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Beautiful Whitefish Montana Skiing: Winter Guide 2021

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Winters: wait, the snowy winters, bedroom, cozy bedsheet, coffee, a book are the elements of a proper winter. But today, we are going way beyond it. Enjoy winters. Yes, if you are a winter explorer, you know what I’m talking about.

Are you a newbie planning to go to Whitefish Montana this winter and don’t know anything? Well, do not worry because we’ve covered almost everything you should know about Whitefish. Today, we will discuss one of the world’s best places to ski (Whitefish Montana Skiing). Have fun reading!


Whitefish Montana attracts 384,800 total skiers to its state with 7,714 locals. The visitors are triple in number to the entire Whitefish town’s native population and spend some thousands of dollars every year during their stay in resorts.

Geographical address

latitude: 48.4106 N
longitude: 114.3353 W

Whitefish is located on the northwest side of Montana nearer to the Glacier National Park and 12 miles away from the Glacier Park International Airport, Kalispell as its nearest major city and 60 miles away from the Canadian border.

Whitefish lake is a natural lake around 13 km square with 9.3 km in length, 2.3 km in width, and 71 m depth, and it is a 7 min drive from the center of the town. As per the geographical aspects, Canada offers a breath-taking ski opportunity, and one such hill famous in Canada is the Canadian Rockies.


You can directly fly to the Glaciers Park International Airport, Kalispell, only 15 miles away from your destination.


Whitefish is a pretty little skiing town in Montana nestled at the base of the Big Mountain. And if you are a ski enthusiast, your minds will surely be blown. Whitefish is one of the best places to spend your winters.

There are different types of skis that you can try out here:

1. Alpine Skiing

Alpine, also known as Downhill skiing, is sliding down the big snow-covered mountain on skis with fixed heel bindings.

2. Nordic Skiing

Nordic is the true kind of skiing where the toe is attached to the ski but not the heel. It differs from its brother Alpine, where the heel and toe are connected to the ski boards.

3. Telemark skiing

Telemark is the combination of the elements of both Alpine and Nordic skiing. Moreover, Telemark skiers are also often called Free heelers because the only toe is attached to the ski letting a skier move their heel up and down whenever required, and the skier should bend their body to take a turn.

Famous Resorts at Whitefish

We have included some of the famous resorts/lodges here, and lodging in any one of these places can make your resting day even more beautiful.

Beautiful Whitefish Montana Skiing: Winter Guide 2021 1
by Ian-Keefe/Unsplash @All Rights Reserved

1. The lodge at Whitefish lake (resort)

Rating: 9.2/10
Cost: starts at $131/night
Address: 1380 Wisconsin Ave, Whitefish, MT 599371, US

The Lodge at Whitefish lake resort is a 4-star hotel. This resort carries basic accommodation, food and drinks, and also a spa & retreat.

Lodging here provides a great experience, and the staff over here are amiable and look after your comfort 24/7.

Every turn you take here will let you experience breathtaking scenery since it is located by the lake. This is the only lodge by the lakeside and nearer to the whitefish Montana skiing (mountain resort).

2. Medicine Lodge (resort)

Rating: 9.4/10
Cost: starts at $100/night
Address: 537 Wisconsin Ave, Whitefish, MT 59937, US

Good Medicine lodge/resort is a 3-star hotel. They provide delicious food with local flavor that tastes like a homemade item.

Are you worried about your health and fitness cycle? No issues. They also provide you with health & fitness retreats for an hour every day.

Since the lodge is near the Glacier National Park and other exciting attractions, you can enjoy 30 different things seasonally.

3. Grouse mountain lodge (resort)

Rating: 8.3/10

Cost: Starts at $114/night

Address: 2 Fairway Dr, Whitefish, MT 59937, US

Grouse mountain lodge/resort is a beautiful 3-star hotel located in the center of the whitefish town, and you will have easy access to downtown whitefish and Whitefish Amtrak station.

