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Best Guide to How to Roll a Joint in 3 Simple Steps!

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Have you been wondering as to how to roll a joint? Or are you completely new to the world of rolling papers, cannabis joint/s, and other related things?

This article aims to provide you with the best way to roll a joint and some different ways for people worldwide to consume cannabis.

But before we begin digging into the joint rolling process, let us know what a joint is.

What is a Joint?

Unlike commercially prepared tobacco cigarettes, the joint is considered the most iconic way to smoke weed out of a paper-made cigarette that is usually hand-made, sometimes even machine-made with the help of rolling paper.

It is also referred to as a spliff when cannabis is mixed with tobacco. Most cannabis smokers have a personal preference for hand-rolled joints; however, pre-rolls are joints that a manufacturer or retailer provides you. These are ready-to-smoke joints.

On the other hand, you might have heard about the term ‘blunt.’ This cigar is hollowed out and filled with cannabis. It is a joint rolled with tobacco leaves.

A Little Bit About Cannabis

Yash Lucid/Pexels

The cannabis flower has served many medical purposes as well as recreational. Barring the cannabis flower, the stem is used in industries, and the plant’s seed is used in food. Dozens of names have been associated with cannabis.

The names weed and pot are most popularly known for it. The effects of smoking cannabis joints vary from person to person, immediate or long-term, and depend on how you consume it. We will look at the adverse effects of smoking joints later in this article.

First, let us see how to roll a joint.

how to roll a joint
RODNAE Productions/Pexels

How to Roll a Joint?

Some people find it a tricky process and often report not being able to make perfect joints. But once you get the hang of it, it looks like a cakewalk.

How to Roll a Joint: Ingredients or Materials Required

Rolling supplies for your basic joint include the following:-

  • Cannabis strain of your choice or your favorite cannabis strain:

The psychoactive drug has many pure and hybrid varieties for you to choose from. Some of the known names for cannabis strain/s are Indica, Sativa, and hybrid. Indica has a relaxing impact on the person, while Sativa has an energizing one. Hybrid is the blend of both.

Interestingly, the Indica is believed to be originating from the Kush Mountains in India. In short, a cannabis strain is a breed of weed.

  • Rolling papers:

To encase the cannabis, we have rolling papers. Rolling papers are sheets of very thin paper. Rolling papers come in a great variety. Some common types include hemp paper or rolling papers made out of rice, flax, straw, etc.

These are sometimes used to enhance the flavor of the joint too. Some typical flavors are blueberry, pineapple, double chocolate, and grape.

While the choice of a rolling paper is a matter of personal preference and is open to subjectivity, hemp paper is said to be enjoyed by many who smoke. The papers come in different dimensions and sizes.

The transparent rolling papers give the traditional joint a little twist to its look. You can see the cannabis inside while using clear rolling papers made out of plant cellulose.

Based on the size, we have king-size papers, king-size slim, and single wide. A pro tip is to be mindful of weed quantity and paper’s desired thickness. Big papers such as the king-size ones hold more weed while the single wide is best if you have supposed ”me time”.

You can get these rolling papers from convenience stores. Not to forget, these papers are biodegradable.

  • Crutch (for the joint crutch or filter)

A crutch is a mouthpiece. It is also called a filter or tip. This improvement to the joint can save you from burning your lips and fingers. The crutch also prevents the plant material from being inhaled while you are smoking the joint.

Since the saliva can make your perfect joint soggy, the tip or the crutch refrains that from happening, and the smoking circle goes unbothered.

Sturdy and thick materials are always preferred. Some common items that smokers use include business cards, index cards, thin cardboard, or some go in for a permanent option of using a glass tip. A very thick business card may not fold into your ideal roll, so use what’s the most suitable.

  • Cannabis grinder

Some people don’t purchase cannabis grinders, but regular smokers consider it a worth-it investment. The weed grinder keeps your hands from getting sticky and lets you continue rolling without much mess.

These grinders can be easily purchased from tobacco shops and are even sold online. As the name suggests, these are just like the herb grinders we have in our kitchens. The prime reason why a weed grinder is preferred is that it offers two major perks.

Firstly, it saves the time of breaking the cannabis by scissors or hands, and secondly, it sieves the unwanted kief. Within the weed grinder, there is a kief catcher that separates the kief. You have to be careful that each time you grind, you clean the apparatus, for it may become sticky and clogged after continuous use.

How to Roll a Joint: The Procedure

How to Roll a Joint, Step 1: Grind the Cannabis

Weed Grinder
Esteban Lopez/Unsplash

Yes, the very first step is to grind your weed. The tool used is the same as mentioned above. The weed must be evenly ground.

If you do not have a grinder, use your fingers gently and separate the bud while being careful enough not to cause any damage to the cannabis trichomes.

Make the size the same and remove and seeds or stems. When the cannabis is dry, it takes no time to break down. Here are some alternatives to grind weed when you don’t have a grinder to ensure your perfect joint.

