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Is Teleportation Real? Amazing Proofs And Arguments.

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I have been fascinated by the question Is teleportation real ever since I had seen it in the Sci-Fi series “Star-Trek’. Later as I grew, so did my curiosity about the subject especially when Harry Potter could travel in a manner very close to what humans would regard as teleportation.

So, when given a chance to actually answer my question on this subject I jumped at the chance.

Is Teleportation Real? Amazing Proofs and Arguments

First and foremost the question we need to ask yourself is what is teleportation?

In popular fiction, it is Captain Kirk stepping in the teleporter and saying “ Beam me up, Scotty”.

Is Teleportation Real? Amazing Proofs And Arguments. 1
Harry Potter Apparating

Or It is Harry Potter grabbing onto Dumbledore’s hand on second and reaching the burrow in the next.

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According to the people with half a brain more than our Sci-Fi, pop culture-loving brain it is the hypothetical transfer of matter or energy from one point to another, without travelling physically between these points.

Would it not be cool to be able to do this? And umm… could we also conjure up some butterbeer, I hear it can be tiring feet, teleportation. And while we are at it could the lovely scientist also figure out how to be a telepath.

Jokes aside, the question still stands: is teleportation real? Can we travel between great distances without ever traversing physically? Is it possible to be in your home one minute and then be at your colleges and workspaces the next? If it is then it would save me tons of time in the morning.

Is teleportation real?

After having done extensive research, by which I mean reading article after article on the subject I have arrived at an answer to this question after all.

‘Is teleportation Real?’ In very few simple words I say that Teleportation is very much real, in the Quantum world that is. The question ‘Is teleportation real’ is answered with the answer of Quantum computing.

Is Teleportation Real? Amazing Proofs And Arguments. 2
Quantum Teleportation Source

What I mean by this is that Transferring Information or data Through the quantum realm has been possible since 1993. This is known as Quantum- Teleportation.

Recently Transfer of qubits or quantum- binary bits have been made possible. This information teleportation is expanded and is known as Quantum-Computing.

So, In the Quantum sense, Teleportation is real, it can transfer bits of information from one point to another. So, to answer the question is teleportation real, I would say yes, but not as how we imagined it to be.

Theories of teleportation

Quantum Computing is Basically transferring Computed codes and bits of information from one point in the quantum realm to another. This is possible through the phenomenon known as Quantum engagement, or as The mad genius Esteinstine dubbed it “Spooky action at a distance”.

Is Teleportation Real? Amazing Proofs And Arguments. 3
Quantum Entanglement

This theory suggests that if there are two quantum particles namely particle A or particle Alice and Particle B or particle bob. These particles will share each other’s properties. Which means whatever action disturbed the state of A will instantaneously Effect B even at large distances. This is known as the EPR Paradox.

Quirky as that man might have been, he was a genius who envisioned a world which was beyond normal humans in this time let alone his time. He gave the world the possibility of teleportation. He made it so that it was not out of the laws of physics.

He answered the question ‘Is teleportation real?’ before it was ever asked. In fact, he is the first person to put forth the Question Is teleportation real?

Proofs of teleportation

In 1993 Charles Bennet and his team at IMB were able to tangle the two particles in such a way without any physical contact that would mean the answer to Is teleportation real is yes. The experiment is that a new quantum particle is introduced and Article A will transfer some state of its energy to it. This new Particle will then go to Particle bob and Bob or Article B will attain the same state of energy as Alice or particle A.

All this happens with Particle A ever coming in contact with Particle B, or either of the particles even leaving their place. Yet an energy state is transferred from A to B.

This is the basic theory of Teleportation as well. Travelling a thing or person or information and data from one place to another over large distances without ever actually travelling is what Teleportation is.

A team of scientists from the University of Science and Technology, Hefei, China (USTC) teleported Photons from the earth to the Micius Satellite (1,400 Kilometers). This is the first step of Quantum teleportation to reach a point of a quantum internet. These scientists took the question is teleportation real to the heart and answered with staggering researches and experiments.

