Life Cycle of a relationship

Life Cycle of a relationship 1

Human beings are social animals, we can’t just isolate ourselves. We want our voice to be heard, and want to listen to others. Living alone, is not just our thing. And in this journey of life, we come across many, some stay and some leave. Out of all them, there’s someone special who takes an extra space of your heart. That someone is probably your ‘the only one’.

Relationship …

Life Cycle of a relationship 2

It starts with a hello. Who would’ve known that a hello from a person could one day become so great, so special. All relationships, successful and the failed ones, begin the same way. You meet, share contacts, chat, know each other. This is where feelings start to grow. You know why? It is because you are unknown to each other. You are a mystery that wants to be solved. You try to know more and more about each other, even the tiniest details. You seem to think about that person, without even realizing you did. You like the company of the person so much that even when they are not beside you, you make a picture of them in your mind, pretending they are right beside you. Sooner or later, out of nowhere, you find yourself falling in the pool of love.

Life Cycle of a relationship 3

You can’t get enough of each other. Your eyes are thirsty to have a visage, your skin longs for their touch, your ears want to hear their voice. It’s as if all your senses stop working. Until you see them. Unsure of how you fell in this situation, you feel great. Love has blinded you so perfectly, that you see no flaw. You see only perfection, you want to explore each other, you want to go deep into the tiniest bit of their body and get to know as much as you can. That person is your saviour, and you become their therapist. You think of your relationship as a replica of a perfect relationship.

Life Cycle of a relationship 4

This is when love turns the table. You start seeing the part that was hidden beneath the perfection that love was blinding you from. There is no mystery left between you, you have known the person like the words of your favourite novel. You have read it so many times, that now it no more surprises you, no more fantasizes you. Love that was hungry for each other starts to fade. All the secrets are no more hidden, they are like the open book. The late night chats now end before 10pm. You begin to regain your sight. The things and habits that were cute, now seem annoying and irritating.

Life Cycle of a relationship 5

You start feeling confused, doubting every possible thing. This is when your mind questions whether you are still in love or not, or worse, whether you were ever in love with them or not. Everything seems to fade away. You start making stories in your mind, making the relationship even more difficult. You create problems that actually never existed.

This is no exception. This happens in all the relationships. What is love if it has no bumps, no changes, no deviations in emotion? People seem to think just because they love the person, everything else is taken-for-granted. Love ain’t that easy. What would love be if it was meant to be easy? Anyone would be able to chase it. Love is a puzzle and it keeps on getting tougher after every stage, wanting you to solve it.

This is where most of the relationships fail because they think loving someone is same as falling in love with someone. It’s different. Many decide to cut the knots joining them, afraid of break-up that might follow. Many decide to resort to various ways of dealing with this situation- they choose drugs, alcohol, or even worse cheat their partner.

Life Cycle of a relationship 6

And out of those many, the very few which succeed are because they believe these misunderstandings and doubts they are facing is natural. It is that stage of puzzle which is tougher than the earlier one, and it requires more effort than earlier. If you want to work it out, you need to put efforts. Trying to fill the gap of that person with someone else is useless. Love is not an outside force, or uncontrollable action; it is a decision. You should consciously decide whether you are capable of loving someone.

Life Cycle of a relationship 7

There will be ups and downs, times will come when things will take a toll. It will be difficult, possible even worse than you ever thought it would. Think of how you are glued to each other till now, that you have been together till now and you can walk together ahead too. In the end, if you can make it work, that’s when you know that you are in love, so much that you are afraid to lose them.

Your may know everything about your partner. They might be an open book to you now, but as time passes by, new chapters will be added. And even then, no matter how many times you read that book, you can always pick something new. Relishing the memories you spent together. Never give up on who you love – give a try.

Life Cycle of a relationship 8

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