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Jordan River Trail: A Complete Guide Of The Gem

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Are you a hiking enthusiast? Have you heard about the Jordan river trail?

A multipurpose trail is known for hiking, biking, cycling, skating, viewpoints, trailheads, parkways, and whatnot. The trail is a one-stop destination for all adventure junkies.

The Jordan river trail travels parallel to Jordan River, Utah, USA. Starting from Utah lake in Utah county, this 40 miles long trail continues up to the Great Salt Lake, Davis County passing through Salt Lake County.

The trail is well equipped with benches, tables, playgrounds, canopies, and grassy lawns.

Here is a detailed description of the gem, Jordan River trail for you all.

Jordan river trail

Jordan River Trail – A Complete Guide Of The Gem.

The Jordan river trail is divided into different sections. Each section includes various parks, picnic spots, trailheads, a few cultural centres, playgrounds, recreational settings, scenic landscapes, and walkways. Let’s talk about the sections of the trail starting from the north end.

1. Salt Lake City Section

Salt lake city, Jordan River Trail

The section on the south end of the Jordan River trail is the Salt Lake City section. Its three main attractions include Jordan park, Riverside Park, and cottonwood park. There are also a few trails running parallel to the river.

1.1 Jordan Park

The park is very well equipped with restrooms, playgrounds, benches, picnic tables, and other fields. One can play basketball, volleyball, and other related activities. It’s an excellent place for children to play and relax.

Also, keep an eye on international peace gardens. The place worth a visit.

1.2 Cottonwood Park

West to the North temple street on Redwood road lies Cottonwood park. The park has markings after every 400 m distance. It’s a nice place to take a long walk or to have a sand volleyball match. Restrooms facility is available at the park.
Also, a dog park is there, which is a bonus for dog lovers.

1.3 Riverside and Rose Park

Rosewood park

On the east side of the bridge crossing the Jordan River lies Riverside park. Further east to the riverside park lies the rose park. The Jorden river trail is easily accessible through this park.

The park has a washroom facility along with playgrounds, soccer fields, tables, benches, tennis courts, baseball courts, and other facilities.

2. South Salt Lake and West Valley City Section

Edged by the Jordan River, South Salt lake city lies in the north while West Valley city on the west. This section operates various parks, paved trails, and a cultural centre.

Sunset at South Salt Lake

2.1 Redwood Trailhead Park

Following paul’s workman park across the river, you’ll come across another park. A small recreational park in West Valley City, Redwood Trailhead park offers playgrounds, picnic tables, benches, boat launches, watercraft, and other related activities. The park also provides access to the trail.

Trails at Redwood area

2.2 Redwood Nature Area

On the trail which connects the Jordan river parkway to the Redwood Multipurpose centre lies another zonal park, the Redwood Nature area. It’s a nice place to stop and relax

2.3 Utah Cultural Center

With the fascinating art gallery, well-maintained grounds and rooms, ample parking area, convenient location, the Utah Cultural celebration centre is a multipurpose building.

Utah cultural center

The place is appropriate for outdoor concerts, visual art events, ceremonies, and other cultural related activities. Most of the art galleries and outdoor concerts are free. Isn’t it a steal deal?

2.4 Oxbow Park

Situated at the bank of the Jordan river, James Madison Oxbow Park is a great place for sports enthusiasts. The park offers many activities like biking, kayaking, canoeing, picnicking, and walking also.
Jordan River Parkway trail is also accessible from here.

2.5 Paul Workman Park

Connecting both ends of the Jordan River through a bridge, Paul Workman Park intersect with trails of both ends. The park has a soccer field. So, it’s worth a stop for soccer players.

3. Murray – Taylorsville Section

Murray park

South to West Valley city lies the Taylorsville city, west of which is the Murray city. This section of the Jordan River Parkway trail has major equestrian trails along with paved paths.

3.1 Murray Park

Murray park

Maintained by Murray City, The park offers playgrounds, multipurpose fields, soccer/ softball fields, restrooms, pavilions, gazebos, an outdoor aquatic centre also an amphitheatre. Well, so many reasons to stop by!

3.2 Nature Centre Of Murray

Situated on the second largest wetland of Jordan, Kennecott Nature centre of Murray allows the students to learn and observe nature closely. A long trail filled with biodiversity brings them close to nature and wildlife.

Nature center of Murray

3.3. Willow Pond Park

As its name suggests the highlight of the park is a four-acre pond with a fish cleaning area. The park is also equipped with playgrounds, volleyball and basketball courts, pavilions, soccer fields, gazebos, restrooms, and walkways.

