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Easy Recipes & Advices from Child Nutritionist Urvashi Jha- “What a Child Eats Eventually Decides their Behaviour & Well-Being”

Urvashi Jha is a Certified Child Nutritionist and a blogger. She is an advocate of homemade food and believes that

Hiba Mariam August 18, 2022

HydroValley: Bridging Innovation and Farming

HydroValley is the brainchild of the coming generation couple, Asish Mohanty and Pragyan Sahu, from the Jagatsinghpur district in Odisha,

Ramnwesh Kumar February 1, 2022

Harsha Banthia: 6 Questions with the Optimistic Yoga Acharya

Harsha Banthia is a Yoga Teacher, Lifestyle Coach, Post-Natal Coach, and Sound Healer who is very passionate about what she does.

Hiba Mariam July 11, 2022