The Most famous Indian Sarees

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The Most famous Indian Sarees 1

Cotton, cotton weaving and creation of artistic weaves came to India from the Mesopotamian civilization. The saree, sari or sadi is a symbol of the Indian , Bangladeshi, Nepalese and Srilankan tradition. The word saree originated from the Sanskrit word ‘sati’ which means cloth.  A saree can be worn in many styles. The blouse, can be long or short, depending on the type of saree worn. Old sculputres depict a wide variety of sarees worn by women. History of the saree dates back to 2800-1800 BC, the time of the Indus Valley Civilization. It is the oldest piece of un-stitched clothing ever known.

With the differences in the type of saree from state to state, there is a difference in they style of wearing it too.

200px-Styles_of_SariThe Indian Saree:
India, a land of many cultures, religions, languages has an ocean of types of sarees. Every state is famous for its own kind of saree. There are various styles of wearing a saree, but the most common one is where the women tie it around their waist and is draped over the shoulder.

With the differences in the type of saree from state to state, there is a difference in their style of wearing it too. Every Indian state has its own way of wearing this traditional attire.

imgresThe South Indian sarees:
The most famous bridal saree of South India is the Kanjeevaram saree, which comes from Kanchipuram in Tamilnadu. Checks, temple borders, stripes are the raditional designs found on this type of saree.







Pattu saree comes from the Kerala region of south India. They vary depending on the pattern, color, threading etc. Pochampally saree comes from the Telangana state. The fabric is cotton silk- a mix of fine silk and cotton.
imgresThe North Indian saree:
Paithani is the most famous North Indian saree, which comes from Maharashtra. Hand woven and made from the finest silk, these are regarded as one of the richest Indian sarees. Square or peacock design is generally found on this type of saree.


The Banarasi saree is another of the most famous saree in India. Well known for its bright colors and texture, they are popular bridal sarees of the Northern states. What is so special about these sarees is that they have heavy golden embroidery and give a grand look.








The Sambalpuri saree is a tradtional handwoven saree, from Orissa. They are known for their tye-dye art and traditonal symbols such as the wheel, shell or flowers.


Gota saree, from UP or Rajasthan is a special type of saree, because of the unique lace attached to the borders.



Assam Silk saree is ne of the best silk saree in the country. These sarees are well known for their threadwork.



Chanderi saree from Madhya Pradesh is special because of its tissue silk.


Rajasthan’s Kota saree is just simple cotton. They are simple enough to be worn at home and at the same time, elegant enough that they can be worn to a function.


So that’s all about Sarees, folks!

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