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10 Most Satiating Android Games of All Times

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10 Most Satiating Android Games of All Times 1

Games are one of the primary things one desires in an interactive electronic device. Games on PC and consoles have been around for a very long time and smartphones recently, where most people go for action, FPS, or racing in the first place. The stereotypes. But the non-avid gamers around, and even those wanting to play something to rest their mind away from the expense of pressure and excitement are not left out. Today, you have more developers trying out application development Java for their games than before.

There are plenty of satisfying games which can bust our stress and sooth our minds. Here is a list of the top 10 most satisfying games that you must try out.

1.Sine Line

10 Most Satiating Android Games of All Times 2
Source: YouTube

As the name suggests, perfecting the sine curve is the main objective in this game. This, however, comes with lots of fun and difficulty than you might expect. You control a small space pod while dodging left and right in smooth sine maneuvers against obstacles. The obstacles come in forms of pillars, spheres and even ones in motion! Score higher to unlock more cool space pods. You can even rank on global leaderboard and check your friends’ all-time scores if connected to Google Play Games. At first, the game might fee a tad too difficult but once you get a hang of it, it is really satisfying.

2.Dancing Line

10 Most Satiating Android Games of All Times 3
Source: YouTube

Made by the game developers of the highly innovative Chinese mobile internet company, Cheetah Mobile, this game is simply gorgeous! It a fast-paced turn based game where you have to move your line through the narrow pathways in the beautifully curated worlds which themselves are a sight to behold. But the main attraction of this game is its original amazing soundtrack which plays in the background as you progress through the world. Tapping to turn at the beat of the music has never been so beautiful and an original idea which makes this game so popular. Progressing may be a bit difficult, but the soothing music makes sure you never rage.

3.Alto’s Adventure

10 Most Satiating Android Games of All Times 4
Source: YouTube

One of the most beautiful relaxing games that made a huge hit on its release in 2015, and is still popular is Alto’s Adventure. The game takes you through a journey where Alto and his friends (unlockable characters) snowboard endlessly across the beautiful snow covered alpine mountains. Through the journey, you unlock new skills and potentials to do more awesome snowboarding tricks. But the game is a sight to behold with its breathtaking landscapes, day-night cycle, and weather which you experience while snowboarding past natural wilderness, neighboring villages, lush woodlands and ancient ruins. The game also features a Zen Mode where you have no score, no death, no distractions so that you can enjoy the gorgeous scenery and amazing soundtrack to its fullest.

4.Color Switch


10 Most Satiating Android Games of All Times 5
Source: YouTube

At 150 million downloads worldwide, Color Switch stand out to be #1 addictive game consecutively on Play Store. The logic, simple. Just tap to make the ball jump. The objective, not so simple. You have to time your repeated taps to match the color of the ball and obstacles to pass through the, otherwise you crash and lose. But way, that is just the default mode. There are several other modes where you can try out your collective impulse and reflex to dodge the unknown incoming. These mode area real fun to play with different mechanics and are seriously addictive. Some are also difficult enough to make you rage and never try them out again. The soundtrack also adds to the mood of the current mode you are playing. Overall the game with its one-of-a-kind gameplay and new modes every update retains its #1 position.

5.Beat Stomper


10 Most Satiating Android Games of All Times 6
Source: YouTube

Music, Neon Lights, Geometry. These three words are enough to describe Beat Stomper, but the game is much more than what meets the eye. An action arcade game, your only one finger is enough as all you have to do is tap to jump, hold and stomp. You have to jump one level at a time by tapping while trying to time your character to land on the platform, or “stomp”, perfectly. With each stomp you will hear a new beat. The electronic dubstep music is surreal enough not to get you annoyed while playing. The animations, which is all the visuals in this game, is totally lovable. The game is seriously stress busting and is a go go for electronic music lovers.

6.Infinity Loop


10 Most Satiating Android Games of All Times 7
Source:Android Rundown

One of the best relaxing puzzle games of 2017, Infinity Loop takes a turn from contemporary once. A game with endless levels, you are provided with many lines and curves which you have to turn with every tap, the main objective to connect and make a complete loop out of them. There is no difficulty mode and you may come across occasional easy loops whilst solving difficult ones. The theme color changes with each level, giving an air of freshness for you to complete the next one. The game is fun with a built in zen mode and helps you to bust stress without any tension or pressure to solve the levels.

7.Sky Dancer


10 Most Satiating Android Games of All Times 8
Source: YouTube

A new type of endless runner which is truly inspiring in its own aspect, sky dancer is a game where falling is as important as running. You have to run across floating flat surfaced islands in the sky and jump to fall to next islands on your way while collecting coins and bonus objects. Running and collecting coins is easy but falling to the next island can be difficult, especially when the island is way down appearing as tiny as ever and not being able to land properly can make you fall into the void. But this is not everything. The game with no landscape and only islands is strikingly beautiful with the changing color of the atmosphere through the day-night cycle coupled with the soothing soundtrack. The gorgeous twilight period is a wonderful sight, chances are you may smash into an obstacle while ogling at the ambiance. You can unlock new characters with the coins collected.

8.Injustice 2


10 Most Satiating Android Games of All Times 9
Source: YouTube

Put on your war paints. Unleash your power with your favourite DC characters, where after the Supermans defeat Batman and his confederates took an endeavour to piece the world back together. And now the NetherRealm Studios introduced their new super hit game “Injustice: Gods Among Us”.This would be great gaming experience indeed.

9.Minecraft Pocket Edition


10 Most Satiating Android Games of All Times 10
Source: YouTube

One of the most adored games of this decade, Minecraft is surely very popular among people of all age groups. A vast open world with hunting, gathering, surviving and exploring as the main ordeal, Minecraft is one of the few games to be available across a wide range of platforms, with Android not left behind. In fact, the mobile version of Minecraft,  also called Minecraft: Pocket Edition boasted over 122 million downloads as of 2017, making it one of the most downloaded versions of Minecraft, apart from the PC/Java version, PlayStation, Nintendo, Wii U, Xbox, and the Windows 10 Edition. This year at E3, we got to know that Minecraft will be unified across all platforms allowing players to play together from any device, setting yet another milestone in gaming history. The new “Marketplace” introduces in the Pocket Edition now allows players to choose different texture packs and add-ons, something which was till now exclusive to the PC/Java version. The beautiful automatically generated landscapes, vegetation, random mobs and interactive NPCs makes Minecraft truly addictive.

10.Clash of Clans


10 Most Satiating Android Games of All Times 11
Source:XYZ Times

The one for which everyone was waiting for. Here it is, It maybe called as the most addictive game. Crazy barbarians, tactics expert archers, fire wielding wizards, gold sucker goblins, executioner Valkyrie and lot more exclusive troops are there. This game takes a lot of critical strategy, and turbulent battles. You can join each other’s clan  and participate in clan wars. It is an online multiplayer game by Supercell and it can be connected with your google accounts to keep your game savings safe.


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