All that’s Wrong with the Education System in India

All that's Wrong with the Education System in India 1


Education pressure is a big problem in society today. Yes, there is a large portion of India that is still uneducated but that does not mean that the educated crowd is having an easy time. The society dictates their life and judges their worth based on their scoresheet. The career suitable for a child is based on his overall marks rather than individual marks in that subject or more importantly, the child’s interests and love for a particular field. Many teenagers who might be good at and want a career in artistic fields are pushed into the science field to become doctors and engineers. Hundreds of dreams and aspirations are slaughtered and are left as nothing but a joke.

With the recent cases of student suicides due to low marks and suicides due to pressures and stress of being pushed into the wrong stream, it is high time to start asking questions and raising doubts over the system of education in India today.

The biggest problem faced by students is the pressure of being an all-rounder. Students are pressurized into being good at sports, ace their examinations while being decent and polite personality wise as well as confident and smart. The mark has been set real high which is making the levels of stress rising. The mental health of high school students has even been compared to 17th-century mental asylum patients. The pressure being put on students to be an ideal and perfect student is increasing stress which damages their mental health and is also increasing cases of depression. Students are becoming dull and very robot-like. Students are no more living the fun, happy and joyful life as the students in their parent’s time.

The society judges students on their marks. A student with a 100% mark sheet will be praised and applauded even if his or her personality, talents and sense of speaking is bad. Whereas, a student with a 60% score will be looked down upon even if he or she is a brilliant public speaker with a good general knowledge and talented. This brings down the self-esteem of many causing self-hatred and self-blaming even though they are worth so much more.

Parents force their child to choose careers based on their marks. The student’s choice of career, talents, passion and interest is ignored. If he scores well he is pushed into the science stream, a little lower, then commerce and if a student does not score well, they are pushed into arts. The society even judges who you are as a person based on what stream you have

Parents are seen pushing their hopes, dreams, and aspirations on to their children. Children are being forced to take up engineering and medicine but at what cost? They are giving up their happiness and dreams!

Thus, in conclusion, it is high time that the society gets a wake up call and lets students choose their own career, stop judging and let the students be as they want and as a result look at students raise to new heights and watch our country develop.

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