Tuesday, July 27, 2021

India’s First Transgender Modelling Agency: Fundraiser by Mitr Trust

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In April 2014, Supreme Court recognized ‘transgender’ as the “third gender” for the people who fall neither in women’s nor in men’s category. This was a huge step for the transgender community as their status was unobtrusive before this. The ‘legalization’ of their community finally made them eligible to use their rights and laws. The effect of this initiation was seen in Tamil Nadu when it got India’s first transgender police officer and Kolkata, where a transgender principal was appointed, to name a few.


Now following the same footsteps, Mitr Trust in Delhi is leaping to launch India’s first modelling agency for transgender people. Mitr Trust is a Delhi-based LGBTQI( Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex) Charity. According to Rudrani Chettri, transgender people have an ethereal beauty, manifesting their talent in the field. The charity doesn’t want them to feel inferior in any area as they believe that the modelling agency will be “run by transgender people, for the transgender people.”


The trust is launching a fundraiser called the GoFundMe campaign to raise money for the agency’s launch. They have a target of £5,000 (Rs 4,89,485). As said by Chettri, “this is an effort by the transgender community to improve our social and personal image to raise awareness about the serious issues of discrimination and marginalization that we face,” the fundraiser is a hope for “ the third gender” community.

The event will be guided by the well-known fashion stylist and LGBT personality Rishi Raj, an expert in the field and has been working for almost a decade in the fashion industry. The event will be focusing on five aspiring models through a portfolio shoot. The money is also being raised to protect young people of the community from emotional and physical abuse.


There are almost 5 lakh members of the transgender community. They volunteered for modelling, and the selecting committee has seen some breathtaking faces. There is no shortage of talent, but a subordinate status and financial problems often act as sources of hindrance.


The transgender community got the Right to Vote in 1994, but they have never been considered dignified people in society. They were low on morale, and most of them don’t easily get jobs; some don’t even go to school. All of this is because of the mentality that has been marginalizing them in society. A “World of Equality” dream needs everyone to have the same place and the same opportunities. However, the said community is still labelled as “hijra,” and things won’t be doing any good until they are treated as equals.


The Mitr Trust has already shown a way to enhance the proficiency skills of the community. It will build up their confidence, but they need our support. They need to trust the world around them, and we can only do it by not discriminating against them for who they are.

Mitr Trust needs our help in their efforts for betterment, and we can do it by helping them raise money for the campaign. You can also donate by going to the official website of GoFundMe.


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