in their lives. But has anyone ever talked about how to deal with them?

Here are some steps that will help you deal with bullying-

1.Talk to someone about it.

It is vital to talk to someone if you feel you are being bullied in some way. Talk to your friends, your family or anyone whom you trust. This way, you can get rid of the stress from the bully, and they will be able to help you out in some way.

You need to share it with your loved ones. Talk about it if you are being bullied in any way.



2.Ignore them.

I know it is easier to say this than to do it in actual life. But this is one of the most effective ways to deal with it. Totally ban them from your life. If you acknowledge them or tell them what they are doing to you, they will do it more. So ignore them totally, behave as if they don’t exist anymore.

Imagine the hours you are wasting on fretting and fuming about this bully, that same time you can actually spend doing something substantial for yourself. So ignore them, ban them from your life.


3.You are excellent, and that’s why they are jealous.

If you see the whole criteria of bullying, it is something like this, if you are perfect at something like basketball, painting or you are the topper of your class, you will often face bullying and hatred at some point in time. Rather than concentrating on how much they hate you, you should concentrate on how jealous they are because of your success.

You should feel happy that you are so good that it makes them so angry and jealous of you. Use it as your tool and not an excuse.



4.If one person hates you, there are a hundred people who love you.

Take it this way, and you have your parents, your siblings, your grandparents, your friends and people who consider you their role model; all these people LOVE you. So why are you so sad about this one person who hates you? He should not even be counted. His existence in your life equates to zero.

You have so many people in your life who love you, want you and want to see you happy. So concentrate on them rather than giving all your attention to that one bully.



5.Remove toxic people from your life.

You are one in a million and let no one make you feel any other way. Remove toxic people from your life; they are not worthy of being in your life. Sometimes you have people in your life who appear to be your friends, but they are always pulling you down and making you feel worthless; it’s time to chuck them out of your life.



Please note that bullying is a serious issue. If the bully tries to harm you physically or emotionally, you have to reach out to the concerned authorities and take steps against them for your welfare and the welfare of any future victim of these bullies. 


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– Priyanka Bhoj

“life is a voyage” is the saying I live by. Passionate about travelling, writing and books. I have been writing articles for the last five years on various topics like food, travel, books, self-help and inspiration. My articles are simple and informative, which you can read with a coffee cup at the end of the day.





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