Is Teleportation Real? Amazing Proofs And Arguments. 4
Data tunnel in quantum computing computer generated
abstract background

While we are only able to transfer photons of Information now, a scientist at different research facilities is trying to Transfer electrons as well.

What they did was they teleported bits of information like a simple binary code in 0 and 1s to the Satellite. Although Einstein prospects this travel could hypothetically be faster than the speed of light. Right now it can at the very most reach the speed of light.

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Hence the name Quantum Computing which if developed further could lead to developing a much safer, and much faster way of transferring information from one point to another point, much safer than our current Internet.

Science fiction made real

I know you want to know, but what about human teleportation. Is teleportation real for humans as well?

Well my friends while biochemists have hypothesised that it might be possible to Teleport humans, it is far away in the future. There are many hypotheses stating different methods of teleportation but they are all too far away in the future and some involve tiny bits of cheating.

Is Teleportation Real? Amazing Proofs And Arguments. 5
Art illustration of a Teleporter.

One theory suggests that we could have our clones materialised at point Y from the info fed at a point X and then transfer our Brains info to the clone.

Another theory is that we could virtually teleport ourselves into robots and our Information fed to the Robot would make it possible to be at the other place virtually. NASA uses this technology with Human Exploration Telerobotics, allowing Astronauts to go around poking stuff on mars virtually through a robot.

There are many more theories. From DNA- Faxing and Virtual Robots to High-ers MRI Machines which will be much better at taking x-rays, like down to the very atom per- pixel. Then that information of data will be transferred to satellites which would then transfer your data into a Quantum computer and that Data will be materialised there. What happens to you at the original point though is still a mystery.

All these theories seem a bit too far fetched with lots of obstacles in the way, not to mention the sly bits of cheating on the parts of the Scientist. They ask you the question Is teleportation real get you hooked on and sell all this as teleportation when it is a virtual experience, not first hand.

Is teleportation real in the quantum realm? The theory is very real, the Experiments are real and the proofs offer to say yes. Proved by the Quantum Information teleportation. But to say that we are only years away from teleporting humans would be wrong.

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Future of Quantum Teleportation and Quantum computing

Two teams from USTC have transferred qutrits which are Three-dimensional forms of information going up to the value of 0 1 and 2. If these studies are proved to be right then we will have moved one step forward towards establishing Quantum Computing. After all from qubits, to Qutrits, to higher values until it works as efficiently as the internet does, only faster, and unhackable.

The entanglement of two qutrits is a big feat in itself as Light does not entangle with itself, now being able to transfer this entanglement would be greater feet. It would open up avenues for much more experiments with higher bits of information.

Science is a step by step subject. Once the first step is taken in the right direction you can only perfect it by moving one step at a time in that direction.

Is teleportation real for humans? Well, whenever Kirk tells Scotty to beam him up, he is essentially stepping in the teleporter to kill himself, that is he is disintegrated at point X to the very atom into bits of information. That information is fed on the surface of the planet where he wants to go to Aka Point Y. Their that information is regenerated down to the very atom.

Is Teleportation Real? Amazing Proofs And Arguments. 6
A scene from Star trek showing Teleportation

Humans are built of 4.5 x 1042 bits of information. It would take some millions of X millions of years and more than 10 gigawatts of energy to achieve disintegrating and regenerating humans. That is if the Information is not this disturbed in the quantum realm and lost forever before ever materializing at the destination.

So, if you asked me the question is teleportation real, as in human teleportation, I would say “Yes if you are willing to commit suicide, by disintegrating yourself completely down to the very last atom , then teleportation is real.”

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I could really go around the world on ship faster than the time required to teleport myself. I could walk the earth’s whole perimeter and still have a few million years left, so what do you prefer? The ship, the walk of the teleportation

So to answer the question Is teleportation real? It is an information level, and with further experiments, it will probably be a new era for science and technology and the transfer of information. Is teleportation real as seen in Sci-Fi movies and books, not yet, but hey if you want to take the risk of being lost in the quantum realm for all of eternity then, sure It is real.

And look at the bright side: If your Information data does get lost in the Quantum realm where no Data is never destroyed, just misplaced, you could forever roam the quantum realm and become immortal. Wouldn’t that be a cool superpower?

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