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Korean Spa San Francisco Fun Facts

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Korean Spa San Francisco is one of the most relaxing and rejuvenating activities you can do in the city. While San Francisco is famous for the Golden Gate Bridge, Golden Gate Park, Alcatraz Prison, and the Cable Cars that run through the city, the Korean Spa is something you may not have heard of.

Whether you are a resident or a visitor to the city, you should visit a Korean Spa San Francisco. Residents who can’t afford to go to South Korea can get a Korean styled spa experience right in this city.

Korean Spa San Francisco is a hidden gem and something you need to visit if you travel to San Francisco. Your body, weary from all the traveling, will find some rest and relief.

Your skin, which might have been affected due to traveling or your daily lifestyle, will glow again after the body scrub provided by every Korean Spa San Francisco.

So let’s get into how you should go about, in a Korean Spa San Francisco, what are the benefits of a Korean styled spa and maybe a little about Jjimjilbang and Seshin.

Meanwhile, I will also tell you about the procedures and the best places to please your body and make you more beautiful and glowing.

korean spa san francisco

Necessary Information on Korean Spa San Francisco

Korean Spas, also known as jjimjilbang, is a combination of spa and sauna. Most Korean Spa San Francisco has both the facilities for you and other visitors to enjoy.

Most Korean Spa San Francisco places have Sauna facilities. In a Korean style spa, you don’t have saunas which you might find in Western resorts. Dry saunas, also known as Poultice, are located here.

The Spa facility provides an exfoliating body scrub where the staff attends to you by scrubbing your whole body after you soak in hot water.

Some Korean spas also have an oil massage option where you can get a full body massage. You can opt for the massage after the body scrub.

All Korean Spa San Francisco provide you with water, Korean food, and other beverages. Some even have vending machines, television setups, steam rooms, and resting stations.

You can go alone or with your friends’ group, to have a good and relaxing day while hanging out with others. Just keep in mind that Korean spas are sex-segregated when you go inside.

korean spa san francisco

Origin and Purpose of Korean Spa

South Korean beauty products are the best choice for high-quality skincare treatment at a low and affordable cost.

Many people across the country and worldwide indulge and use those products for better skin. One of those beauty procedures includes a regular visit to Korean spas.

Jjimjilbang is also part of a typical South Korean family tradition where everyone goes for this rejuvenating experience and pastimes.

The origin of the jjimjilbang tradition might have started due to the country’s natural hot springs, some of which have been in use for more than a thousand years.

Jjimjilbangs or Korean spas are relatively inexpensive and light on your pocket compared to the relief and experience they will give you.

Soon these Korean styled spas with the same facilities as their native country started popping up in America, owned by Korean or American business groups and individuals.

The aim was to give the same experience and indulgence to people who want to experience it in America without going to South Korea.

The Body Scrub Ritual

If you go to any Korean Spa San Francisco place, they have an option of a full-body scrub after you take your time in the water level of the spa. The body scrubs ritual, also known as Seshin, is a must to complete your spa experience.

An employee will dry you off with a towel and lay you on a padded bed that is covered in plastic. The staff will then use an exfoliating towel or nylon gloves with a texture similar to the loofah.

They will rub the towel or the glove over you. It is not hard enough to hurt you, but it is enough to have grey or brown colored dead skin pellets coming off your body.

The process may sound painful, but it’s not. The whole exfoliation takes 30 minutes minimum as they would be scrubbing your entire body, and you will be naked during this process.

The benefits that a body scrub can give you are immaculate. It deeply exfoliates and detoxifies your body and skin by removing layers of dirt, sweat, and dead skin present on your skin, and your skin will be soft and glowing like a baby.

The scrub improves blood and oxygen circulation within the skin, making your skin healthier from inside and well as from the outside.

In the end, the scrub generates a feeling of relaxation. You will feel lightweight,  and your skin will be less inflamed than usual. Body scrub also boosts energy and strengthen the immune system of your body.

A Step by Step Guide

So, what should you do when you decide to go to a Korean Spa San Francisco? Here’s a step by step guide to navigating through it.

When you enter a Korean spa place, you are given a locker key and sent to the locker rooms. From here, everything is separated according to men’s and women’s gender.

korean spa san francisco

Wear something casual and too fancy because you would be stripping to change into bathrobes or a thin shirt and shorts. You can keep the rest of your belongings in your allotted locker.

Then you will step into the dry sauna treatments available in the Korean Spa San Francisco place you are visiting. Dry sauna rooms or also known as poultice rooms, each room has its known purpose and benefits

The most common treatments available in many Korean Spa San Francisco places are:

1) Red Clay Room.

Red clay room, which is better known as red clay ballroom, consists of a pool of warm red clay balls. You can sink into those class balls to warm your body and relax your muscles. It is the ultimate satisfaction.

2) Salt Room

The salt room is of the most skin purifying rooms among all the sauna rooms because it allows you to breathe in the salty air. The salt room is made of Himalayan salt rocks. The therapy is used to mimic the benefits of breathing in sea salt air in a seaside place.

korean spa san francisco

3) Clay Rooms

One of the rooms you need to go to at the beginning before you venture into the spa is the Clay Room. This clay sauna is made from red clay, clay blocks, and other floral materials.

It is one of the hottest rooms and but it helps remove pollution and dirt from your body.

korean spa san francisco

4) Gem Room

Whether or not you believe in the healing properties of different gems and stones, you will love the Gem room. It boosts your energy levels and keeps them in balance. It’s also pleasing to the eyes.

Those are the four main sauna treatment rooms. More rooms are present according to different If you feel hot, you can cool yourself in their cooling stations or rooms.

You can also have Korean food and beverages if you are hungry or feeling thirsty. You can pay for your food later after the whole spa adventure ends.

korean spa san francisco

Next are the spa treatments available at all Korean Spa San Francisco places. You first need to go back to the locker room and undress.

If you feel shy about being naked, that feeling will fly away when you see others in the same way. And remember, the whole spa treatment procedures are also gender-segregated.

Visitors can take a dip into a hot tub and soak themselves in hot water. It is recommended for you to take 10 to 15 minutes to open your pores and soften the skin.

korean spa san francisco

After that, go for a cold water shower for 3 to 5 minutes to hydrate for skin, open the skin pores more, and improve blood circulation. You can do the above procedure and until you are ready for the body scrub.

The staff will pat you dry and go on with the body scrub method that we discussed before. After the scrub, the team will put some moisturizer or milk cream on your body.

After that, you can sit in the steam room so that the moisturizer or cream gets soaked into the body. You can also rest for a while and have water to hydrate yourself.

If the Korean Spa San Francisco place you are going to have the option for an oil massage, go for it. You will get a full-body oil massage by a massage therapist who will undo all your knots in the body, relax your muscles and joints. They also even give a face massage.

korean spa san francisco

After you are done, you can pay for the spa and food according to your tab and go back to your residence or hotel.

The best Korean Spa San Francisco places are the Imperial Spa and Sauna, Kabuki Springs and Spa, and Pearl Health and Spa (only for women). You can find many others over the internet.

The top three spas are quite impressive, and the quality of Korean style spas and saunas is incredible. It might be a little bit expensive, but it is the experience of a lifetime.

If you are a resident or a visitor to San Francisco, try one of the places of Korean Spa San Francisco. You won’t be disappointed, I’m sure.

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