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Job vs Passion: A critical Dilemma of Human Life

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Job vs Passion: A critical Dilemma of Human Life 1

“Chase down your passion like it’s the last bus of the night”

During our entire childhood we are been told to develop a passion and dedicate time to work on it.

Passion basically buds out of the hobbies that we do in our free time , it is all a matter of personal choice and interest. The best thing about passion is that it needs no approval as it’s a practice that develops from within.

Every human being in this planet has some hobby which they like to do in their leisure time. From tapping feets to humming their favorite tune, from football dribbling skills to extraordinary artistic skills, hobbies have no boundation. It differs from one individual to another.

Job vs Passion: A critical Dilemma of Human Life 2

The journey of passion begins when an individual initiates to put in efforts to be an ace in his hobby. When the hobby is given priority and attention, the hobby nurtures to slowly becoming the Passion.

But there comes a time when we are been told to give up our passion and pursue a job that would fetch us money for survival. This is the time where the real conundrum begins , the choice between our passion and job. The choice between what we desire Vs what we need.

Job vs Passion: A critical Dilemma of Human Life 3

We live in a world where life is not a cakewalk, we have to literally give our best and drain out all our inner energy to get the best for us. In this scenario we often tend to believe that pursuing our passion to earn a livelihood is a tedious as well as unsuccessful process and end up doing a job of great monetary value but no emotional value. We leave behind the practice we enjoy doing and all our efforts go in vain.

Is that how we want to lead our lives?

To all those lovely readers out there, we bring to you ways to transform your passion into your job.

Exciting, isn’t it?

  1. Choose your passion according to your capabilities.

Each individual has A certain special ability, all we need to do is to introspect and channelize our ability into the correct direction. Try to observe yourself, this helps you to know yourself better and discover your likes an dislikes in a better and quicker way.


  1. Dedication is the ultimate Mantra

Once you have chosen your passion make sure you give adequate time to it. Putting in efforts towards it will help you to master in your skill and reach the pinnacle of success.

The best part is that you can dedicate a lot of time to your Passion as it is not something monotonous and also you enjoy doing it, Right?


  1. Jack of all arts, Master of none.

Job vs Passion: A critical Dilemma of Human Life 4

Never restrict your passion. You can always choose multiple passions and focus on them. This gives you the opportunity to discover various avenues and makes you a multi tasker.

Also when it comes to earning revenue for living, you can do many works simultaneously so that you can earn a good about to enjoy your expenditure.

Also, we live in a world where it is very easy to transform our passion into our job because talent never goes in vain.

Job vs Passion: A critical Dilemma of Human Life 5


So what are you waiting for? Explore your inner self, brush in your skills and start earning while enjoying what you do.

Doing a job that only demands  for your skills and also provides you  with enjoyment and self satisfaction, sounds amazing ,Isn’t it ?

Job vs Passion: A critical Dilemma of Human Life 6


Kudos to a wonderful livelihood to all those passionate readers.Happy Reading.

Tulika Ganguly

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