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Love or Arranged Marriage?

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Love or arranged marriage? This question is a topic of a lot of debate. Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. Still, at the same time, in a family-oriented country like India, family values and culture are given priority, and therefore arranged marriages take place. But the real question is, “Can love be arranged?”.

In Indian society, arranged marriages have been a tradition for ages, and the analysis shows that they have been proved quite successful, but the reason is not always love. Often, two people tied in holy matrimony make things work because both the families and their reputations are involved. But is it really fair to live with a man or woman under the same roof without any emotional attachment? I do not deny that many arranged marriages are genuinely successful because of love, trust, and understanding. But can anyone assure you that you will definitely fall in love with your better half after an arranged marriage? Is there a 100% guarantee that the person you are about to marry will understand and support your decisions?

Falling in love isn’t planned. It’s like a sneeze or a heartbeat, involuntary action, and you have no control over it. When you’re in a relationship, you get to know your partner well, their strengths and weaknesses. You build an understanding with them, respect each other, support each other, and all this is only because of your love for one another. And when things really work out well, and you know they are the one you ought to marry. Some relationships don’t work out well as you have certain differences and clashes that they may not necessarily solve, and hence you break up. But after an arranged marriage, if things don’t work out, is it so easy to “break up,” i.e., get a divorce?

In certain orthodox parts of India, Families, customs, community, and so many things and people are related in personal matters of a marriage that getting a divorce doesn’t depend just on the couple anymore.

But education and literacy have broadened urban minds. Women have become much more independent and are no longer dependent on men for financial support. Patriarchal society has vanished, and equality has evolved. Therefore orthodox traditions are not followed in the modern era anymore.

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