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A Definitive List Of The 11 Best Cars To Modify

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Cars are more than mere machines for transportation nowadays; they are seen as pieces of functional art with a wide variety of body styles, performance levels, technological specifications, and so on. People enjoy the way cars are designed, how they drive, how it feels to be inside of them, and how they are regarded by car enthusiasts worldwide.

The way people appreciate cars and enjoy them has created an entirely new term to refer to this phenomenon- car culture. Car culture, however, is not something very recent either; it has its history dating back many decades. This article answers the question- What are the best cars to modify?

Photo by Photo Boards, Unsplash
Photo by Photo Boards, Unsplash

What Is Meant by Car Modification?

A significant part of the contemporary car scene is the modification of cars as the driver/ owner of the car would like. Nowadays, simple customization options are widely available to the average car buyer since manufacturers usually provide enough basic options. This is satisfactory for most people, but some want even more options. The alternative provided by the manufacturers was creating means to create bespoke cars or one-off cars, but both of these options are quite expensive and beyond the reach of many.

Car modifications then come into the picture. Often, car modifications tend to hold nothing back and create unique designs which go all out and grab attention and turn heads. The exact shape of the car body, the paint, the wheels, the interiors, and others, is given a complete overhaul using aftermarket parts (which are used after the car has been purchased from carmakers) such as lighting mods, body kits, and so much more.

This naturally requires a good understanding of car designs and enough knowledge of what one is doing. Although some whacky and utterly attention-grabbing designs do exist, in the end, it is upon the car owner to choose. However, underrated modifications are usually the most welcome, which tend to only modify some parts of the car without completely overhauling it and changing its character. Reliability is an essential factor to consider when deciding which are the best cars to modify.

Moving beyond appearances, many car modifications are under the car’s body. They are made to add more power and improve performance, handling, and driving dynamics most noticeable to the driver. Such modifications do not aim to turn heads but instead enhance the car. This is the best of both worlds. Usually, alterations in the appearance of cars are known as modding a car, and making changes to enhance the performance is referred to as tuning the car. Still, the term car modification is used to describe both. The best cars to modify are good cars, to begin with, and can benefit from receiving these upgrades.

Traditionally, the more exotic cars usually do not have a lot of modifications since their looks are performance levels are already pleasing enough that they do not need enhancements. They are not considered the best cars to modify since they are rarer and require a higher skill level. Therefore, car modifications are more common on low to mid-end sports cars, sedans, hatchbacks, and older car models. However, this is not always necessarily true. Most car modifications mimic the performance, looks, and driving dynamics of exotic cars.

A Definitive List Of The 11 Best Cars To Modify 1
Photo by Dillon Kydd, Unsplash

List Of 11 Best Cars To Modify

1. Toyota Supra

A Definitive List Of The 11 Best Cars To Modify 2
Photo by Anastase Maragos, Unsplash

The Toyota Supra, particularly the mk4 Supra, best exemplifies the car modification culture. It catapulted to fame following its appearance in the Fast and Furious movie franchise, and car modifiers have never looked back, modifying the car to an unparalleled degree. The Toyota Supra became most famous in its previous model, utilizing the famous 3.0 L 2JZ engine made by Toyota, modified heavily by those who brought the car. The 2JZ engine is well regarded as being easily tuned and could rival the high-end performance cars of its day in the early 2000s.

The simple body design also meant that aftermarket parts were used to create extensive body kits, such as Rocket Bunny, TRD. A very popular modification with this Toyota is cranking up the power through turbochargers and boosting the performance manifold. The unique specifications mean that the car modding community went insane with this car, which is still the poster boy modding world. It is indeed among the best cars to modify period.

2. Nissan Skyline GT R

A Definitive List Of The 11 Best Cars To Modify 3
Photo by Ondrej Trnak, Unsplash

Another favorite in the modding community from Japan, the Nissan Skyline, with its high performance 2.3 L engine, shared space with the Supra in the Fast and Furious movie franchise. The Skyline GTR is also often equipped with performance-boosting enhancements like engine swaps NOS, turbochargers, and the wide availability of aftermarket parts. It can also have various body modifications and customizations.

