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How To Write A Song? 10 Easy Steps

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Writing a song is never easy. You keep on wondering: How to write a song? How do I write a song that is going to appeal to the general public? How do I write something that is going to make the public connect with it?

Like these, millions of questions continue to swarm in the minds of a songwriter or maybe even a singer who writes his or her songs. It is definitely not an easy task, to begin with, and it also contains a lot of mental work as well as heart work that is obviously not possible for all.

A song has to be made of something that can help people relate to it. It needs to be able to pierce through the souls of all the different types of people in the world, no matter their caste, creed, religion, or sex. It needs to be able to touch the heart of the millions of souls present in this wide world.

If it does not, then, I am sorry to say, your song will not reach where you want it to. The only way to make a song hit or famous is to write it in such a manner that it can be loved and cared for by the people.

Songs are really very, very important in any person’s life. It helps in lifting up one’s mood if they are sad, get them a bit excited in case they feel boring, help them be calm and relaxed when they feel anxious or tensed about a particular reason, and it might just also be the reason for someone’s happy mood. It is possible that songs help a person feel all the types of emotions that are there and that we regularly feel in our daily lives.

One of the many reasons why songs and music are essential in our lives is because, despite the many different types of language that prevail in the world, there is a universal language in the world, which is the language of music. songs and music are also a way to create a soothing ambiance or promote a type of unity. It also helps in expressing one’s self and promotes or enhances the use of your imagination.

There definitely are many reasons why songs can help a person. But it is equally important to learn the true way of writing songs. Writing a song may look easy, but in reality, it is actually very, very tough. How to write a song or, more appropriately, how to write a song that is going to help the people out there, is probably what the ones who write the songs keep on wondering about.

Even though you might think that they should be wondering exactly that because it is their job, you might want to remember that doing what they do is tough. Not everyone has the talent for it. Thus, song writers should be appreciated more often than they probably are currently.

Song Writers: Who Are They?

According to Wikipedia, a songwriter is someone who “professionally composes musical compositions and writes lyrics for songs.” A person who writes songs can also be considered to be a composer. However, it is said that the latter term is used mainly for individuals who are from the classical music genre as well as film scoring but are also attached to writing and composing the original musical composition or musical bed.

People should keep in mind that a songwriter is different from a singer-songwriter. A singer-songwriter is a person who is a musician and someone who writes, composes, as well as performs their own musical material, including lyrics and melodies.

Why Are Song Writers Important?

It is not always possible for the singers to come up with ideas for new songs and write the lyrics for it as well. This is where the songwriters come in. They are the ones who then help out the singers in coming up with a beautiful lyric to a beautiful song.

Sometimes people do not appreciate all the hard work a songwriter actually puts into making a song. From always thinking about how to write a song to actually writing it, a lot of steps are involved that are extremely difficult to get through. From the outside, it may look pretty straightforward, but once you have the opportunity to actually think about it, you will keep on wondering how to write a song.

It is probably better to know the steps as to how to write a song before anything else. If you are an aspiring songwriter and have a melody or tune in your mind but are fumbling on how to write a song, these steps are going to definitely help you and make it easy for you to create something.

How to Write a Song?: The Easy Steps to Get You Going

It is not uncommon to want to be good at something. It is not uncommon to want to do something that you think will help you change the world we live in for the better. Being able to write a song may help you achieve that. However, there are times when you will fumble when you wonder how to write a song.

You might wonder how to write a song that is actually going to matter in the real world and how to write one that is going to touch the hearts of the millions of people living in this whole wide world. But first, in order to get you going, you need to go through these steps.

How to write a song
How to write a song

1. How to Start a Song?

Before you know how to write a song and you are able to write a song in a full-fledged manner, you need to know how to start a song. Do not dive into writing a song directly. It is always better to create a rough draft at the very beginning. Not a script that you have to follow exactly but something that can help you stay on track (kindly ignore the pun) if, if you go astray.

Asking specific questions in order to know how to write a song, such as what are the songwriting tools you want to pick up, what will be the topic of the song, what the lyrics will be, etc. are just a few things that are going to help you in the beginning. The quality of a good songwriter is that he or she is able to move through all types of instruments and not just focus on one.

