Life can either bring out the best in you or can completely drain out your will to live. However, even the worst phase of life can change into the most amazing one with great optimism and perseverance.

The Past

In the past, I never had a so-called normal childhood. Instead, I was raised in a family where my parents were at loggerheads. My presence hardly made a difference to them, and I was never surrounded by the warmth and selfless love of my parents that I would always dreamed of.

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Also, last month I had an important exam for which I got one hundred percent. I started early preparation, pulled too many all-nighters, and gave every available mock test. Still, the night before the exam, I had a terrible headache leading to unacceptable performance. I might sound like a troubled child, but this series of bad luck has continued to haunt me.

Some people say that I am the victim of bad luck, and sometimes I even find myself cursing or whining to God.

But my saturation point came, and I had to go to the counselor to vent my emotions. She made me understand that I was looking at only one side of things. After consulting with her, I became aware that if I expand my horizons and look at things objectively, I’ll be able to find the courage to turn my weakness into strength.

And now, when things have turned upside down for me, I gave optimism a chance and looked at the bright side of my past, and then it dawned on me that the reason why I have a strong personality, am sensitive to other people’s feelings, am the person who everyone relies on and pursue my dreams sincerely is because of the hardships I have faced in my childhood.

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It was an epiphany for me when I realized that I was no longer stressed before my exams and could be calm because now I understood that my emotional breakdown was taking a toll on my body and ruining my hard work.

I have learned that life is a challenge that every person is bound to accept no matter how hard their past is. However, how we perceive different issues of life is entirely in our own hands.

There can be excruciating circumstances in the past and life can be rough but if we don’t give up on weaker points, it always takes out the best in us. I have learned that when the world doesn’t stop spinning for me, whether I fall or win.

If I keep complaining about the things that have gone bad or how life is unfair, I will be left behind in this world but that is just one thing I don’t want. I have got this one life to make an impression on this world, not to let the world mark me. I just believe that each one of us has the potential to make an explosion, to show the world that we exist and all we just need is to objectively look at every side of the situation before jumping to conclusions.



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