The Skyline GTR featured the best from Nissan’s stable, including all-wheel drive, HICAS, and four-wheel steering. It grew in appeal as it was a common sight at the drag strip and racing circuit. Its easy-to-tune performance, one enhanced, earned it the nickname of ‘Godzilla.’ The Nissan Skyline is still incredibly fun. It has excellent tuning potential, which the vast community that the car modding world is enjoyed immensely, and has earned its place amongst the best cars to modify.

3. Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

A Definitive List Of The 11 Best Cars To Modify 4
Photo by Matteo Balzanelli, Unsplash

The Mitsubishi Lancer is another Japanese car so popular with the modding community. The Lancer Evo also is among the vehicles that car experts choose, time and again, for modding. Though the base engine is not incredibly powerful, like some other cars on this list, the Lancer evolution still enjoys great popularity since it is a great platform to build upon in terms of modding.

The Lancer Evolution VII was originally shipped with a 2 L, 4-cylinder turbocharged engine in its stock form. The Lancer Evolution VII also had an automatic transmission, making modding easier. Aftermarket parts are incredibly easy to attain and don’t cost a lot of money, making modding for this particular car relatively cheap. However, because of its massive tuning potential, most people do not stop at the initial level and continue building on, modifying, and customizing this vehicle.

4. Volkswagen Golf

A Definitive List Of The 11 Best Cars To Modify 5
Photo by Tim Meyer, Unsplash

The humble VW golf is a front-wheel-drive hatchback powered by a 2 L $-cylinder engine. It debuted in 2012 as the 7th generation and has gained popularity. The Golf was available with two engines- the regular version or the more powerful and zesty Golf R engine, already having received some tuning upgrades from the VW factory. The VW Golf is already a fun car to drive and is well regarded by automotive enthusiasts since it has earned its spot amongst the hot hatches.

Performance modifications are very common for the VW Golf, and so are cosmetic upgrades, although the more drastic upgrade options are not so popular. After changes to improve its ride and performance, the Golf remains a fairly practical hatchback with seats for four occupants, making it among the best cars to modify.

5. BMW M3

A Definitive List Of The 11 Best Cars To Modify 6
Photo by Jakob Rosen, Unsplash

The BMW M3 is a hell of a car in its stick form, but owners have taken to modding their cars to improve it even further. The F80 M3 debuted in 2014 with a 3 L straight-six engine, producing a good 430 HP and turbocharged. Automotive enthusiasts loved the dynamic performance and the car’s great handling, and it earned its spot among the popular driver-focused cars despite being a 4 door sedan.

The beemer also has extensive body kit options available. The aggressive, stylized, and well design fascia of the car begs for mods to its fenders and exhausts, earning it its spot on this list of the best cars to modify. Body kits and wheel mods abound for this particular car. Performance upgrades to this car weren’t particularly easy but were still very popular among owners who wished to go all out in terms of power. Even in its factory form, the car was a looker, and most customizations involved simply lowering the ride height for an even meaner look.

6. Mazda Miata

A Definitive List Of The 11 Best Cars To Modify 7
Photo by Wassim Chouak, Unsplash

The Miata is usually overlooked as a tuning car since it is already such a joy to drive in its factory form and is meant for those who like the act of driving more than raw numbers. Nonetheless, that does not mean that people have not tried and succeeded in modifying the Miata. The Mazda Miata zoomed on its debut with its preppy, naturally aspirated engine back in 1989 and is currently in its fourth generation. The core formula remains the same- a preppy rotary engine placed between the axles with a light chassis convertible coupe form.

Upgrades to this car often involved tuning the engine to produce more power, improving the handling, and the ubiquitous upgrades to customize the car’s body. With its long run of production, car owners have discovered it is pretty easy to find aftermarket parts for the Miata and have taken to customizing their ride over the years, making it one of the best cars to modify.

7. Honda S2000

A Definitive List Of The 11 Best Cars To Modify 8
Photo by Simon Caban, Unsplash

The Honda S200 is another proper open-top roadster admired by multitudes for its nimble handling. Equipped with a 2.2L 4 cylinder engine which revved as high as 8000 rpm, following the facelift in 2002, the Honda s2000 conquered the hearts of many driving enthusiasts.

