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Learn About Red Borneo Kratom and How it Is Similar to CBD

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Red Borneo is a kratom strain that is harvested in Southeast Asia. Just like other top-notch strains of kratom, red Borneo also remains in high demand. As the name implies, this strain is harvested in Indonesia, a country which is the largest exporter of kratom in the world. Red Borneo strain is known for its long-lasting effects and unique smell. However, before we dig deep into the crux of kratom plant, it is important to introduce Red Borneo strain.

Learn About Red Borneo Kratom and How it Is Similar to CBD 1
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What is Red Borneo Kratom?

People who consume Red Borneo, claim it provides a soothing effect in the brain and relaxes the mind for odd number of hours. Its color is what distinguishes it from other conventional kratom strains. Kratom fans also claim Red Borneo is the perfect painkiller. Many people use it for sedative purposes. However, the effects are directly proportional to the dose you’re taking.

A lot of people use Red Borneo because they claim it provides relaxation to the brain. However, scientific research doesn’t approve of any health benefits as are claimed by people. Kratom users say that Red Borneo provides them relief from stress, hypertension and anxiety. More than 50% of the world’s population is stuck with insomnia. This is the main reason why people are looking for cheaper methods to get treated for their different medical conditions.

How is Red Borneo similar to CBD?

CBD, which stands for cannabidiol, is a compound that is an active ingredient in the cannabis plant. It has several proven health benefits for the body. Some of the common benefits of this compound are; it helps in treating depression, curtails anxiety, treats insomnia, heals chemotherapy side effects and improves skin. Some of the claims made by kratom users regarding the health benefits of the plant are similar to the proven health benefits of CBD.

CBD treats anxiety and depression that is similar to claims made by kratom consumers regarding the plant. Red Borneo fans also claim it has the power to improve sexual health just as CBD does. One major difference that both the herbs have is, CBD is legal in most parts of the world and has multiple health benefits for the body. However, kratom is banned because of its notorious side effects and continues to be hounded by critics.

Furthermore, you will be intrigued to know, Red Borneo kratom is used to make tea and kava, both of which are two cliché beverage items in South Florida bars. People who drink Red Borneo tea claim it provides a soothing effect in the body and gives a good night’s sleep like CBD.

Though, there is no relation between Red Borneo and kratom according to medical research, people who consume both these herbs always find a way to relate the two compounds. Unless medical science doesn’t come up with something interesting regarding kratom, it wouldn’t be fair to compare the two herbs. No one can deny, kratom and CBD industries are thriving every single day. The market worth of both the plants is staggering and doesn’t seem to come down any sooner. 

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