India Deserves Better!

India Deserves Better! 1

The biggest democracy in the world has been independent for 68 years. Till now it is juggling between the balance of national problems and national progress. While the advancement in the fields of science, technology and medicine gives a nice picture of national headway, its everyday issues and knots are giving a gloomy image of nation’s ruination.

Whenever it progresses in any field a bundle of problems pull it back and engulf it, so much so that it overpowers the growth and just shows the grim picture of how the nation is deteriorating.

Here are some incidents from the recent past that are a blot on India’s headway that shows that India deserves at least better than this.


It started out of nowhere, but became the apple of discord for no reason. While the issue being raised in this controversy had ended almost 3 years ago there are some anti nationalists who eroded the soil over this issue and raised it again. Showing their aggression after a long period of 3 years over a matter actually highlights the fact that India is full of fools who just feel the need to fire and destroy national harmony.  While this controversy had taken full attention a solution to it doesn’t seem to appear. And problems like this happening in the nation only takes it towards the downfall.


At the stage where the developing nation India needs to work on improving it and get in the race of developed countries, it is pity to see that it is facing inoperable problems like reservation. The stage where the country people need to show their contribution towards country’s progression they are looking for self interests . The others who don’t support it, finds it difficult to survive in the nation hence leading to brain drain. This all is contributing to a big disaster which will ultimately leave the country’s unity, harmony and peace completely shattered.


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 The women of the country are its pride and for country like India where they are ill treated openly is a matter of shame. While the country runs on the rule of equality for all, it is hardly able to implement the rule. Even though it has developed in many fields but lags in this. Giving respect to the women strata is of utmost importance. But it disgraceful for the nation that it is unable to fulfill its promise.images (2)download (1)4) LOSS OF STRENGTH: SOLDIER’S DEATH

The biggest asset to the nation is its gallant soldiers who are a protective shield. But unfortunately India is losing them either in the wars or to the nature wars.  The loss of the soldiers recently in the Saichen glacier is a big setback for the country.





The country is facing a plethora of challenges with which it is fighting every day.  At this moment when the nation needs us the most it our duty to make the best possible contribution from our side. A good place to live, good lifestyle is something everyone allures but there are just few who actually wanna work for that.

The nation needs you. Its calling its fellows to come and support it. Wake up before its too LATE!

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