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Your Guide to How To Identify The Toxic Woman

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Do you have a woman in your life who just does not get along well with you? Do you want to know if she is the toxic woman that everyone warns you about? The toxic woman is not hard to identify. They may be around you, and you would notice that no matter how hard you try, she just does not sit well with you.

We hear the word “toxic,” making the rounds and people speaking up about how to get rid of them. Are you friends with the toxic woman that people speak about? We will find out today. It is important to detach yourself completely with the toxic woman that disrupts your peace.

Everybody deserves to be surrounded by good people because how you feel majorly depends on the people you surround yourself with. It is essential to know that even if you have very few friends, those handfuls of people need to be the ones to motivate you and help you be the better version of yourself.

How to Identify the Toxic Woman

You meet a lot of people in your life, and even though the toxicity of people cannot be narrowed down to one specific gender because anybody can be a toxic person. Today, we will be focussing on the toxic woman that you must have met in your life at least once.

But how to identify the toxic woman after all? Well, below is the list on how to identify the toxic woman, so you are not stuck on her.

1. She Will Always be Jealous of You

The toxic woman is someone who would always be jealous of you no matter what you do. She is the one that can never see you succeed. She will always put you down in the worst way possible. The toxic woman will make sure that you do not succeed, and she will try her best to not let it happen.

If you buy a new dress or buy a new lipstick, she will be the first to criticize you. She will tell you that you do not look good or that the new dress you just bought does not suit you. You will be scared to share your happiness with her because, at the back of your mind, you would know that she will not be a part of your happiness.

The jealousy often comes from her sadness or evil mind. She always thinks that you should not look better than her whatsoever. If you wear something beautiful, then you will look better than her, and that is something she cannot accept.Your Guide to How To Identify The Toxic Woman 1

2. She is a Narcissist

There is a difference between loving oneself and being an outright narcissist. The toxic woman is a narcissist who just cannot stop bragging about herself. She is the one that does not let you speak or cut off your conversation midway.

The toxic woman is the one who would never listen to you but will make sure that when you are with her, she will leave no chances to keep talking about herself. If you have a problem and wish to share with her, she will twist the conversation in such a way that it becomes all about her.

The problems that you thought of sharing with her are now her problems, and you got to find a solution for it. She will just be so annoying that you do not feel like having a conversation with her. You will often find yourself hiding what you have in mind from her because you know that she will just not understand. This is the toxic woman that you must keep a distance from.

3. She is the One to Always Lie

Have you met a person in your life that just keeps on lying about almost anything and everything? Yes, one of the traits of the toxic woman is that she is a pathological liar. She is the one to lie about her whereabouts or almost everything under the sun.

It is extremely toxic to be around someone whose main quality is dishonesty. Being truthful or honest is the most important step of every relationship, and if someone is not able to do that, then it is a major red flag.

Lies make us question ourselves because no matter what you do, you realize that her behavior is not something that you should blame yourself for. Her behavior or the way she lies is because she wants to. There are times when she will keep bragging about things that she does not even have. She will lie so that you believe her and feel the same way she does when she feels jealous of you.the toxic woman

4. She Insults You in Front of Everyone

The toxic woman is the one who will insult you in private or in front of everyone. Once you share your insecurities with her, she will make sure to make fun of it. You just cannot trust her with your secrets. Even if you think of sharing something with her, you have a fear in your mind that she will use it against you.

She will leave no stones unturned to make fun of you, so others make a joke out of you. You would find it better to bottle up your emotions than sharing it with her. After all, it does not feel good when you trust someone with your secrets, and they just decide to make a joke about it. The toxic woman does that too often so that she can hide her insecurities.

She finds it better to expose your insecurities so she can feel better about herself. It just feels like a better option for her to pull others down to feel good about herself.

5. She Will Always Have Trust Issues

The toxic woman is the one who always has trust issues. Being in a relationship with the toxic woman just feels the worst. You will always find her doubting you. No matter how much you try to prove her about your honesty, she will ever think that you are dishonest.

You try to make her believe by your actions that you are not the way she thinks, but she will keep on arguing with you because she does not trust you. The toxic woman is the one who always has a topic to fight about. If you are late, she will just assume that you are cheating on her. If you fail to answer her text or call, she will fight with you over that instead of understanding your situation.

Being with a person that has nothing better to do than question your honesty is the worst place to be in. It is better to be left off alone than being with someone who is always ready for a fight. Toxic relationships can drain you emotionally. Long term healthy relationships are way better than toxic relationships.Your Guide to How To Identify The Toxic Woman 2

6. She Will Always be Inconsistent

Inconsistency is one of the traits of the toxic lady. You will never know where you stand with her because everything about her is just a mystery. She will hide things from you and not share anything. If at all she shares anything, it just turns out to be a lie.

Inconsistency occurs when, at times, she will make you believe that she is the best person in the world, but her actions prove otherwise. At times she will go beyond boundaries to make you feel good, but other times she will not do a dime thing to make her presence felt.

You will always find yourself wondering if she is the right person or not. It does not feel good to be with someone who does not assure their presence with you. Your relationship with her is extremely uncertain because you are aware that she will cut you off as soon as she is done or bored with you.

She will always keep herself in the sense that you will get to know that she is one of the most selfish people you have ever met. Putting yourself first is not a bad thing, but being so selfish that you do not mind ruining other people’s lives is not okay.Your Guide to How To Identify The Toxic Woman 3

7. She Will Always Be a Part of Drama

Whether you like it or not, the toxic women will always love drama. She loves to see negativity in other people’s lives and would love to be a part of it. You will always find her bad-mouthing about other people.

At one moment, she will be all friendly with a person, and the other moment she will turn her back on them. She will start bad-mouthing about that person she was too sweet to. She loves to gossip and will leave no stones unturned without knowing what the reason for an argument or a fight was.

The toxic women know about all the drama around her, even if she does not know a person. She will judge people based on their appearance or the way they dress. She will manipulate you into thinking the same way she thinks.Your Guide to How To Identify The Toxic Woman 4

These were some of the ways in which you can identify the toxic woman in your life. If you are dealing with the toxic woman, then you need to stop right now! Either you have an honest conversation with her about what you feel and how her negative actions are impacting other people’s lives or just stay away from her.

Are you dealing with the toxic woman in your life? Let us know in the comments.


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