The Funny Messengers to Geny

The Funny Messengers to Geny 1

footer-daveTu la li te Amo, banana”- (we love, banana)

Yes, they love bananas; so much that they look like one.

You guessed it right, folks, it’s the minions! They first made their on-screen appearance in 2010. The directors Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud have not only introduced these cuddly creatures to the world, but they have also done a commendable job with the script.

It’s compact, entertaining, and crisp at the same time. What’s more interesting is that your favorite minions have a language that is unique to them. In providing the voice to the Minions, Coffin uses words from languages including French, English, Spanish and Italian.

Now they have a movie of their own! The Minions franchise is growing fast and will probably become one of the big guns in the years to come. Isn’t that enough to get you gobsmacked?

On a different shade, there is the latest animated offering from Pixar titled Inside Out. While the minions are a goofy bunch, you might find yourself falling prey to some subtle messaging of the motto “work is worship” in Inside Out.

Pixar’s way of conceptualizing a protagonist is assigning them a job and creating mechanisms in the plot, ensuring the successful completion of that job. This be-amazing-at-whatever-you-do approach is believed to be the trademark of Pixar Studios.

Thus, we can say that animated films may be made for the entertainment of young people, but it is not just about fun and humor. A lot of animated feature films and series have subtle messages on different virtues. They also investigate and present social dysfunctions, not directly but more in an allegorical sense.


Films like CARS, TOY STORY series, and BIG HERO 6 portray the importance of hard work, ethics, diligence, and teamwork. As we lay eyes on Woody and Buzz in Toy Story, they are competing for the same job; similarly, in Monsters Inc., Sully and Mike are trying to be efficient employees as collectors of children’s screams; in Inside Out, Joy can only accept Sadness once she comprehends what she does. In Big Hero 6, Hero Hamada becomes systematic and works hard to fulfill what his brother could not.

There is always the zeal to succeed that helps our heroes win the day, and they leave us with a lesson that good always triumphs over evil. These films also emphasize the bond of friendship. Friends are the silver linings to the darkest clouds – they hold our hands tight when we need them the most.

BRAVE, FINDING NEMO, LION KING, MADAGASCAR, and WALL-E leave us spellbound as they project family problems, politics, and love all very subtly. No one leaves the theater dissatisfied, they have had their share of entertainment and the message passed on will make food for their thought. 

KUNG FU PANDA is another such enterprise that may look like just an action-comedy. Still, in between the fights and Po’s increasingly idiotic behavior, he works hard to fulfill his destiny. We won’t think of the virtues that these films so subtly talk about, individually, while at the theater, but the story creates an impression, so does the values, especially on young minds.ds copy

The films we have discussed so far all come under big banners like Pixar or Walt Disney, but there are short animated films, made by comparatively small productions, too, that talk about social causes and other issues. The production houses don’t stop passing on the messages, and they implement these messages in their lives too.

But they must not lose their focus in all this humdrum about passing the message on to people; they make sure that their movies entertain children. The young guns will not hanker for a show where they are just fed virtues.

It’s about making animated movies “more than just entertainment,” not just the “more” without the entertainment.

Sidebar- Upcoming animated films 2015-18

  1. Angry Birds(2016)
  2. Finding Dory(2016)
  3. Kung Fu Panda 3(2016)
  4. The Incredibles(2016)
  5. Ice Age 5

And many more….

Sidebar- My favorite Minion!

King Bob”! Yes, that’s the tiniest and the cutest yellow creature one could ever think of. Adorable, restless, most enthusiastic, Bob is my all-time favorite minion!

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