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The Pinning Tricks to Use to Drape Your Saree

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Though fashion trends keep on changing, saree is an outfit that never seems to age. These outfits have existed before our time, and they are still loved by many.Different draping styles give you the chance to flaunt your saree any time anywhere. 

You can achieve the perfect draping style with the help of safety pins. These metallic objects help in attaching parts of the saree to boost its appearance. The wrong application of safety pins can, however, break your look. Allow us to teach you some of the pinning tricks that can help you achieve both style and comfort when wearing a saree. Enjoy!


Purchase the right safety pins            

Do you like sarees that come with vibrant colors? You can use colored pins instead of relying on the standard silver type. Colored pins camouflage on bright sarees since they cannot easily be noticed on your saree.

They also help you drape your saree in different ways without worrying about pieces of metal from showing on your fabric. Safety pins that match the color of the fabric can give you a seamless finish. Purchase your saree from StyleCaret  and ask for colored pins to help you with your draping styles.

Avoid visibility

Your saree should look flawless with no pins appearing on the outer parts. If you have a damaged hook on your blouse, you can hide it by securing a pin from inside such that is it not visible on the outside. You can also keep a certain draping style intact by attaching pins on the bottom layer of the side that is overlapping.

Shape up                         

As you attach pins on your saree, consider your body shape so that you can do it correctly for you to flaunt your curves. Try to pull some of the extra fabric you may have on your saree and tuck it in your petticoat

Use a pin to conceal it under your pleats. This allows you to accentuate your curves so that you can drape the saree tightly. Use the necessary safety pins to help you shape up those gorgeous curves.

Use some extra brownies

You can also tighten your pallu and prevent it from moving by attaching a pin vertically. Most people make the mistake of allowing pins to lie horizontally on the saree. The vertical position of a pin beneath the pallu allows it to look neat and prevents it from showing. Instead of anchoring the pin on your shoulders, let it remain in the back to increase comfort and make your saree look dashing.

Create a fishtail

A saree is not complete without a fishtail. It makes it look neat and classy. You can make the perfect fishtail by holding all the additional fabrics of your saree near the waistline. Pin this additional material under the pleats around your waist carefully. It creates a lovely flair at the bottom and adds some character to your saree.

Make it easy to dance

Are you planning to attend a ceremony in a saree? You can hold it in the right positions using safety pins to help you dance comfortably without worrying about some parts falling out of place.Grab the part of the pallu that hangs loose and secure it on the adjacent side of your hip then pin it in the front.This trick can help you bend easily without worries even when you are conducting household chores.

Try the open pallu style              

Do you love maintaining your pallu along your shoulder? Though this design looks nice, it can be difficult to manage. Pins make it easy for the style to remain intact so that you don’t keep on making adjustments. You can do this by pinching one end of your pallu and pinning it to the edge so that it remains intact. This allows you to make movements with your hands easily and still achieve that perfect look.

Perfect the over-the-head style of draping               

This Indian tradition style also needs a few pins to secure the pallu above the head. The pallu is made from a soft material which slides easily. You, therefore, need a few pins to prevent it from sliding off the head. Get help from someone else to attach the pins securely.

They need to pin down the pallu into the blouse. Make sure that this attachment is loose to avoid an uncomfortable position and also prevent a delicate fabric from tearing.The pins make it easy for the pallu to remain above your head even when the saree is made of a fabric that is heavy.

Hide the bra strap using pins

Bra straps tend to pop out of our outfits and make them look bad. You, therefore, need some pins to ensure that the straps remain beneath the blouse of your saree. Try to pin the pallu together with the bra strap as you attach the pallu to your blouse. You no longer have to keep on adjusting your bra strap or looking over your shoulder to ensure that it does not pop out.

Pin your saree beforehand

You should try to attach the safety pins during saree draping before an event. As you drape the saree around your body, pin up the mermaid cut or fish cut to ensure that your saree feels comfortable before you attend the occasion. This also gives you the chance to make the necessary adjustments and correct any part that does not look neat and also saves you times in the long run.

Final thoughts

Whether you are attending a wedding or wearing a saree to the office, you need this pinning tricks to make your outfit look elegant and feel comfortable. The tricks above make a significant difference in saree draping styles. They prevent you from inconveniences such as folds sticking out of your outfit for you to achieve the perfect drape style. Be careful not to overuse safety pins for the sake of fabric of the saree.

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