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Love Is Overrated – Wouldn’t You Fully Agree?

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Love. The four lettered word that supposedly makes the world go round. To be precise, the love I’m talking about is of the romantic sort, the kind of love that makes one indulge in the grandest of acts to prove that their love is real. Love Is Overrated.

I am talking about the type of love that made The Beatles famous that churns out the best-selling works of literature, and at times changes the life of the person in love.
love_is_over_rated-422144People talk about love as if it’s a necessity, a need, a requirement to be considered “normal” in the society. But is love just as extravagant as we hype it to be? Don’t you feel that Love Is Overrated?

The pop-culture or rather, our society has created this notion in our mind that love is THE thing that makes us tick, that it’s the most miraculous and amazing thing that could happen to the average denizens of this blue dot.

Well, I disagree. Love in all its extravagance is one of the most overrated aspects of life.

Why I feel Love Is Overrated?

In today’s time and age of boundless knowledge available at our tips, the immensity of it all consumes us, only to leave us feeling lonely; which is where the travesty of self-acceptance, which we now call love, slithers in.

It demands that we find a person who accepts us for who we are to be truly happy. It fills us up with the essence of the person we fall in love with, seduces us into dreaming for them, with them.

This is why I believe that love is overrated, since in today’s time and age, it isn’t what it should be, our insecurities have turned it into something very far from what love is meant to be.

From a thing that taught us responsibility, compassion and understanding for someone besides ourselves, it has now turned into a monster of neediness, obsession and a constant craving to have the other person dependent on you for their happiness.
1bb95660bcaea4e74d86522d912ee517This is an age where love is measured in terms of ‘bases’, lost virginities, and relationship tags. A time in which in order to fall in “love”, people are willing to overlook the most important part on which this whole paradigm works, that is, the bond between two people.

This is an age where love means staying in constant touch with your significant other, to escape the loneliness, the constant need to feel important to someone, to put up statuses on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and other social media just to gather likes, to collect the acceptance.

This is what love is now, and this is why it’s overrated. The market sells this idea of love; that makes it hard to comprehend what love is, or what real love is.

Love isn’t being proud of your relationship; it’s about being humble about it. It isn’t about the grand gestures; it’s about the little things you do every day to make the person you love, happy.

It isn’t showing it off to the world, neither is it about keeping it a secret, it’s about sharing it with the people you trust and adore.

Love is overrated in today’s time and age since it has lost its meaning.

What it has meant, and hopefully will again with the beckoning of time, is compassion and the bond that arises when two individuals trust each other, recognize each other’s strengths and weaknesses and make themselves and the person with them grow with time.

It means to be with a person who fits into your faults just as you fit into theirs. It means accepting yourself for who you are and seeking the person who compliments you, as much as you compliment them.
So yes, love in all it’s extravagance, is overrated.367154

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