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Netflix Roulette – Is This the Best Way to Choose What to Watch? – Updated 2021

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Netflix is bursting with content and has a seemingly endless amount of options to choose from. Indeed, there are currently 4,335 movies and 1,609 TV shows available to US-based customers. With this amount of choice come some difficult decisions, and many users find themselves perpetually browsing the various thumbnails. This problem could be solved, though. There is an app which allows users to randomize the selection process when choosing something to watch on Netflix. It’s called Netflix Roulette, and it could bring some much-needed levels of excitement to the selection process.

Whenever a user logs on to Netflix, they are faced with a bunch of recommendations from the streaming service. These appear due to the results of an algorithm which aims to predict what kind of shows and movies someone would want to watch based on what they have seen already. The problem is, this leaves a lot of the content hidden deep within the platform, with it rarely ever showing up to the user unless they specifically search for it. This means that a lot of unique gems are completely missed by some viewers, who might still be interested in them.

Instead, Netflix Roulette makes it possible to choose Netflix shows completely at random. This is the ideal approach to make sure nothing is missed and is also a great idea for people who just can’t decide. The name of the service is based on its unpredictability and the way that it boosts the excitement levels, obviously inspired by the classic casino game which features a ball spinning around a wheel. Netflix Roulette is simple to use. You can go for a completely random search or select some conditions if you have a vague sense of what you want to watch. The stipulations include genre, TV show or movie, IMDB rating, and Rotten Tomatoes rating. By using these functions viewers can ensure they don’t end up watching something too diabolical, such as one of the many awful Adam Sandler offerings.


There is a lot of good stuff to watch on Netflix, with some of the most highly rated series ever like House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black on the platform. There are also some more obscure offerings like Maniac and The Good Place that haven’t been hyped as much as other shows but have found success through word of mouth. When you’re the first of your friends to uncover one of the top shows, it’s a good feeling being able to tell everyone about it.
For people who are at a loss when it comes to choosing something to watch, Netflix Roulette is the perfect option. Not only does it help to uncover gems on the platform, but it also brings some casino-like thrills to proceedings.

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