Junior Doctors Rampage in Muzzafarpur, Bihar

Junior Doctors Rampage in Muzzafarpur, Bihar 1

Junior Doctors Rampage in Muzzafarpur, Bihar 2

The doctors, who some say are the other name given to God, were spotted doing some not-so-godly things recently. On April 21, 2017, junior doctors of the Sri Krishna Medical College and Hospital (SKMCH), took the law in their hand by turning a violent chain of events in the city of Muzzafarpur, Bihar, which is 70 kilometers north of the Capital of Bihar, Patna.

The junior doctors set 10 vehicles on fire, including an ambulance, the doctors apparently also shot four bullets in the the air, claimed the driver of the ambulance which was set on fire, the ambulance which was set on fire did not belong to the hospital which the doctors were employed by, it was a private ambulance.

The incident took place as a result of the clash between the doctors and the localities. The row started when the family and relatives of a woman suffering from acute ammonia, Urmila Devi, the admission of who was being delayed by the doctors and the result of the delay were hustled by the family members of the said patient late evening on Thursday.

The patient and her relatives belonged to Supaul, which is situated 250 kilometers north- east of the capital of the state, Patna. After Urmila Devi was denied admission in the hospital the family members of the patient took her away after manhandling the doctors.

In the protest for the incident which took place on Thursday, the doctors attempted to close down the department of the outdoor patients on Friday morning. The family members and the relatives of the patients admitted in the department retaliated the attempts made by the junior doctors. The junior doctors had come equipped with iron rods and hockey sticks and amid the confusions, the doctors started beating up the driver of a private ambulance on the hospital property which followed the burning down of 10 vehicles including the said ambulance.

The doctors hunted out the police officers who had arrived to bring the situation under control. Later, the reinforcement was sent and the situation somewhat came under control. Dharmendra Singh, The District magistrate and Vivek Kumar, The Superintendent of Police, also came to the venue of the incident. The District Magistrate struggled in vain to talk to the students.

A committee consisting of 2 members has been structured to scrutinize the situation.

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