Poetry: Martyrs of a Holy War

Poetry: Martyrs of a Holy War 1

“Your Terrorists Are Our Freedom Fighters.”

– TV Tropes Wiki

All wars seem noble to those who fight them, and both sides see themselves as the heroes. History, sometimes, is the best judge of the justice of war, and of the many injustices of it.


Start a war,

We’re the warriors of God;

Torn pieces of charred flesh,

Our flowers are firebombs.


Pick a fight,

We’ll attack with righteous might;

Petroleum is our religion,

Oceans of oil in the afterlife.


Drop a bomb, break a plane,

It’s all part of the holy game;

Burning cities, sinking ships,

The Gods are high on something hip.


Holy land, blood and sand,

Desecrated by infidel steps;

Brown faces, blue eyes

Projectiles don’t discriminate.


But ’tis a Holy War,

A phantom Devil in every eye;

At the end of every Crimson Flood,

Sinners live and sinners die.

Poetry: Martyrs of a Holy War 2

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