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How to Talk with Someone’s Soul

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How to talk with someone's soul

Contacting spirits from the other world is quite a daring task. If you wish to know how to talk with someone’s soul then, You need to build a good connection first and a strong heart. If your own soul is weak you’ll fail to connect with the other soul. Even when you’re afraid to bother them, you’ll still be wanting to try it out of curiosity.

Chances are also there if you want to connect to the spirit bothering you in your house. There are various methods and ways on how to talk with someone’s soul like in dreams, meditating, or using other methods.

Spirits are said to live freely in the other world but it’s really difficult for them to come in this world. The soul can be good or bad, it depends upon you who you want to call. Sometimes an evil soul comes along. The process of calling the dead is both dangerous and of advantage. Connecting with them doesn’t only mean lighting candles or using an evil spell. You can connect them through an open mind and heart.

Sometimes you won’t even get a response from them. There is a need to believe, things might not work out but that’s okay. Try it next time again.

Here below are ways mentioned on how to talk with someone’s soul,

  1. Communicating Through Dreams

Dreaming can be good or bad. There are certain dreams which turn out as nightmares while other dreams give you positivity and peace. Have you ever thought of connecting to someone’s soul in your dreams? You may come across dreams about your dead loved ones, like your spending time with them, talking, or even just got a glimpse of them.

Many such people try to connect with the deceased soul in their dreams, through dreams you can talk to the soul and have a good connection. The method needs experience and practice. For the non-experienced ones, before going to sleep, make sure to create a strong image of the deceased soul in your mind and fall asleep. Your sleep should be deep and strong enough to connect them in dreams.

Disturbances during sleep or insomnia won’t let you have a proper dream. Think about what you wish to say to them when you create a strong image of them, convey those messages through your dream to the other soul. Dreams are considered a safe path to contact someone’s soul and ask them for guidance and support.

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2.  Connecting with Your Sixth Sense

We all human beings have a sixth sense, all we got to do is first connect to our sixth sense. For this, try to sit in a meditative position, focus on the image of the deceased soul, and form a connection. Shift your complete focus to a higher path and let nothing disturb your subconscious mind.

Try to concentrate on your present moment, do not divert your mind in any other thinking. Note down the date, time, location, and your inner feelings since later on it may face difficulty in returning to your present sense. Slowly, bring down your focus in a state where you aren’t aware of the things around you.

Once it’s done, focus on the energy surrounding the room. Do not look out for it, rather try to connect with it through your inner self. If any presence is felt then try questioning it or talking with it through your subconscious mind. Answers will not come as words but via images or emotions. Souls cannot communicate directly as they can’t be touched or seen, due to which they talk using mediums.

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3. Scents and Perfumes

It might feel odd like how to talk with someone’s soul through scents? But yes it is one of the methods that can be used to talk with souls. There are particular scents that take you down the memory lane such as your childhood or to a place. The smell of benches and chairs can take you back in school life while the smell of sandwiches can take you back in a memorable picnic spent.

Each and every person emit a unique scent which can be of help to communicate with the dead soul. If in case, the soul you wish to connect with has memories with you through the unique scent. Try to leave a perfume aloof in one room. It will comfort you and if you’re missing the deceased person then it’ll connect with its soul in the other world. The scent will signal them that you are trying to form a connection with them.

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4. Using the Power of Mind

There is a power that lies in the subconscious mind. Few paranormal experts believe, souls can be communicated spiritually other than using professional mediums. It depends on how you increase yourself spiritually and heighten your awareness.

A proper theory needs to follow. At first, it might seem difficult for you to reach the spiritual height. But once you master the theory, your good to go. Try to sit in an isolated environment away from disturbances and noises. Close your eyes, let free of all worries and depression.

Once your vessel is free from thoughts, focus on the image of the deceased one in your subconscious mind. The image should be of a memorable time you spend with that person in order to get a clear image. Clearer image makes a better connection with the dead soul. Once a connection is formed, held onto the image in your mind and ask your questions. Do not let your focus wander, wait patiently for its answer. Don’t let other thoughts indulge you or you’ll lose the connection. You are sure to get a reply which isn’t from your mind.

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5. Contacting a Medium

Every other dead soul needs to be contacted through a particular medium. Since they can’t be touched or see, they contact you using a medium. Mediums have good knowledge of the spirit world. You can book a medium either online or dial-up from your phone. They offer you two choices. Either contacting the deceased soul from your own house or visit their place to form a connection.

