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Montana Tourism: 7 Incredible Places To Go

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The fourth-largest north-western  US state area-wise (after Alaska, Texas, and California), Montana is one of the best places to visit in the United States when it comes to vacation. Montana Tourism is the most preferred holiday package these days. The country has derived its name from a Spanish word meaning “mountain” or, more specifically, the “country of the mountains.”

Montana has the famous Rocky mountains to visit as well. Most part of Montana is Prairie. The famous mountain ranges in Montana that must be included in Montana Tourism are Bitterroot Mountain, Absaroka Ranges, Beartooth mountain, and the Lewis Range.

The Glacier National Park and The Yellow Stone National Park is one of the main attraction of the Montana Tourism. Helena, the capital city of Montana, is one of the famous cities that is also covered under Montana Tourism. The ideal time to visit Montana is from July to August because there is minimal crowd everywhere, and the temperature is also very adequate during this time of the year. Montana is famous for its rich deposits of gold, coal, iron, and zinc and is therefore nicknamed the “Treasure Island.”

A trip to Montana for a single person would cost you around 746 $, and for two people, it would be approximately 1500 $ for one week. There are many tourism websites that can help you to plan your perfect Montana Tourism. They would have you all covered from accommodations to site seeing and traveling as well; all you would be required to do is to relax and enjoy.

A very interesting fact about Montana is that it is home to the widest variety of mammals in the whole world. Now let me guide you by giving you a brief summary of some of the places and the things that you could try in Montana and that you would definitely want to include in your Montana Tourism to add more fun to it.

1. Yellow Stone National Park

Who must not have had heard of Yellow Stone National Park before and not have had dreamed of visiting it once? For a few, it must have been the main reason for them to take up Montana Tourism. The place hides enormous, beautiful sites within itself. The name of the park is kept after the yellow stone river that flowed in this region.

About 1700 species of plants and 170 species of exotic wild animals are said to be found in this region. A rare flower by the name of Yellow Stone Sand Verbena also blossoms in this particular park. The Yellow Stone National Park is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The major attractions of the park are:

The Old Faithfull Geyser: Named by Washburn- Langford-Diana Expedition, it is not only an attractive geyser of the park but is also famous worldwide. The hot boiling water of the geyser shoots up to a height of 106 feet every one minute. The geyser is true to its name and remains faithful to the expectations of the visitors in providing them with a great view.

The Grand Prismatic Spring: It is the third-largest hot water spring in the world. Due to the white light’s colorful dispersion, the Grand Prism Spring is recognized all over the world.

Morning Glory Pool: Due to some unique kind of bacteria that is present in this Spring, the water appears to be of a different color. The name of this hot water spring is kept after the flower morning glory.

Yellowstone Falls: The Yellow stone falls are divided into two main parts, namely the Upper Yellowstone Falls and the Lower Yellowstone Falls. There are many points created to view these gigantic falls from different locations. The waterfall owes its origin to Yellowstone lake.

Yellowstone Lake: It is the largest freshwater lake in America with a height of 2,357 meters above the mean sea level. There was also a proposal to create a dam on this lake.

Montana Tourism

2. Glacier National Park

Another National Park that needs to be on your must-visit list in Montana Tourism should be Glacier National Park. Grizzly bears, moose, and mountain goats can be seen in this park, in addition to some of the rare and endangered species as well. The park has also been named the UNESCO World Heritage Site and Biosphere reserve by United Nations. Such a notable site is also in the list of the visiting places of many websites offering Montana Tourism.

Places to visit in Glacier National Park are:

Avalanche Lake: Located in the Glacier National park, the lake has a supply of water from the Sperry Glacier. There is little chance of anyone missing visiting this place on their tour to Glacier National Park, Montana Tourism.

Two Medicine Lake: Another lake in the Glacier National park is the Two Medicine Lake providing the tourist a mesmerizing view of two mountain ranges, the Sinopath Mountain and the Rising Wolf Mountain on the sides of the lake. Do visit this lake on Montana Tourism.

Iceberg Lake: As the name suggests, the Iceberg lake is flanked by icebergs mainly concentrated on the western and southern side of the lake.