You will also have access to ATM and banking facility if you run out of cash.

4. The Firebrand

Rating: 9.0/10
Cost: Starts at $132/night
Address: 650 E 3rd street Whitefish, Mt 59937, US

The firebrand resort is a 4-star hotel, almost sharing the same similarities with The lodge at Whitefish lake. And also visit summit house for a treat. Summit house offers mouth-watering food, and you can never stop loving food.

Whitefish Mountain Resort (Whitefish Montana Skiing)

Beautiful Whitefish Montana Skiing: Winter Guide 2021 2
by Tim Steif/ Unsplash @All rights reserved

Big Mountain Resort was renamed later in 2007 to Whitefish Mountain Resort to bring awareness, taking its name from one of the historic railroad towns where the whitefish mountain resort was founded back in 1947.

Winter Sports, Inc owns the Whitefish Mountain Resort. Today Whitefish town provides 3000 acres of terrain land as a ski area of the Big Mountain, just for skiers to enjoy.

This skiable terrain is covered with 300 inches of snow, making the whitefish mountain resort a well-qualified area for skiers to ski.

Whitefish Mountain Ski Area opening:

The Whitefish Mountain Resort is now open from the 7th of December for 2021/22 winters, and the winter carnivals start from Thursday the 9th of December 2021.

The ski festival is said to continue until April of 2022, and in the same year, as April gets closure to May, Whitefish temperatures go up.

How beautiful is the place?

Whitefish Montana doesn’t cross 250C throughout the year, making it a beautiful place seasonally. During winters, the whole town of Whitefish, the Big Mountain, whitefish mountain resort, the skiable terrain, the whitefish lake are all covered under snow.

During summers, the whole town of Whitefish turns green. These are the fantastic views you can ever experience because everything turns lush-green.

Night Skiing

Beautiful Whitefish Montana Skiing: Winter Guide 2021 3
by Emma Smith/Unsplash @All Rights Reserved

Can you ski during nights at a Whitefish mountain resort? Yes, you can at night but have to follow the limited time. There are holidays either. So, here is the schedule for night skiing

Timings & Dates
Fridays and Saturdays

from Dec 31,2021- Mar 5,2022 (4 pm to 8:30 pm)

Dec 26,2021- Dec 31, 2021

Friday 20, 2022

Ages 7+ = $27

Ages 6 & under = free

Winter Sports

Alpine Championships:
Alpine Championships are conducted between January and February once every two years by the International Ski Federation, and it is a competition between 132 countries with over 100’s members participating.

Is Whitefish Montana safe to ski?

Absolutely Yes. Even though you are a beginner, Whitefish mountain resort provides a beginner facility and has everything for everyone.

Is Whitefish worth a visit?

Yes, Whitefish is worth a visit. It is worth your time and money and provides unbeatable value. You will never regret going there. You will keep yourself busy with fun things all around you.

How to get the best of Whitefish Montana Skiing?

Beautiful Whitefish Montana Skiing: Winter Guide 2021 4
By: Ron Kroetz/Flickr

The Whitefish Montana Resort is an absolute delight. This is why it was ranked number 3 resort in the West By Ski magazine 2021.

It’s a true winter wonderland with over 3,000 acres of skiable terrain. You get good value for your money, local vibes, amazing views; what else could one ask for?

For ski enthusiasts, let me tell you that you will be intimidated by the 113 marked trails that you are to choose from. Where to start, right?

Whitefish is covered with stashes of powdered snow, so even if you are just a beginner-level skier, you can at least enjoy the snow.

There are sunny ski days around here too, and everybody loves sunny snowy days. During the sunny days, you will get gorgeous views of the Canadian Rockies, Glacier National Park and the Flathead Valley.

The Whitefish Ski resort has something for everyone, there’s on-mountain dining facilities, apres ski bars, good furnishings and much more.

Whitefish Montana can be your perfect winter getaway.

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