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Life of Rani Padmini

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Rani Padmini was an illustrious queen, mentioned in Padmavat,  a poem written by Malik Muhammad Jayasi in the 16th Century. Described as beautiful, flawless and extremely pious. There is historical evidence that prove her existence other than just mentioned in Padmavat. Here are ten facts from her life that apprise her self-respect, love, and loyalty.



Padmini’s husband Raja Rawal Rattan Singh was the king of Chittor, and she was his second wife.


It was Chetak who was invited to his court as a musician, who provoked Khalji to attack Chittor by enticing him of Rani Padmavati’s beauty.


Rani Padmavati agreed to meet Khalji only to protect her Kingdom from an assault, but kept a provision that he’ll only see her through her reflection.


Rani Padmini tricked Khalji, by replacing herself with a beautiful made, who’s reflection was shown to khalji, to protect her self-respect.


Khalji convinced the king of chitter to meet his wife by saying that he looked upon her as a sister.


Rani Padmini was not only famous for her beauty but also for her wit and wisdom.


When Khalji finds out about Padmini’s trick, he decides to attack Chittor immediately and take Rani Padmini forcefully.


To save her dignity, she decided to commit suicide through the process of Jauhar, in which she’d burn herself in a fire.


The Jauhar was pre-planned and had shaped as ceremony, and along with Rani Padmini, all other women of Chittor jumped into the fire to save themselves from the enemy.


Rani Padmini may have died in Jauhar, but her love for her kingdom, sacrifice and dignity are still praised in songs and poems.



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