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Sakshi Pasricha: 7 Questions with an Optimistic Performance Coach

Sakshi Pasricha is a Performance Coach, Keynote Speaker, and Behavioral Skills Trainer. With over a decade's experience in Learning &

Hiba Mariam Hiba Mariam July 23, 2022

Dr. Prachi: The 2-in-1 Ambitious Lactation Professional & Nutritionist

Dr. Prachi is a Lactation Professional and a breastfeeding advocate. She took the road from dentistry to lactation and nutrition and

Hiba Mariam Hiba Mariam October 10, 2022

Priyal Poddar: Inspiring Journey of a Mother Turned Entrepreneur through 7 Questions

Priyal Poddar speaks very passionately about the idea that every homemaker has a talent that she can nurture to grow herself

Ramnwesh Kumar Ramnwesh Kumar September 13, 2022