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The Rice Purity Test: Know Who You Are Today!

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Do you want to know about your personality? Do you want the number which says how much social animal you are or how much a fun-loving person are you? Then, you must take on the rice purity test for yourself.

The Rice Purity Test: Know Who You Are Today! 1

Rice purity test actually is a graded survey that assesses personality purity in a manner where fun is included. The test helps you increase the bond between the people. If you have a little downside in your personality, then this test helps you, groom properly. The test was created by rice university  and assesses the participants supposed assumed to be vices varying generally on a percentage.

Well, you can call the rice purity test as a personality test. You can even assess the person’s innocence in worldly matters percentage scale. From 0 to 100% you can assess the innocence of the individual. 100% is high in purity while 0% is less in pure.

This is just a fun test and the students love this test because of the questions. The questions of rice purity are really cool and fun. Hence, these questions can determine a person’s personality.

Many students take this test desperately to build a good rapport with seniors. It makes them involve in long-lasting friendships. It is a kind of gateway to the world of seniors or even a new college life.

The Rice Purity Test: Know Who You Are Today! 2

Where did It start?

The students of Rice University prepare a survey for college self-gradation. Depending on the following things like cheating, drugs, sex, friendship and etc., the test assesses the innocence degree of a student. You will be less pure if you score 0% and you will be highly pure if you score 100%.

History of Rice Purity Test

There are altogether 100 questions from all walks of life like crimes, friends, drugs, holding hands, emotions, intimacy, kiss.

Based on the different activities that you have done till the time you have taken the test in your life. It is just a fun purpose test. The rice purity test has no intention to hurt anyone’s sentiments or emotions.

The first test was done only in between women that is 95 years ago almost. In college, the freshers used to take this test so that they can create a bond with fellow freshers and seniors. It even helps them socializing with everyone in the college so that they can have fun college life ahead.

By giving answers to the most sensitive questions, the rice purity test actually improves one’s personality.

Score Division of Rice Purity Test

Score around 45

People who score in this range need assistance and help. They may be suffering from disease or mental or emotional disorders.

Score from 45-76

These people are shy and introverted. They do not have any social skills. They do not want to be a part of any mainstream.

Score from 77-93

The people are from the families of middle to high class. These students are artists and involve in the best practices.

Score from 94-97

Under this score, the students are growing up continuously. The personality of these students is disciplined.

Score from 98-100

It is the desirable score and very fewer students fall in this category. It is like students have a silver spoon in their mouth.

They are also criminal minded.
You can check the above score and then move on with the test for your personality test.

rice purity test

How To Improve The Score?

The rice purity test is all about score and number. You have to understand the following factors which will improve the score of the test.

  1. Having criminal charges or involvement in criminal activities will always decrease the scorecard. Also, an individual with a criminal background is not at all positive signs. It ensures that the individual does not have any values and respect in life. Hence, one should remain far from all the criminal activities. If you do not have any criminal offense, then you are the puree person in life.
  2. Education is an important field in one’s life. Being educated open up your mental horizon. You feel your life with full of perspectives. Education offers a realistic approach to life. For a better life, one should accept education with open arms. One should know how to pass the hurdles with comfort and ease in life.
  3. Relationship matters the most in our lives too. It can be any relationship. Basically, it includes the fluctuation of many emotions. The way a person thinks reflects real relationship values. There are ups and downs in a relationship and it is one’s value and respect in a relationship that leads to success in the relationship. If you understand the depth of relationships, then you can score well in the test.
  4.  Consumption of drugs can cause adverse to your health. If you cannot stop taking drugs, then it can become an addiction. Drugs affect your nervous system and you become a dumb person. You do not have any intelligence left. A person must use the power of self-control to stop the consumption of drugs.
  5.  The culture of a person shapes the personality of the person. The score number even determines one’s culture and tradition. Your family background, the ethnic group you belong to also depends on your culture and tradition.
  6.  When you have a healthy body, you have a healthy mind. Hence, you must perform regular exercise. It will keep you fit and a sound mind. A healthy mind always takes the right decisions. A healthy diet and fitness play a major role in the rice purity test. There is less chance that you involve in bad practice. A fit mind always drives you towards creative and logical thinking.
  7. The body language, dressing sense, gestures, defines a person’s personality. So, if you want to develop a good personality then you have to improve moral values. This will help you score well in the rice purity test. The confidence, delivery of the speech, the physical appearance and intelligence level determines a person’s personality.
  8.  The virtual world creates a lot of distractions. Spending too much time on the Smartphone can cause danger in your life. You should always find solutions and ways to stay away from such distractions. Indulge yourself in some new hobby. You can take up new art and craft classes, dance, music classes. You can learn anything new that will motivate you and keep you away from distractions.
  9. The test also tells you about your maturity level. It is totally based on activities and relationships. Hence, it defines your maturity level towards doing an activity or maintaining a relationship with other people. If you have not taken such an adventurous test, then it is the right time to push yourself. The rice purity test will help you know more about you.

The downside of the rice purity test is that it takes a lot of patience for your mental stability. The question digs deep into your heart and remember, there are 100 questions that you need to answer. All the questions are fully adult based questions.


Today, the rice purity test is a popular one because it brings out a person from anxiety, stress and even depression. When mood swings, emotional attacks were common, then this test adds a breath of fresh air in the dooming ambiance. The test concludes as an adventure activity for students where one student will know the other students closely.

The test actually helps us to pass the time and acts as a mind diversion to work on our personality. So, even if your score is low and you seem not to be pure do not worry. There is also room for personality improvement. Do not get demoralized by looking at the score rather channelize it to improve your social status and personality.

In the end, you should always remember that it is just a test for fun. The score will definitely not define your pure or impure personality.

The score number has nothing to do with your purity. So, do not take it too seriously and never mock other person’s scores. Or else, it can cause an adverse effect on other’s mental health. You can visit to avail the test for yourself and your loved ones.

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