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Is Maggi Safe for Kids?

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Be it breakfast or evening snack, Maggi is loved by everyone. With the majority of age groups enjoying Maggi, it makes us wonder, “Is Maggi safe for kids?” Most people often tend to gravitate towards instant noodles because it is quick to make and absolutely delicious. It feels like everyone’s childhood in a bowl. Looking at the steaming hot noodles with that irresistible fragrance, one cannot withstand himself.

No matter what the age group is, Maggi is a staple snack for a lot of people. People have it as their breakfast, lunch, evening snack, dinner, or even late-night snack. People prefer Maggi because it can be cooked within a few minutes and does not require a lot of effort.

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People are incredibly loyal to Maggi, and that is why it always stays on top of its game. It is usually associated with memories and for having a nostalgic feel to it. Millennials relate Maggi with their childhood, and mothers kept wondering, “Is Maggi Safe for Kids?” They have customized themselves by listening to consumer’s feedback like adding Chicken flavor, Atta noodles, Oat noodles, Cuppa Mania, etc. but the original Maggi is preferred and loved by everyone.

In this day and age, people are becoming more cautious about what they feed their kids. Since the emergence of social media and the internet has been increasing at a fast pace, people are flooded with information, and sometimes false or partial information is also spread like fire. So, is Maggi safe for kids? Let’s find out.

What is Maggi?

Maggi-2 Minute Noodles was originated in Switzerland and later owned by Nestle that is a Swiss-owned brand. They manufacture a variety of instant noodles, soups, pasta, etc. Over the years, Maggi has added a lot of different products in its line. They customize their range according to the country they are producing in. It was launched in the year 1982 in India. Ever since its emergence, it is known for how quick and delicious it is. Maggi gained massive popularity in the market until 2015.

What Happened in 2015?

In May 2015, it was found out by food safety regulators from Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh, that two of the Maggi packets had an excessive level of Monosodium Glutamate (MSG). MSG is considered to be harmful to the body, and because Maggi had an excessive amount of it made the matter even worse. It also contained more lead than required which is quite hazardous for health. These facts were brought up, and they left the entire nation in shock. States all over the country began banning Maggi. This led to people thinking, “Is Maggi safe for kids?”

Maggi was banned for quite some time, which gave a path to its competitors to take the spot. But people in India have always been brand loyal to Maggi. To this day, Maggi still holds a majority market share in India’s instant noodle market. Even after the ban people somehow managed to buy Maggi. There were posts all over social media, and people kept requesting to bring Maggi back because they had memories attached to it, and that is why even after the ban was lifted, people continued buying it excessively.

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After lifting the ban, Maggi continued to heavily advertise itself on different platforms like television and the internet. Few factors that they laid significant emphasis on were having a “nostalgic feel” and calling it “Meri Maggi,” which brought Maggi even more emotionally close to its consumers. The ban did not affect the sale of Maggi or the perception that consumers have of it.

Is Maggi Safe for Kids?

With people being more educated and careful these days, they make conscious decisions about what they are feeding their kids. Kids need to be supplied with useful nutrients that would help their bodies in the long run.

Maggi has always marketed itself as “healthy.” But how healthy is it?

The ingredient list includes refined wheat flour and water along with many other ingredients. It is flash-fried in edible oil, which helps it to give cake-like shape and cook instantly when put in hot water. The tastemaker contains salt, red chilies, chemicals, etc. Maggi claims that it does not include MSG anymore, but it may seem dicey. Excessive consumption of MSG may cause migraine, heart diseases, skin rashes, seizures, nausea, etc.

However, Maggi does contain enough Sodium (Na) that is equivalent or more to an adult’s recommended daily intake. This means that Maggi includes an excessive amount of Sodium, which is not considered safe even for adults to consume daily.

For kids, it is advisable not to give the entire portion at once. They can be fed half a packet at a time, but not daily. You can always make a healthier version of it so the necessary nutrients can be consumed, making it less harmful. Therefore, is Maggi safe for kids? Well, it is safe until it is consumed excessively.

How Much Consumption of Maggi is Safe?

Even though Maggi is not advised to be consumed daily, it can be consumed occasionally. You can add Maggi to your otherwise healthy diet and lifestyle. If you are working out and consuming a right amount of protein and carbs, then Maggi is safe to consume.

A better way to have Maggi is by adding loads of veggies in it like carrot, capsicum, corn, onion, cabbage, broccoli, green peas, or by adding some source of protein like eggs, meat, cottage cheese, etc.

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So, whether it is a beautiful rainy day or a busy night writing your assignment and studying for a test, make a healthier version of Maggi for yourself since it is quite filling, does not require much time, and would not harm your body as much. At the back, of the pack of Maggi that it is recommended to be consumed with a balanced diet and active lifestyle.

Hence, whether Maggi is safe or not entirely depends on how much or how little you consume it. The way you prepare Maggi is also essential. For kids, it is not advisable to be consumed daily, and the same lies for adults.

We hope this article was helpful and answered your question, “Is Maggi Safe for Kids?” Let us know what you think.

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