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Calling on Spirits for Help: The Guide

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Many a time, we get confused or stuck with our lives. We desperately look for solutions from our friends and family, which sometimes doesn’t satisfy our inner selves. Calling on spirits for help has been a practice for millions of years. We summon spirit guides or angels to show light upon our problems. Calling on spirits for help has worked for so many people to resolve issues and align to the right track of life.

Communicating with spirit guides can be a beautiful spiritual experience when done rightly. It opens the door to our higher self and the upper world as well.

What are Spirit Guides?

Spirit guides can be described as beings of the spiritual world that are known to possess knowledge and wisdom of human life. These spirit guides, also known as angels, bring clarity and guidance to human beings to align them on the right journey to the spiritual world.

Everyone is believed to have a spirit guide or multiple guides. Anybody can connect with their spirit guides, but it requires a great deal of concentration, belief, and patience.

Spirit guides, also choose whom they want to help, either on their own or when called upon. Hence, calling on spirits for help requires oneself to be a “good” human being who seeks to be in the path of spirituality.

Calling on Spirits for Help: Types of Spirit Guides

Spirit guides or angels, although they serve the same purpose of guidance for humankind, are believed to have different forms amongst themselves. These classifications are based on different cultures and practices around the world.

  1. Angels 

Angels are creatures of the spiritual world in devotion to serving human beings. It is believed that these are two types of angels, namely Archangels and Personal angels.

Archangels shower their presence at multiple places, whereas Personal angels serve their help and guidance only to the person calling on spirits for help.

Calling on Spirits for Help: The Guide 1

2. Powerful Animals

We all have specific embodied characteristics from the animal world. Yet the animal kingdom is believed to be easily connected to the higher world than humans.

The popular theory of “The Butterfly effect” is an example of animals as spirit guides. The shamanic culture especially believes that certain animals are their spirit guides.

3. Devas

The elements of the earth, such as water, fire, air, trees, and plants, are believed to absorb energies from the higher spiritual world. They are also considered as spirit guides in many cultures across the world.

Trees and plants are considered spirit guides majorly in South East Asia. There are several numbers of sacred groves and forests in this region, proving the belief of spirit guides among people.

4. Ancestors

Our deceased ancestors are believed to help and guide us as our spirit guides. This belief is widespread across the world. The deceased family member or friend is believed to have acquired knowledge and wisdom about human life after their death.

Calling on spirits for help, especially the ancestors or the deceased is carried upon through various methods. Some of them are using Ouija boards, Plachettes, Crystal balls, and Pentagrams, etc.

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Need for Trust and Readiness

While spirit guides are always ready to guide us, we are expected to fulfill their expectations prior. Spirit guides expect us to have deep trust in them and the entire process. We are required to show gratitude for their guidance and compassion.

Calling on spirits for help also requires us to pay attention. We have to be humble while communicating with spirit guides.

Simple Ways for Calling on Spirits for Help

Summoning spirit guides for help is simple, but it has to be done with concentration, trust, gratitude, and patience. Ensure that you are enclosed in a peaceful, close environment with no disturbances before calling upon spirit for help.

Set your intentions clear and start the process with the utmost concentration to seek spiritual help. Given below are some methods to connect with spirits for help.

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  1. Meditation

Meditation is one of the easiest methods to find peace with the inner self and align our mind’s frequency with that of the higher self or our spirit guides.

When meditating with our questions for the spirit guides, our spirit guides give us answers through our aligned frequencies. Sometimes, it is believed that we can hear the voices and even see them in faint appearances.

Calling on Spirits for Help: The Guide 2

Watch this video on guide to meditation for beginners:

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2. Journaling

While journaling is a practice to streamline our habits, it can help us to get the required messages from our spirit guides as well. It is suggested that we journal our thoughts regularly to find interesting patterns beyond our understanding. It might be a clue or sign from our spirit guides.

Journaling right after meditation is said to provide clear-cut messages of spirit guides. Dreams are another medium for connecting with our spirit guides. To not forget the dreams and decode the messages provided in the dream, we can maintain a dream journal. It not only helps us connect with spirit guides but also expands our concentration and intuition.

3. Asking for Signs

Calling on spirit guides for help can be simply done through a short mindful prayer of asking signs. Praying with gratitude and asking to show any desired sign to affirm their positive response works wonders.

When the desired sign shows in front of us, it is nonetheless one of the most joyous moments to know that our prayers are answered.

Calling on spirits for help

4. Seeking a Medium or Psychic

Consulting a psychic medium is the easiest way to call on spirits for help. The psychics act as channels for communicating the words of the spirit guides to us and vice versa. This method also has a disadvantage that the spirit guide needs to trust the medium as well to answer the questions we asked. The credibility of the psychic also plays a major role.

There are different methods of psychic mediums to connect to our spirit guides like tarot readings, crystal balls, pentagrams, etc. It is our choice to choose the medium for calling on spirits for help.

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Crystal ball

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5. Trusting your Intuition

Keeping trust in oneself is one of the prime steps of personal growth. When we are following the path of spirituality, our spirit guides transform their thoughts and answers to our questions and doubts in the form of our intuition.

Believing the “gut feeling” or intuition always has helped us in escaping dangerous situations. Our intuitions are nothing but our spirit guides disguised as our thoughts.

Watch this video on how to trust your intuition:

How to Know the Presence of Spirit Guides?

Spirit guides are spiritual beings that guide us to righteousness. Feeling their presence can be quite tricky. We need to be extremely intuitive and pay maximum attention to our surroundings.

When we ask for signs by calling on spirit guides, the signs appearing to our eyes itself denotes the presence of spirit guides. Constant encounters of repetitive numbers like 1111, 333, 555, etc., are considered the spirit language of conversing with us or showing their guidance.

Small noticeable changes like a boo falling or seeing the same phrases for several times in a day are also signs that spirit guides are contacting us.

When we are extremely intuitive and sensitive to our surroundings, t is believed that we can feel the presence of spirit guides and even hear their voices.

Things to Remember When Calling Spirits for Help

Calling on spirit guides for help is a sacred experience. This spiritual process should be treated with the utmost discipline, gratitude, and humbleness.

Many people who do not trust the process and make fun of the process have failed in experiencing the spiritual phenomenon.

Trust plays a pivotal role in connecting with the higher world or our spirit guides. Our minds have to be clear, peaceful to receive the insights of our spirit guides. Our minds have to be clear, peaceful to receive the insights of our spiritual guides.

A constantly working mind will fail to capture the signs of our spirit guides.

It is also important to acknowledge and be thankful to the spirit guides for their guidance and compassion. Only then, the guidance of our spirit guides can take us to the greatest of heights and bring peace to our lives.

Calling on Spirits for Help: The Guide 4

Spirit guides should be considered as our friends that help us throughout our lives. The only difference is that they belong to the divine world. Calling on a spirit guide for help or manifesting something from the universe is a sacred experience.

It takes us to the unknown spiritual world that trains us to live our lives to reach our destiny. It brings joy to our journey of life. It makes us realize our own higher self while also keeping us grounded.

It is up to one’s personal choice in believing the presence of spirit guides and angels. But it is the trust in the spirit guides or oneself that transcends into the answers and guidance we are looking for.

Share your experience of calling on spirit guides for help in the comment section below.

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