Grinnell Glacier:  Also called the heart of the Glacier National park, the name of the glacier is kept on the name of a famous American Conservationist, George Bird Grinnell. It is feared that is the carbon levels and the pollution keeps on elevating at the same pace; the Grinnell Glacier might be lost forever. There are many other glaciers as well located near the Grinnell Glacier, like the Gem Glacier, which is the smallest of them all.

Lake McDonald: The lake has a vast reserve of different types of trout fishes like rainbow trout, bull trout, lake trout, etc. The lake is surrounded by coniferous trees like fir and spruce. Lake McDonald serves as the best site for camping. If you are looking for something different to try out for your Montana Tourism, then why not go for a night in the open under the starry sky twinkling just for you.

Montana Tourism: 7 Incredible Places To Go 1

3. Bozeman, Montana 

Bozeman is a charming small town in Montana that has a lot of museums. This town got its name from John Bozeman and is also Montana’s fourth-largest city. The places that you can visit are:

Museum Of The Rockies

American Computer And Robotics Museum: The museum is for all the people who have much interest in science and technology. The museum displays many ancient computers and structures of robots.

Gallatin History Museum: As the name itself suggests, the museum is quite historic and contains ancient and old relics. Historians personally love to explore such places.

Greater Yellowstone Coalition

East Main Street

You would love this lovely town when you would visit it on your Montana Tourism.

Montana Tourism: 7 Incredible Places To Go 2

4. Missoula, Montana 

Another city that could be a part of your Montana Tourism is Missoula, located on the confluence of two rivers that are Bitterroot and Blackfoot. Missoula is famous for its rich historical-cultural background. You can enjoy many mountain sports in this town as well. Places to visit would be :

Bitterroot River: Located in the Bitterroot Valley, the river is acknowledged for Blue River Trout Fishery. The Bitterroot river provides you a never before seen wildlife view.

Snowbowl: Snowbowl,  Montana is a renowned skiing site, experiencing 300 meters of snowfall. The area is covered with thick snow making it look like a bowl of snow, as the name rightly says.

National Forest Foundation: The not for profit organization is funded by the American government. The organization aims to plant more and more trees and works primarily in the field of health and sustainable development. If you are a nature lover, then you can visit this place and plant a plant in Montana.

Missoula Art Museum: For all the art and cultural appreciators, These ones for you people on your Montana Tourism. Do visit the place to appreciate and know Montana’s legacy.

Caras Park: This park awaits you in all it’s greenery I must say because the park is covered with pastures of grass and is an excellent place to visit on a bright sunny day.

Lolo National Park: Having rich biodiversity, Lolo National Park is a good pick on your Montana Tourism list. Diverse variety of trees and animals can be seen here.

Mount Sentinel: The place is a gorgeous hill station, also having the letter “M” on the mountain. The area is judicious regulated, and preserved. Mount Sentinel has comprehensive coverage of flora and fauna with some exotic and rare flower species.

Montana Tourism: 7 Incredible Places To Go 3

5. Garden of One Thousand Buddhas

The place is covered with many idols of Lord Buddha and is basically a religious site which was created to spread the messages of Lord Buddha. Many people had volunteered and helped in the construction of this site.

6. Earthquake Lake

Located in Gallatin National Park, the lake was created by an earthquake that struck the area hard, therefore giving this name to the lake. Usually, earthquakes are believed to be disastrous and take a lot of things away, but this creation of nature has added to the beauty of Montana and also to Montana Tourism.

7. Castle Town: Montana’s Ghost City

The castle town is one of the oldest towns in Montana. The town is believed to be haunted, according to few local sources, so if you want to add adventure and a little bit of spooky touch to your Montana Tourism, then this town is there for you. Not much solid truth is available about how the area got haunted or what would have happened that people started to believe this town to be haunted. The place still remains a mystery.

These are all the best places in Montana Tourism that are worth all your money and efforts. Montana is a beautiful place to visit, and these places add more to its beauty. If you are planning to explore Montana on your own, then I hope these places to visit on your Montana Tourism would be of great help, but if you are exploring it with some tour guide, then do ensure that these places are included in your Montana tourism package.

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