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Why Reading Other’s Diary is Wrong?

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Everyone has their journey of life. We go through a lot of emotions and feelings that cannot be contemplated in words. As we grow older, our feelings and thoughts always complicate, and our medium of vent also needs to expand. Our medium of vent evolves from our parents, siblings, friends to diaries.

Friends are our constant companions throughout our lives. But some things are incredibly close to our hearts, which we do not want to share with anyone. Sometimes, there are issues that we don’t find words to express. Diaries come as a rescue to us during these times.

Diaries are the most secure medium of vent for most of us. They withhold several dark secrets, beautiful memories in them, and they stand as a testimonial of one’s life. They have to be treasured and cherished. Many people consider diary writing as an indispensable part of their daily lives.

Diaries are more like best friends for them. They are incredibly protective and secretive about their diaries and do not let anybody to read them. Diaries can be a book of confessions when read. It is always interesting to know about what one writes in a diary.

But isn’t it wrong to read someone else’s Diary. Reading other’s Diary can be a big mistake as much as the curiosity it induces in a person. Keep reading to know why reading other’s diary might be the wrong thing to do.

1. Invading Privacy

Why Reading Other's Diary is Wrong? 1

We all have secrets. We all are very keen about whom we disclose and confess our secrets to. A person’s Diary is a pile of his/her secrets. It has its own life, which is very, very private and belongs only to that particular person. It is just not right to break through someone’s private space.

Reading other’s Diary is equivalent to peeping into that person’s bedroom, they say. It is, indeed, right. Reading other’s Diary can be a very grave mistake because it might lead to invading someone’s personal space, which may lead to disastrous consequences.

You can never expect what a person writes in his/her Diary. Respecting their personal space is very important, and it should be considered as a basic human courtesy. So, never make the mistake of invading someone’s privacy, especially by reading their Diary without their permission.

Respect one’s personal space as your own and protect it!

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2. For Shocking Reasons

Diaries are testimonials of one’s life. They contain beautiful moments of their life as well as the darkest secrets. Every Diary has some or the other treasonous confessions when read that might shock the reader to death.

Why Reading Other's Diary is Wrong? 2

These confessions can be something that might be far from what they disclose to their closest friends and might be an entire revelation on its own. These secrets can be extremely treasonous that might even change your perspective towards that person.

These secrets also carry a lot of guilt and shame with them. Insecurities, Sadness, Anger, Shame, Guilt, and negative emotions are mostly locked safely inside one’s diaries. Reading other’s Diary without their permission will unravel all those deep and dark secrets of them, which might shock you.

It will also affect the person on a deeper level. Shocks can affect anybody on a psychological level. Hence, it is essential to understand the importance of privacy. People maintain a diary will have a lot of reasons to do so, one of them being the acceptance of society towards their life and confessions.

Reading other’s Diary will unbox their deepest fears and insecurities. You can never undo them and can regret it for a lifetime.

3. Consent Matters

Why Reading Other's Diary is Wrong? 3

Reading other’s Diary without their permission is one of the cheapest things to do. It is considered close to peeping into someone’s bedroom, and it is disgusting to the core. We, as a society, have to learn the importance of consent in many issues. Consent and what the other person feels should be considered as top priorities before doing something.

One of the great human qualities is to empathize and sympathize. Before reading other’s diaries, it is vital to slip into the shoes of that person and understand what he/she might go through. It is one of the sensitive issues to invade someone’s privacy without their consent.

We should always flip roles to feel the other person before committing such a mistake. We always take consent as granted and mistake different signs as admitting their consent. When you are doubtful of someone’s approval, never hesitate to ask and clarify your doubts.

Remember, consent should be your prime concern before reading other’s Diary. Reading other’s Diary should be done only with the permission of the person who owns the Diary. Letting us read their Diary is like giving a precious part of their life to us. Let us never forget to acknowledge that privilege.

4. Respect and Trust Issues

Why Reading Other's Diary is Wrong? 4

Reading other’s Diary without the person’s permission defines your personality. It indicates the care and respect you have towards that person and their feelings. Reading other’s Diary without their consent will create non-reconciliable trust issues.

Trust is essential, and the basic emotion to strengthen a bond in any relationship. Reading other’s Diary without their consent is knowingly breaking the trust of a person, which is nothing less than a heinous crime.

Before reading other’s Diary one should consider the respect and value they have for the relationship they share with the owner of the Diary. Curiosity is never a priority before the trust and connection in a relationship. Trust, once broken, can never be fixed.

A diary is a priceless possession for its owner. It should be treated as a great treasure and a significant part of their lives. It should be respected as any other property the person owns. It is always necessary to ask their permission before reading their Diary. If they are not happy with sharing their Diary, then you can never force them or sneak into their Diary.

It might break your relationship.

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5. Non-Ethical

We live in a world where ethical hacking is a course that thousands of students learn. When a simple, non-living computer has to be hacked ethically, isn’t it necessary to be ethical before reading other’s Diary?

More of all, they are living and have feelings. Isn’t it a basic human courtesy to respect and not hurt their feelings? Reading other’s Diary should be considered a cheap and disgusting crime. It is the invasion of a person’s deepest privacy. It can burn a hole in the person that can never be filled.

Before you read other’s Diary, remind yourselves of all the human values and morals you have been taught throughout your life. What you tend to do will break all the values and morals you have been taught. The regret and guilt following is nothing less than killing yourselves every day.

Reading other’s diary

Everybody’s feelings and privacy should be respected and protected. It is not only one’s responsibility but also is a responsibility of each one of us as a society. Respect everyone’s privacy like your own.

Being sensitive to others’ feelings and showing empathy to fellow human beings should always be a prime act. Never consider reading other’s Diary without their will and consent.

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Books based on Diaries of People

While you should never consider reading other’s Diary without their will and consent, there are a lot of books that might satisfy your thirst to read a diary. These books or novels are written based on a person’s journal or is a fictional account of a person’s journal.

Here are some books based on someone’s Diary, which will give you the feels of reading others’ Diary. They have no issues like invading into privacy or being non-ethical. They can provide you the utmost pleasure of reading someone’s Diary while learning something new.

Diary of a young girl by Anne Frank, Diary of a Wimpy kid by Jeff Kinney, Diary by Chuck Palahniuk, and Artichoke Hearts by Sita Brahmachari are some of the books written based on a person’s Diary.

These books are based on the diaries of teenagers and young adults, which can be extremely interesting and full of secrets and confessions. These books have released in different time periods but have succeeded in gripping the readers to date.

They talk about life struggles, love, separation, ego, anger, sex, and other emotions in a very detailed manner. They are exciting and intricate as they are diary entries and are in the first-person language.

Watch this video on Diary of a wimpy kid:


One interesting line from the book “Artichoke Hearts” by Sita Brahmachari is, “You can have too much history when you’re only twelve years old.” It merely explains not to underestimate anybody’s struggles and emotions, which reminds us to respect their privacy as well.

Always remember to respect and empathize with people. Reading other’s Diary, even playfully, can hurt others when it is done without their consent. Before you are tempted to read other’s Diary, take a deep breathe, and remind yourselves of all the morals and values you have been taught.

On a final note, don’t read the other’s Diary. It is simply wrong.

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  1. Hi,my girlfriend which is also my best friend has read my diary. She forced me to show her my diary because if i dont show it,she said that i dont love her. So i had to show my diary and now she is sad and mad at me because i wrote everything that i couldnt stand about her in my diary. Is it me or her in the wrong side? I dont know what to do anymore. She said im fake because i wrote those things behind her. It is my diary, is diary limited to write beautiful things only? Am i a bad person?


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