It is a wise decision to choose the former one, as more safety at the home than outside. Be sure you choose the right medium. Many of them do not have much knowledge on how to talk with someone’s soul but they still accompany you and create a mess. Lots of scams happen. Make sure to research well before booking an appointment.

Once you’re in contact with the medium, he or she will help you form a connection with the dead soul through his or her body. Concentrate on his questions and answers to check what they claim to offer.

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10 ways on how to talk with someone’s soul according to experts

6. Directly Talking to the Soul

This method is helpful when the person had just passed away or you feel a strange presence near you. In such cases talking directly to the deceased soul helps you form a connection with them. Souls remain back in the real world either when they’re suffering or in trouble reaching the other world. But there are also souls who reach the other realm soon after death.

You can talk with someone’s soul only if you feel their strange presence or else this method won’t work. Pour your heart out, ask questions, convey the unsaid feelings or any secret. Chances are there you might receive a response through a thing or in your mind. Focus on the response you may just get one.

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7. Taking help of EVP and EMP

EVP is an Electronic Voice Phenomena that helps you detect voices unheard to normal human’s ear recorded digitally. The Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) detects a yes or no meter with lights. Either of one comes handy to form a connection with the dead.

Any questions could be asked to the deceased soul using an EVP. This technology is used to find about details and name of the dead soul. While using it, do not ask questions too fast rather give time after each question for the soul to answer. After recording, replay it again and notice the sounds and weird voices that translates into answers.

An EMP should be used in a room or place with high spiritual power. It detects the electromagnetic waves and lights up. There’s a yes or no meter. Ask your questions in a way that could be answered with a yes or no. When the meter lights up for once it means yes while if it lights up twice its a no.

How to Talk with Someone's Soul 7

8. Conducting a Seance

A seance is one kind of method used to form a connection with the deceased soul. It requires a group of three or more people experienced in this field and uses their gathered energy. Beware of running into an evil soul.

Close the doors and windows of the room, let no light enter. Dim the room with candle lights. Use three candles or incense. Place a candle in front of each person and chant the deceased soul’s name in your mind until you form a connection. No one should open their eyes through the whole process or else the connection breaks. Each needs to hold onto the other person’s hand.

Among the three-person, the deceased soul chooses anyone as a medium of communication or either answer through forces. Once you form a connection try asking questions and wait for its answers. This is one of the traditional methods used to talk with someone’s soul. Once done with the answers, put the candles out and break the circle to let the soul free.

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9. Communicating through Possession

Each and every individual posses an object which their favorite or contains their memory. Paranormal activists say the deceased person’s objects may still be connected with their soul. These possessions can help you form a connection with their soul and you can communicate through it.

Look out for their favorite items like clothes, books, or any personal objects close to them. Take this item to the deceased person’s room or house. Try to form a connection holding it. Do not break the chain, keep on holding it, and ask questions until you receive a response. Make sure the object your holding onto was closest to the deceased soul. Then only it might respond.

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10. Hearing the Wind Chimes

Earlier, people blindly believed in wind chimes. Almost every household had wind chimes near their windows. It jingles when wind passes through it, the sound is quite mesmerizing.

Expert says dead souls could be contacted through wind chimes. Usually, when wind passes through the wind chime, it’s believed to the work of a deceased soul. It creates its own jingling sound and others join for it too.

Though many say, air pressure makes the wind chimes jingle but for sure its the dead souls wandering. You can form a connection with them through it and the sound is really soothing. Make sure to buy one wind chime.

How to Talk with Someone's Soul 10

11. Gazing into the Mirror

One of the safest and creepy methods of all. Gazing into the mirror can help you out on how to talk with someone’s soul. The process is similar to using the power of the mind but here the mirror is required to form a contact. A clear image may form of the deceased soul if done correctly.

Check for an empty silent room, stand-alone in front of the mirror. Let free all your stress and worries, make your inner vessel empty. Try to focus on the deceased person’s image and make the image clear in your mind. Do not be distracted or open your eyes suddenly. Once you’re done getting a clear image, open your eyes slowly, and look directly into the mirror.

Let the image of your be practically in front of you. The image may be blurry or overlapping you but you are sure to the dead soul. As the connection is formed, ask your doubts or express your feelings. But always remember the answers will come in the form of images or emotions.

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