Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Is Life A Struggle?

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Life, the mystery that many people are trying to decode, is a roller coaster ride. It is filled with ups and downs and we zoom through each of them with excitement, confusion and a bit of fear. Some say, people who struggle the most, end up achieving the most. The more you struggle, the more you learn and the more you improve. It’s all a chain reaction.

Some old souls don’t see the hardships of life as struggles. They see it as an opportunity, an opportunity to learn, to grow and to succeed. The results of a struggle are always sweet. It’s like solving a math problem. We go step by step, one small part of the problem at a time. And finally, when we solve the entire problem, we feel like we are on top of the world. Some moments in our life really make us wonder, what is the purpose of all this? What is the end goal? I am certain every one of us has had this thought at some point in our lives. No one is born with a dark cloud of bad luck and doom. No one is ever going to have a lifetime of pain. It’s in these moments of struggle that we realize our own potential, what we are capable of. Just like solving a difficult math problem, leaves us feeling a few IQ points higher, struggling through life and finding our way leaves us with a feeling of happiness, satisfaction and also makes us more knowledgeable. A difficult phase is a stepping stone for something greater and much bigger in our lives. Always believe that.

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Every single one of us has gone through hardships. How we react to a difficult situation is what defines us. How we handle ourselves at the face of struggle is what makes us unique. Some people make it through while others succumb to their inner demons and fears. You either emerge as a victor or get buried under the burden. It all depends on you, your reaction, your positivity and most importantly, your will to survive. There is an expiry date for every trial. Life is a balance of good and bad, and along the way, we learn the art of survival and achievement. Life without struggle is no life at all. It’s just existence. We would just be living out our life with no reason, no goal, no purpose.  Struggles mold us into a better human being, make us realistic, and help us understand ourselves and our surroundings better.

Believe in yourself. Do not confuse a season with a lifetime. Just like how seasons change and so will your life, hopefully for the better. Never give up, never give in. Always keep trying to do better. That’s the way forward. So do not look at a struggle as a bad omen. Instead, look at it as an opportunity to rise above. Go get your dreams. Make a mark in this world.

All the best.

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