Friday, July 30, 2021

Nirbhaya’s Afterlife

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‘You are the witness.’ ‘You were there when those men were excruciating me.’ Why did you let this happen to me? I did not deserve this end. Nobody does.’

A protest following the 2012 New Delhi rape
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16th December will forever stand proof of your nonexistence. Was returning late after a movie with a friend my fault, or was it just being a girl. They misbehaved with my friend and took me to the back of the bus, tore my clothes, and me. “Where were you?”

Their excruciation lasted long, and when through, they dug in a rod into my vagina as a gesture of their satisfaction. ‘But your presence was nowhere to be seen. ‘You don’t exist.’

Are we just a tool to be satisfied with and, when done, be thrown out of moving vehicles? Stared upon? Teased? Raped? Tortured? Burnt?

They say, ‘God is everywhere; where were you that day when I was dying with every thud of theirs?’

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I wanted to live, see myself grow old, play with my grandchildren, but you devastated everything. And here I am now in your land, heaven, as they call it; searching for those butchers who let me here. If those men are sentenced to be punished, “so should you be!”

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