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Seven iPhone7 hacks, that you must know

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Now that the iPhone 7 is out people can’t stop gushing about the new feature or how is it different from the previous iPhones. iPhone 7 is incredibly fresh and flamboyant, but it can be a little tricky to use an iPhone especially if you are new to Apple. Get help from free iPhone manager to make better use of your new iPhone 7.

To make your iPhone experience better especially if you are a first timer, we present some cool iPhone 7 hacks.

1.The real 1st hack would be checking the strength of the signals to do so you can just dial ‘3001#12345#*’ and then you will get a numeric value of all the signals and their current status.

2.The next hack is perhaps the coolest one. You can undo your typing by shaking your phone left and right.

3. Use the “speech” feature to read long messages or articles. By doing so much time, texts will be narrated to you by your iPhone, and you don’t necessarily have to go through each and every word by yourself.

4. Another cool feature about typing, writing can be a bit tedious at times. So what you can do is turn around your iPhone horizontally and then write the text in your handwriting.

5.At times we feel that we want to be selectively available?! For that, you can use different ringtones for different contacts on you iPhone. So just by the ring you’d know who’s calling and whether you want to pick up the call or not.


6.You can verbally ask questions from siri. Especially math problems. Like you can open Siri and ask any question you want. Questions about songs, lyrics or even maths problems

7.If you have started downloading an Application and you want to pause it if the wifi is slow or you are moving out of the wifi area, you can press the new installing app and then you can pause it from the “pause” option.

So, with that we finish 7 iPhone 7 hacks hope you all are enjoying you extremely vivacious iPhone 7, and I hope that these hacks would make your iPhone experience better and easier.

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