Common modifications made to the venerable S2000 included body customizations, paint jobs, wheel rims, and suspension upgrades, making the ride more dynamic and sporty. The Honda S2000 had relatively tame modding upgrades compared to the Supra, the Skyline r the Lancer Evo like the Miata since it is already a capable car from Japan which captured the collective imagination of driving geeks since it was quite affordable as well, earning it a secure place in this list of the best cars to modify.

8. Ford Mustang

A Definitive List Of The 11 Best Cars To Modify 9
Photo by Brandon Paul, Unsplash

American muscle cars already being so popular, it is no surprise that the most well-known of them is on this list. The Ford Mustang is already a sweet thing to drive powered by V6 or V8 engines. Still, over the years, people have begun modifying these cars to handle better, produce more power, and overall become better-driving cars.

The modified car community prefers older examples of the mustang since they are quite simple and can take big upgrades easily. Companies like Roush, Steeda, and Sutton Clive cater exclusively to Mustang owners. The Mustang commonly sees mods like massive power boosts, suspension and handling upgrades, and beguilingly rich body and paint custom jobs and is definitely among the best cars to modify.

9. Ford Fiesta

A Definitive List Of The 11 Best Cars To Modify 10
Photo by Rafal Jedrjezek, Unsplash

The Fiesta is a well-known hot hatch that car enthusiasts already appreciate. It is also a surprisingly cheap car to modify, with the widespread availability of aftermarket support through body and tuning kits. The 7th generation Fiesta has a range of engines and configurations to choose from, going from a 1L EcoBoost Turbo to a 1.5 Ecoboost Turbo available in diesel as well. Different models with varying performance levels are available, with the range-topping ST being the best.

The best part is that it already has a factory-approved level of modding which means that modding the Ford Fiesta ST will not void the warranty by the manufacturer. Mods for the Ford Fiesta are quite cheap and popular among owners. All said and done; the Fiesta remains a practical hot hatch for families despite its upgrades; however, many have not stopped there but gone on to add a roll cage and go full-on Ken Block mode. This makes it among the best cars to modify.

10. Subaru WRX STI

A Definitive List Of The 11 Best Cars To Modify 11
Photo by Eloy Carrasco, Unsplash

The Subaru WRX is a beloved gem among car enthusiasts for its driving dynamics and wide availability of aftermarket options to choose from to modify this car. Having originally debuted with a 2L high revving engine, the WRX is produced sufficient power as a sedan.

However, with the long production run and wide availability of aftermarket options to modify the car, body customizations and powertrain upgrades are quite common. Subaru owners often increase the power produced by their engines and add handling upgrades like custom tires for improved grip and handling, making it very popular and among the best cars to modify.

11. Honda Civic

A Definitive List Of The 11 Best Cars To Modify 12
Photo by R Nolan, Unsplash

The Honda Civic is another very popular hot hatch, especially with the Type R trim level, which adds more power and character to the car. The 10th generation of the Civic unified the model line and grew in appeal to driving enthusiasts. Its wide appeal makes it among the best cars to modify.

The Honda Civic vastly benefitted from cranking up the power produced and customizations made to the suspension and tires for better driving dynamics. Another very popular upgrade type was engine swaps for owners of the Civic, who also upgraded to a double-wishbone suspension to improve the driving dynamics of the car.

With this list, you will be able to choose which are the best cars to modify easily. However, it must be noted that modifying your car is not something that is strictly required. In most cases, except for the fiesta, performance upgrades by changing the engine suspension or gears will void the warranty. Japanese cars are especially popular due to this factor since they are well known for their reliability and are widely regarded as the best cars to modify. Mostly, the older the car is and the longer its production run lasts, the more options will be available to modify the car. However, safety should be kept in kind while modifying any vehicle.

Did you enjoy reading this article about the best cars to modify? What, according to you, would be the best cars to modify? Are there any other cars that you feel belong on this list? Please reply in the comments section below. Here is a link to another article for car fans.

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