Music is My Halo!

Music is My Halo! 1

“She danced to the beats of the enveloping music

With her heart stringing the chords of the divine

The mind recalling a routine that miraculously got enshrined in her unconscious;

It was in that moment,

She was oblivious to everything, yet too aware!!!”

What is music? How did one discover it? Which music is the best or is all kind of music poignant and eternal? Is it all around us, therapeutic?


There can be zenith questions on music, its existence, and vitality, with umpteen connotative replies to the same. However, one thing that I have become sure about is that MUSIC IS MY HALO!

The man-made, fast paced world is maddening and deafening. While on the other hand, its mundanity shuts the mind to the scrambling possibilities in the world. More than often we tend to doubt our path and struggle to emerge out of the phase of blues. Life seems too hard, and it is easy to get enwrapped in its ‘noise’.

This is when I try to remind myself of the peaceful beauty of the unsynchronized life through Music. I shut my eyes for a moment and try to listen.

To my surprise, the world sings.

Often in the humdrum of life, as we grow up, we forget the fundamental thing i.e. to listen patiently with all our might, without any preconceived notions and not worrying about the result.


The act of sifting the music from the noise makes me drift into a world which is just too beautiful to fathom, one that cannot be seen, it can just be felt and experienced. It’s in every breath I exhale and inhale and in every move I make. This makes me hum a tune of self-revelation and sends an internal reverberation of change. It soothes me, energizes me, motivates and most importantly inspires. It helps me realize that how caught up I have become in the notions that don’t matter much in the whole scheme of things.

It reminds me of the beauty of simplicity and how easy it is to be happy. It helps me to make sense of the silences of my life too. The weight they carry and the significant changes they bring about in me as an individual. It makes me aware of all the quintessential voices of love seeking me for who I am, separating it from the hate and envy which are falling into the abyss of darkness far away from me.

“I am moving too fast, I have to slow down, I have to listen to my heart and the words around me, I have to breathe, I have to take in the music, I have to live…..”


This is what goes on in my mind when I try to tell my conscience that I am not competing with the noisy world; rather I am voicing my music to its existing rhythm.

Thus, it is important for you to realize how important it is to move beyond the world of gibberish where sanity prevails. So be the ‘Mozart of this Jungle’, learn to ‘Rush this August Fever’ and while ‘Tripping on this Sound’ of the ecstatic reverie, lead a life of contentment.

Be high on the Music of Life..! 🙂




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