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Indian Cricketers who are Great Golfers

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Cricket is a sport which is loved by all age groups, women and men alike all over the world, especially in India where a young street player also carries the dream of playing cricket at the national and international level.

The popularity of this sport has been increasing since the time of its inception when there were very less televisions in India and people used to go to one place in the neighbourhood where there was a television to watch it to the current situation where our lives are so busy yet we do not want to miss a cricket match and thanks to technology, we watch it on our smartphones!

In India, many people say that watching cricket is a source if relaxation for them but what do cricketers do when they seek relaxation and some time to spend with themselves in peace?

Over the years, we have seen a lot of cricketers, not just in India but around the world who say that Golf is a source of relaxation for them, they switch fields and enter into zen mode focusing on themselves. With the ever-increasing interest of cricketers in golf, the cricketers-turned-golfer’s squad is expanding day by day as legendary cricketers from Kapil Dev to Brian Lara, are being involved in it.

Let’s look at some if the Indian cricketers who are versatile and great in golf too.

Indian Cricketers who are Great Golfers 1

  1. Kapil Dev

We can never forget the man who led India to win the 1983 Cricket World Cup as its Captain. This legendary man is a versatile player who has invested his precious time after retiring from Cricket in trying new sports from badminton, table tennis, football, he has tried his hand at everything but the former Indian Captain seems to have a special interest in Golf. According to him, Cricket is a source of relaxation for him where he is completely focused. While in Cricket, you compete with others, in Golf you compete with yourself in the process of knowing yourself better.

He has also played in many Golf Tournaments in India and Abroad and is also a Renowned Senior Golfer in the Indian Circuit.

2. Murali Kartik

He was one of the best spinners that the Indian Cricket Team ever had serving the sport and the country for 7 years. He has been interested and playing golf for the past 6-7 years post retirement. According to him, it is one of the toughest sports he has ever played and is one which allows him to be himself where he completely enters into a meditative zone as the game requires a lot of concentration.

3) Ajit Agarkar

Ajit Agarkar was an incredible Fast Bowler in the Indian Cricket team who is also quite  attracted to Golf and invested so much time and practice into it that he made headlines having won the Corporate Golf Tournament. According to him, Golf provides as a means of relaxation creating a peaceful environment where it is just you, the ball, the hole and the club as opposed to the noisy cricket stadiums.

4) Sachin Tendulkar

The greatest batsman of all time and the former Indian Cricket Team Captain has also resorted to Golf after his retirement. While he is new to the game, he still believes that it is one of the toughest games and requires a lot of concentration and is the closest to Cricket as the game includes a ball and a club.

5) Ajay Jadeja

This Former Indian Batsmen recently started playing Golf in International Tournaments and looks forward to this game as a means of relaxation as well as stimulation where you just need to focus on yourself and the win depends upon your level of concentration and steadiness in hand. He had been playing the game for a long time and also convinced Cricketer Nikhil Chopra to give a shot at this game.

It seems like Golf is the new Cricket. Apart from being an elite sport, it is also a difficult one and enhances the eye-hand coordination of the person. Many celebrities also take to golf as a means of escape from their daily routine. With the growing popularity of this sport, we can certainly hope that India will soon be competing in the biggest Golf Tournaments and bringing home lots of laurels.

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