However, at the very beginning, it is kind of okay to choose a single instrument in order, to begin with. The trick to starting out is to choose something that you are comfortable with. That is exactly when ideas are going to come out more freely.

Coming to the topic of the song, you should choose one that is going to help you build a subject for the rest of your song. Whatever title you choose, you need to be able to question it and then subsequently answer them through the rest of your song. The topic of the song relates to what your lyrics of the song will be.

It would be best if you put your questions as well as the answers to it through the lyrics of your song. Also, it is probably recommended first to put out a few ideas from pen to paper, just like a rough draft and not something that you have to use in the song. It is your song, so there is no hard and fast rule that you have to do something that you do not want to do.

2. Make a Rough Draft

The second thing on your to-do list for how to write a song would be to make a rough draft of your song. The key to making a good song lies in being able to build something from scratch from a rough idea.

It is not necessary for you to have a complete and fully written song in your head. You need to go with the flow, pick up an instrument of your choice, and start jamming. You will be surprised to find how quickly a melody might float into you.

How To Write A Song? 10 Easy Steps 1
Making a rough draft

3. Find an Idea for your Song

After you are done with creating a draft, it will be easy to search for a particular idea for your song. The next step of the ‘How to write a song’ tutorial will be to finding inspiration and then, in turn finding an idea to write a song. Creating an idea out of nothing is definitely tough; there’s no doubt about it.

But what you need to do is start with the main topic (a central topic) and then go from there. This is where your rough draft also comes into action to help you find the right words.

4. Think About the Song Structure

The next thing on your list for how to write a song is for you to find out how you want your song structure to be. It completely depends on what you want to portray and how you want to portray it. In order to have the best song structure, you need to know what type of song you are writing.

Basic song structure that includes Verse / Chorus / Verse / Chorus / Bridge / Chorus is the ones that make it to the top and are hit. In order to know more about the structures of a song, go ahead and visit this site that is going to help you with it: Song Structure

How to write a song
Song Structure

5. Start Building your Song from the Ideas you have created.

Now that everything is in order and you know all the parts of your song and how you can write one, you can finally start doing what you have wanted to do for so long. We are nearing our finale! You can now start writing your song!

Since you have a rough draft, an idea as well as an inspiration, it will be easy for you to pen down your final thoughts now. So now you can do what you wanted to for so long.

So what have you learned till now for how to write a song? Here’s a summary of it:

  1. Start with thinking and then, in turn, writing the title of the song. Starting with the title will allow you to be focused on a single idea and not jumble up many ideas at once. The title can be of a phrase of 5-6 words, which suggests what you want to say. Remember to keep the title catchy because that is exactly what catches the eye of the people.
  2. After you are done with the title, you need to form a list of questions that depend on the title. The ones that can be brought out by the title you have chosen. You can start by asking yourself what you actually mean through the title and what your listeners might want to know once they have seen or read about it. You need to make a list of questions whose answers will be put forward through the lyrics of the song.
  3. After knowing what your lyrics will be, it is better to know what type of song structure you want. Generally, song structures such as Verse / Chorus / Verse / Chorus / Bridge / Chorus are the ones that make it to the top.
  4. Another thing while writing a song that you need to keep in mind is that you cannot try and answer too many questions in a single verse. It is always better to answer one question in each of the verses and one question in the chorus. It would be best if you were intelligent while choosing which question you want to answer in the chorus and then answer it. Remember that your chorus is the most important part of your song, so create the answer accordingly with emotions.
  5.  The next thing to do is to add melody in your lyric. The melody in a song is also essential, and one definitely needs to put emphasis (or special attention, if you may) to it.
  6. Next to do in ‘How to write a song’ is to add chords to the melody you have created.
  7. In order for the song to work, develop it in sections. First, work on the lyric of the first verse. Then the second.
  8. Work on the chorus and try to bridge the gap between the verses and the chorus.
  9. Answer your questions in verses so that it is easier for the audience to feel the emotions you want them to feel.
  10. After you are done working on the song, all that is left to do is record it!
In order to know more about how to record a song or tips to record a song, do check out: Tips to record a song
Thinking about how to write a song will not do you any good. You should not just think but rather do what you think. Start composing and let your music ‘Heal the World’.

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