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Love- An Impulse That Keeps Us Alive

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To fall in love is to create a religion that has a fallible god. It has no rules, no wisdom or protocol. It origins when it is least expected to show you its power of creating the happiness that one can never feel in any other way. It is nature’s second sun that spreads rays of euphoria even in the darkest pastures of our lives, blotting out reasoning but giving us one of the most delightful pleasures to ignite our souls. Love, like fire, cannot subsist without constant impulse; it ceases to live from the moment it ceases to hope or fear.



She immerses herself in the depths of his soul. An unfathomable ocean upsurging with unforeseen storms cajoles to tranquility with his honey varnished words and feathery caresses. She finds her storm-beaten heart cheered through him and discovers the sunshine, which clears the cloudy looks.

The waves of his now healed spirits swish to the shore of her heart to enchant her. The suppressed feelings have never been felt before; they now turn into upheaval and maneuver her demeanor to a gratifying canvas of heavenly harmony. Her cheeks tinted luminously pink, blooming afresh beneath his velvety love, peeling away dismay like an olden wilting rose’s petals. And his breezy passion soothes her commotion of fears and lulls her leaping heart to a serene pace, sealing the moment with a promise. A promise to be entwined in this authenticity of a vivacious bond of imperfect mortals, inscribing a fable of spotless allegiance.

Her heart is set ablaze with his strokes, gentle yet scorching enough to ignite unspoken poetries, to bare desires cloaked hitherto. It is the truth that seeps through his eyes and bewitches her beyond reasoning to scrutinize any pang of qualm or spasms of distrust. She loses herself in the subtlety of his disposition as he traverses through the veins of her luminous skin, overwhelming every inch of her being, and transforming her into a flourishing beauty. A conundrum of ideas comes to a sweet halt as he lets his passion infuse inside her to reaffirm his commitment through his movements. It feels so profound; her head spins with ecstasy, making the world whirl in dizzying speeds, and time stops to ironically absolute stillness.


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Their love is fresh, bright, pink, and hazy. It is blooming, growing, thriving, and enticing. A shot of adrenaline rushes in like electricity, charging her up with a naive numbness, lulling her to an illusion, a refined state of nirvana, transience which she mindlessly hopes would last forever. He fills her with his mysteries. Invites her to discover his other half, rousing her to nudge in deeper within him, to soak his insecurities clandestinely and wrap his despair with desires, to taste every dream he kept coiled beneath his bones.

He carries stars in his pockets to paint galaxies over her loneliness because he knows that she fears the dark. She could dive into his eyes, travel the distances they longed to traverse, be the sparkle in that impenetrable darkness. And as she buries her head in his chest, the calm of his heartbeat makes her fears fall apart, the curtain of hesitance skims away to sew a wreathe of blooms scented with infatuation. His ardent embrace castes a spell on her to tear her away from her anguish; she is enamored lavishly with the utmost tenderness.

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By Saloni Verma

Manipal University Jaipur

Btech, 3rd Year.


Natasha Shinde.

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