3.4 Germania Park

Being the largest neighbourhood park around 48 acres on the Jordan River trail, Germania Park has a picnic pavilion for more than 100 persons. With extensive grassy lawns and playgrounds, equestrian and multipurpose trails, canoe lunch, basketball and volleyball courts, The park is a great place to stop by and relax.

4. Midvale and West Jordan Section

Next on the Jordan River trail lies the Midvale city connecting trails with West Jordan city. This section has many access points/ trailheads, walkways and trails.

Midvale trailhead

The trail is accessible from 3 different trailheadsā€”gardener village trailhead from the west, Midvale and 7100 South trailheads from the south.

5. South Jordan Section

Moving ahead you’ll come across a 3.5 miles long stretch of trails, grassy lawns, trailheads, fishing ponds, playgrounds, and walkways.

5.1 Equestrian Park

Equestrian park

With the most fascinating scenery of Wasatch mountains, The park is equipped with an event centre, horse stalls, polo fields, indoor and outdoor arenas, and equestrian tracks.

5.2 The Bird Reserve

Providing habitat to different species of migratory birds, The Jordan River migratory bird reserve is a 120-acre area surrounded by native trees. The area is restricted to the public.

5.3 Dimple Dell Regional Park

Running from east to west, Dimple dell regional park includes 15 miles of Jordan river trail. The area offers both hiking and equestrian paths and is also equipped with an amphitheatre, restrooms, picnic tables and benches.

Dimple dell regional trail

The park can be reached through Dimple dell trailhead at the east and Wrangler trailhead at the South end.

6. Bluffdale Section

Further moving towards the South lies the Bluffdale city connecting with Riverton and Draper cities. This section is scattered and seems unfinished.

6.1 Riverton City Park

Riverton city park

One of the largest, well equipped recreational setting along the Jordan River trail. Riverton city park has a lot to offer. And when I say a lot, I mean it.

Starting from the vintage dome-shaped meeting hall to park pavilions ( mini, small, and large), The park offers endless amenities.

Picnic benches, tables, basketball and volleyball courts, Splash pad, grassy lawns, playfields, rodeo arena, walkways, mesmerizing scenery, ample parking facility, and restrooms.

Other main attractions of this section include Riverbend nature area and South county pool. Do keep an eye on them.

7. Utah County Section

The very first section of the Jordan River trail is Utah County section. This section is around 9 miles long and lies between the Utah lake and northern county line. The county is a hub of many recreational parks setting.

7.1 Willow Park

Willow park, Jordan river trail

Encircled by massive Willow trees, The green area is the best place to relax. One can enjoy frisbee, softball, camping, hiking, and many other related activities. The park is equipped with restrooms, benches, picnic areas, canoes, playground, and a pavilion.

7.2 Wildlife Park

With multipurpose trails, scenic landscape, recreational vibe and a vintage bridge ranged across the Jordan River. The park is one of the major tourist attractions.
The historical bridge was built before World war I and has been replaced recently to give it a modern touch.

7.3 Model Airplane Park

With paved pathways and unforested surroundings, The Park is suitable for the aeroplane-related activity. The park is located along the bank of the Jordan river.

7.4 Inlet Park

The park serves as the inlet for Jordan river as well as Utah Lake which gives the park its name. Fishermen easily access the river through this inlet.

It is one of the trailheads of the Jordan River trail. The grassy lawns, playgrounds, walkways, pavilion are major attractions and offer family-friendly activities.

7.5 Indian Ford Park

The park is located near the Salt lake county section, and it is of historical significance. It connected the Jordan river with the Jordan river parkway and was used by few American tribes as a crossroad in history.

The park isn’t yet developed. The administration is planning to do so.

7.6 Thanksgiving Point

One of the most visited sites near the Jordan river is Thanksgiving point. A humanitarian organization that maintains gardens, museums, golf courses, events, social gatherings in the area.

Thanks giving point

The major lookouts being the Ashton Garden, Farm Country, Butterfly Biosphere, Museum of Ancient Life, and Museum of Natural curiosity.

The history behind the Jordan River Trail

The parkway was established in 1971 to control flood in the area. Originally, two sections in South Jordan were included. The Jordan River parkway authority was created in 1973

Later in 1986, trails were constructed in Utah county and Salt Lake county. Further construction was done in Midvale city.

With so many trailheads, the Jordan River trail is accessible from many points. The trail is family-friendly, but it does get tricky in some areas.

You can also find the map of the trail if you’re planning to visit the same.

If you have already visited any of the sections, do share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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