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Mental Health is a Major Concern: Interview with Professor Roseline Gomes

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Mental health is a significant concern overlooked by many people. Several people compare mental illness with madness. This issue was never taken as an important subject, and there are very few who come up in aid of this.

Since the pandemic, many have endured mental issues but have never come out. Suicide rates are ever-increasing.

Here I present an interview with Professor Roseline Gomes on mental health issues, psychology, and how to handle it.

She is an Assistant Professor of Jyoti Nivas College, Mental Health Consultant of ‘Our Young Voices,’ Volunteer at Sarvahitey, Team Leader at Youth Online Learning Opportunities, and Founder and Trainer at Shilpi and Michael Foundation. 

The Start of Professor Roseline’s Career: “My Friends Inspired Me.”

Mental Health is a Major Concern: Interview with Professor Roseline Gomes 1

“My friends inspired me to take up psychology in college. Later, as I practiced those ethics in my personal life, the result was great. And I continued for a master’s in psychology. Society follows “we need to adjust” since birth. I, myself, went through the same culture. I experienced childhood trauma, school abuse, and other similar issues.”

“Since childhood, I was a slow learner; my scores weren’t up to the mark. Teachers judged students based on marks. My family was left with no choices; they supported my passion for psychology.”

“Such instances were like a trigger to me, and I wished to world, and their mindset. How to nurture them and treat them well. I left my hometown due to the judgemental atmosphere and shifted Bangalore.”

1. How is being a leader at YOLO different from being a leader somewhere else?

“Yes, I have experience as a team leader at my previous workplace. YOLO was a unique experience. It helps people with hyperlocal information, blood donation camps, and understand mental health. My team members included college-goers. Initially, I had to work under them until I got promoted as a team leader.”

“It’s a wonderful experience that helped me understand true leadership. YOLO’s theme is Social Media for Social Change. We treat all equally. I found leadership spirit in every youth under YOLO.”

2. Today’s youth is more vulnerable in terms of mental health compared to adults. What is your take on this?

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Ms Roseline Gomes is our in-house mental health consultant who specialises in teenage and adolescent counselling. She is also the founder of Shilpi and Michael Foundation. In this video, she shares the experiences of her interactions with clients during the pandemic through our community's e-counselling forum, HEAL. Those who are in need of mental health assistance, please feel free to reach out to Heal. Remember, health is never a privilege, it is every individual's right. Ms Roseline is available for sessions from Monday to Friday, between 9 am and 11 am. Contact number: +91 9972073420 Email ID: We also warmly invite certified counsellors to come volunteer with us.

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“Yes, the youth suffers more than adults today. Researches are proving this cause. Our lives used to be simple earlier; we were not accustomed to the techno world. With the rise of virtual reality, everything seems to be online mode, even education, and dating.”

“The youth, at present, have numerous queries, and if ignored, it hampers their functional state. They always tend to remain in a dilemma.”

“Youngsters are more sociable, and they follow their friends. Neighbour’s situation affects them more. Depression rates are increasing, but they never choose to heal through therapy. Society calls these people mad. Undergoing therapy treatment has become a social taboo.”

“Mental pain feels more intense than physical pain. You can heal through acceptance, therapy treatment, counseling, and medication. Remember, medication doesn’t put you under mad people.”

3. What do you Love the Most as a Mental Health Consultant?

“I learn through my students. We initiate meetings, solve problems together, and conduct different webinars. Currently, YOLO gifted me, incredible friends.”

“Our goal is to connect globally and be a weapon against trauma, substance abuse, and toxic relationships. My team members continue to inspire me always.”

4. What Should One Do if He or She Wants to Become a Mental Health Consultant?

One needs to pursue psychology in college. After masters, they can choose a specific field, either counseling or any other field.”

“My suggestion to Indian youth, apply for RCI (Rehabilitation Counseling of India), use this to open your center, and work legally. Degrees matter, make sure that you study and work on internships simultaneously. Practical skills are important for a successful career.”