  1. Kitchen Appliances such as the coffee grinder (be sure it is clean and washed thoroughly), cheese grater (be gentle with your finger as they might get cuts), or mortar & pestle (do not grind too hard with this classic method).
  2. Scissors
  3. Keys
  4. Coins
  5. Chopping Board and Knife
  6. Black Pepper Grinder
  7. Pizza Cutter
  8. Credit Card

How to Roll a Joint, Step 2: Make the Crutch

joint filter
Thought Catalog/Unsplash

The filter is the cylindrical paper roll near the cannabis mix, touching the person’s finger in the image above.

Use thin cardboard or a business card if you don’t have a proper filter or tip. The easiest way here is to cylindrical shape by rolling the paper into a spiral. This is an easy way but not the best as it has certain drawbacks.

It is wide enough for plant matter to pass through it and even burn your lips. So let us look at a better way of rolling your perfect joint with a crutch that doesn’t harm you.

Before rolling up, the crutch makes a few accordion-style folds, and you would be good to go. Most people prefer having an M or W shape fold visible as too many folds may result in a tight roll. Once the fold is done, roll the crutch material around it.

While wrapping the excess paper, if you think it is too much, you can choose to rip it off altogether. Do not crease the paper either, as that can also lead to a tighter joint. This method ensures you can smoke cannabis without burns or plant matter getting inside your mouth.

If you think making a crutch is too time-consuming, then you can, anyways, go in for a reusable tip.

How to Roll a Joint, Step 3: Fill the Joint As You Roll It

Enric Cruz López/Pexels

By this step, you would have chosen your desired rolling paper. You could be using rolling hemp papers or other joint papers available to use. Keep the joint paper on a flat surface and fold half lengthwise, ensuring the glue strip side is up.

Next, twist one end of the joint paper as you know the paper will be rolled into the cone shape. Take the weed and spread it over the paper. It should be evenly dispersed as it may burn unevenly if the joint isn’t rolled properly.

You might wonder how much weed is to be put. Sometimes while rolling a joint, too much cannabis would lead to an improper roll. Also, being too stingy could leave you with a pinner joint. This joint resembles a cigarette and has a relatively less amount of weed in it.

It is a cannabis joint that is used by people who have less weed. Due to its appearance, it can be referred to as a thin joint. So how much weed you need depends on the size of your rolling paper and choice, of course.

Now, let the joint rolling begin! Would you please pick up the paper and roll it until it is evenly done? After rolling back and forth, you should be left with a cylindrical shape of the cannabis mix.

The next step is to put the tip you made earlier onto one edge of the paper. By putting it at the edge only in the beginning, you get to avoid hassles. Now you proceed and roll up the paper. To seal the joint, lick the sticky edge of the rolling paper.

You can also twist one end to prevent the contents from falling off. You have your cone joint ( in this shape, there is less weed on the tip side and more on one end) ready, but some people have a different way of rolling their normal joint.

In this same step, they prefer rolling the joint inside out wherein the glued edge is facing you.

This method takes some time to master, so the former is better. Your cannabis joint may be ready, but there are some other ways out heir that novice smokers prefer, out of which the dollar bill technique tops the list.

In the dollar bill method, you put your stash inside the bill, roll it, put it in the rolling paper with the sticky side up, and then roll it again. A light twist on both ends is recommended to avoid the spilling of contents.

If you feel you didn’t fill the joint properly or spilled some cannabis while rolling a joint, you can use an object such as a pen or chopsticks to stuff the material inside.

At times you might not like the thickness of the joint. You can, anyways, unroll and roll the paper again.

how to roll a joint
Wesley Gibbs/Unsplash

Rolling a joint is an art. An origami type of art?

Yes, as unusual as it seems, you can let your creativity flood out and make joints no one has ever seen.

Who knew cannabis could bring out your creative side? ScoopWhoop shows us 8 crazy yet cool ways people have rolled up their joints apart from the regular and pinner ones. Here are their names to get you intrigued just by the sound of them!

  1. The Shotgun Joint
  2. The Scorpion Joint
  3. The Triple Braid
  4. Dutch Tulip
  5. The XXL Joint
  6. The Cross
  7. Plumbers Joint
  8. The Windmill

Now you know how to roll a joint. You can have fun and smoke it, but is there any additional cost to it?

As fun as weed-smoking looks like, especially with its rising portrayal in media and not to ignore its medicinal use (cancer patients often take weed to reduce the effects of chemotherapy such as nausea associated with it), it does have disadvantages attached to it that harm the body adversely.

These include impaired judgment, slower reaction time, problems with memory, weakening of the immune system, and problems with respiration.

A Cannabis Joint
Kindel Media/Pexels

Can you get addicted to Marijuana?

Yes, it is very much possible to become dependent on weed. Primarily because sometimes the body refrains from accepting the withdrawal from the drug. Marijuana use disorder is more likely to affect teens consuming cannabis.

While studies still seem controversial, precaution is better than cure, right? Excess intake of anything is bad, and a powerful substance like weed itself shouldn’t be underestimated.

So, you saw how to roll a joint, but before you start gathering the cannabis flower, joint papers, and other supplies, be sure of the laws of your region as you wouldn’t like being put behind bars for smoking, right?

In many regions around the world, weed may be legalized. It still isn’t in many parts. So, stay safe and enjoy rolling yourself a joint if your laws allow you.

I hope you found this article on how to roll a joint helpful.

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