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Mississippi Cruise : Top 2 Amazing Things To Know

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Are you planning a trip to Mississippi? Do not miss out the Mississippi Cruise!

This article will bring to your notice some of the most amazing things about Mississippi and the famous Mississippi cruise.

Mississippi is a beautiful place. This state is located in the South of the USA. It is one of the most beautiful states in the country for several reasons.

This magnificent state has a population of about 3 million people.

Visitors are generally surprised to know that this state has a nickname! It is also known as The Magnolia State. This state is also famous for its great history.

Mississippi played a big role in the civil war. It is one of those places that has been growing in many ways.

This place has a unique geography. It is bordered by 4 well-known places, namely, The Gulf Of Mexico, Tennessee, Alabama and Louisiana.

To be very specific about their locations, on the North of Mississippi is  Tennessee and in the South, it is bordered by Louisiana.

It shares its coastline with the Gulf Of Mexico. The Western part of Mississippi shares its borders with Arkansas.

Mississippi is one of those states that has a unique climate.

It has prolonged summers. These summer days are generally humid. On the other hand, winters are kind of short.

One can also say that winters at Mississippi are not excessively cold. Instead, they give a mild feeling.

This sub-tropical climate of this magnificent state keeps the temperature of about 81 degrees Fahrenheit in July. In the month of January, it is around 24 degrees.

Another surprising thing about Mississippi is the hurricanes. The climate at this place is such that the possibility of a hurricane is more.

The previous hurricanes that have hit this place were very destructive. Some of the hurricanes known all over the world are Camille and Katrina.

These hurricanes caused a lot of loss for the people of this state. They occurred in the years 1969 and 2005. These two years were just like a bad dream.

Mississippi has a stunning land area. This means that most of the area has amazing flora and fauna. It has a lot of forested areas.

You will be shocked to know some of the facts about the natural side of Mississippi –

There are around 420 species of birds in Mississippi. Most of these birds exclusively belong to Mississippi.

Some of the best Winter Stonefly species can be found in this beautiful place.

There is an incredible range of freshwater mussel fauna. There are around 90 species in the mussel fauna of Mississippi.

63 crayfish species are found in Mississippi. Out of these 63 species of crayfish, 17 are endemic!

There are around 204 native fish species here. These fish species have a variety and are truly beautiful.

The flora side of this state is amazing. Mississippi is home to around 3000 species of plants that are vascular in nature.

There are pretty plant museums in this state that show the amazing variety of flora.

Mississippi is not only famous for its natural beauty but also for the ecological problems that it faces.

Flooding is one of the most frequent ecological issues that the people of Mississippi face regularly. This problem is very prevalent in the state.

No matter what, none can deny that  Mississippi is beautiful. The main reason for its beauty is the Mississippi river.

Mississippi Cruise

The best thing is that you can tour the river through amazing Mississippi cruise. You can have a perfect vacation ranging from 7 to 14 days.

Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Memphis, La Crosse and St Paul Minnesota/ St Paul mn are some of the most impressive cities located on the pretty Mississippi river.

Choosing the correct destinations and cruise is also significant. Here are two important things that you should know before you choose a cruise.

Mississippi Cruise: Top 2 Amazing Facts That You Must Know

Mississippi is a beauty, and so is the river. One more thing that is beautiful about this place is its Mississippi cruise.

You can tour from St Louis to St Paul Mississippi or the Ohio River and even see the amazing heritage through your river cruising journey.

You can also take packages that allow you to tour places like Cape Girardeau, which are close to the cities around the river.

Mississippi CruiseThere are a few things that you must know before you go to this place for a vacation. These things help you to enjoy completely at Mississippi cruise.

1. Mississippi cruise: 6 Best Cruises

Mississippi is particularly famous for the Mississippi Cruise and the Mississippi Cruise. There are lower as well as upper Mississippi river cruise

Some cruises let you enjoy places from St. Louis to St. paul whereas another let you enjoy the natural beauty like flora and fauna.

Here are a few of the best crises to enjoy when you visit Mississippi.