5. How is your experience as a Cognitive Behaviour Therapist at Learning Arc?

“Learning Arc nurtures children suffering from learning disabilities. Many students are filled with stubbornness, negativity, they don’t wish to either read or write.”

“As a CBT trainer, it’s a wonderful experience, and we educate children through visuals for better understanding. Our goal is to delete cognitive distortion.”

“I encourage the students based on their skills, interests such as drawing, art, and music.”

6. Do you practice your own teachings when you feel low?

“Yes, first, I work with myself, and then I continue with others. Montfort College, Bangalore, taught me a lesson; Practise, and understand your inner self first, know your strengths, weaknesses, and then you can help others.

“Self-reflection helps to conduct better sessions with someone else. If I don’t strengthen myself, how can I teach them self-management skills to others.”

“I practice and move ahead, or else I don’t take sessions. Work on your potential ability first.”

7. What is Sarvahitey? When did you become a part of it? 

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#Repost @thebrightbroadcast ・・・ ⁣Sarvahitey has been doing commendable work, in terms of providing relief to those in need. Their focus being eradication of illiteracy, unemployment, increasing cultural assimilation, and so on, the NGO has always stood up and taken the initiative to assist whenever the nation has required it. ⠀ Be it Assam Floods, Nepal Earthquake, or any other calamity, they have always ensured that relief reaches even the most remote/inaccessible areas, by utilising their wide network. ⠀ This time, Sarvahitey has collaborated with Social Media Matters to provide effective support to almost 213 hotspot districts across India, through the Facebook groups known as My Pincode. ⠀ Through these groups, they have not just been cracking down on Fake News and providing Hyperlocal updates, but have also been providing ration to those in need, helping in arranging passes, addressing 100+ blood donation requests, and so on.⠀ ⠀ #tbbstories – Share your good stories with us. ⠀ ⠀ #brightbroadcast #postivevibes #positive #instagood #goodnews #instadaily #coronavirus #covid19 #helpingothers #postive #love #happy #life #positivevibes #vibes #motivation #fitness #instagood #instagram #inspiration #fashion #goals #health #fun #happiness #lifestyle #dream⠀#ngo

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“Sarvahitey is an NGO from Delhi. I joined Sarvahitey as a volunteer since the lockdown. Sarvahitey and Social Media Matters came up with YOLO. I worked for Sarvahitey for one month.”

“They work for underprivileged sectors, educating them, and providing for them. It has been an amazing journey.”

8. Do you think the newer generations should study Clinical Psychology?

“Yes definitely, new generations should come up with new models. I recommend studying Clinical psychology since bipolar disorder, depression, and anxiety are increasing in our society.”

We need more young thinkers to bring a positive change in the treatment plan. I urge more people to take up this subject.”

9. How is Psychology as a subject? Is it helpful to treat yourself?

“If we dive deep towards the subject, it helps to understand oneself. First, be comfortable with the subject, and then apply it to yourself. But if you pursue it for the sake of degree, then you’ll fail to learn on a minute level.”

“Personally, the subject has helped me resolve childhood trauma, conflict, accept people, and forgive people.”

10. If someone is alone, how should they manage their stress?

“I feel journaling helps, also work on a few physical activities like yoga, exercise, and open your ears to music. Start dancing randomly; it lights up the mood. Be the best version yourself.”

“If you think about your worse situations, you’ll be filled with more negative thoughts. Focus your mindset on positivity.”

“Why always think about weakness? work on your strengths.”

11. What is Shilpi and Michael Foundation?

“The foundation is our main achievement, and I am the founder and trainer here.”

“Shilpi and Michael Foundation is a Youth Collaborative Forum that caters to the mental health of Indian Youth and Senior Citizens. Few young learners wished to educate themselves but failed due to mental health struggles. This forum guides them to achieve their aspirations through personal skills. It motivates them in taking up leadership roles and build personalized skills.”

12. How can we contact you for sessions and treatment?

“Contact me via email; whoever needs to get in touch, email me first. They can contact me based on the timings. We do sessions at my college as well.”


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