1. The American Queen – Mississippi Cruise

The name of this cruise is completely on point. The American Queen is actually the queen of all boats. It is one of the best Mississippi cruises.

This is one of the modern riverboats.

This amazing cruise can carry 436 people. This is one of the most luxurious cruises. It also has a comfortable zone to travel in.

2. American Countess

This is the next famous Mississippi cruise. It is an affordable yet amazing experience. It can also accommodate 245 passengers.

Some complimentary drinks are served on the cruise. This is why people love travelling in American Countess.

3.  American Duchess

American Duchess is a modern, luxury Mississippi cruise. It is smaller in size. This one is also very comfortable.

You can book this one from purely America. They offer an amazing 7-night cruise experience of Mighty Mississippi.

You can book your 14 days experience with light blue travel.

4. American Cruise Lines

The American Cruise lines offer an amazing Mississippi cruise.

The best thing about this cruise is that it includes a lot of themes. This doubles the fun.

There are special themes like Mark Twain and the Civil war. It also takes you through the musical heritage of the United States with some of the themes.

This cruise focuses on a single part of the river. It is not like the other cruises in the sense that they tour Orleans, Ohio and other areas too.

5. Titan

Book a 7 nights American Queen cruise through Titan. This is a unique experience. This amazing cruising experience is unbeatable.

You get a long ride towards two-three different parts of the Mississippi River, which is unbelievable.

6. Spirit Of The Season

This is one of the most awaited cruises. It holds a different level of enthusiasm altogether.

This excitement arises because of the festive season and an amazing cruise experience. The Spirit Of The Season has a perfect mood set up for you, and you loved ones.

Everything seems to be festive on this cruise. There is amazing food available on the cruise.

2. Mississippi Cruise: 4 Reasons That You Should Go And Enjoy Watching The Beautiful River

Mississippi CruiseAll the visitors enjoy Mississippi cruise. This is an amazing experience. Here are a few reasons why the Mississippi cruise is unmissable.

1. History Of The Mississippi River

The history plays a major role in the fame of the river. People love to visit the Mississippi River and enjoy watching places that have had some history.

Here are a few historical events and facts about the Mississippi river –

Hernando De Soto was a famous Spanish explorer. It is said that he had visited the South point of the Mississippi River. This point is the present day.

This important event took place in the year 1541. Little did Henardo know that he was going to be buried in his own curiosity.

He later died in the Mississippi river due to floods.

A lot later  René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur (senior) de La Salle reached the delta of the river. He was a French explorer who asserted that the river belonged to France.

This happened due to the beauty of the river. France could not have the river forever. Many of the places in the North still exist. But, the Southern cities have vanished.

The lower part of the magnificent river slipped into the hands of Spanish conquers.

2. Climate

The average monthly temperature on the river is 28 degree Celsius during summers. This temperature is fairly good for visitors travelling.

3. Flora and Fauna That You will Notice During Mississippi Cruise

Minnesota has wild marshes, whereas some other places around the river are famous for wetlands. The Mississippi itinerary is absolutely pretty.

The natural cover that you will notice during your journey is exceptional.

If you are lucky enough, you might as well see some of the native animal, fish and bird species that survive there.

4.  What Is The Future Of The River?

The future of the river completely depends on how we treat the river. Doing commercial activities like cruising is outstanding until it harms the river and its natural beauty.

We must take care of some basic rules while touring any naturally gifted place. The first rule is not littering the place and keeping it as it is.

There is no harm in admiring the beauty, but the problem arises when we harm it.

Mississippi river cruising is a great experience.


Mississippi CruiseMississippi shows us that every coin has two sides. This means that every place or person has its own positive and negative points.

Mississippi is home to incredible species of flora and fauna. It is also home of the beautiful Mississippi River. Despite this, it has issues like floods and hurricanes.

However, nobody can deny that this place has amazing natural beauty as well as culture.

Mississippi is a lovely place. You must visit this place at least once in your lifetime.

If you visit this place, then you must never miss out on the Mississippi Cruise!

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