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6 Top Fitness Tips

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Everyone wants their body to be fit nowadays. Fitness tips are also the secret to a make a body robust. Here’s some fitness tips for you-

1. Keep the Muscles Limber –

If the person is under the age of 40, it’s for them only – hold the stretches for 30 seconds. If the individual is over 40, hold them for 60 seconds. As the person reaches to 40s, the muscles become less pliable, so they need to be stretched for longer time. These fitness tips never fails anyway!


2. Grow the muscles and saves time –

Coming to the one of the best fitness tips- Keep the weight workouts for about an hour. After the time of 60 minutes, the body starts to produce more of the stress hormone that is cortisol, which can have a testosterone-blocking and muscle-wasting effect.


3. Do the exercise in order –

Use dumbbells, barbells, and many other machines—in that order. “The smaller, the stabilizer muscles the person use up with the dumbbells fatigue before the larger muscle groups,” says Charles Staley, which is a strength trainer in Las Vegas.


4. Power the Core –

Just don’t be afraid of the situps. Situps increase the range of motion, which makes the abdominals of the body work harder and longer. So, Just avoid situps with anchored feet, which gives the pain to the lower back. Remember fitness cannot be achieved while the particular exercise giving you unnecessary pain.


5. Test the Bench –

Hold the thumb tightly into the bench before lifting it up. “If the person can feel the wood, then find out some other bench,” says Ken Kinakin, which is a chiropractor in Canada and the co-founder of the Society of Weight-Specialist of a training injury. Hard benches cause a T4 syndrome—which is a misalignment of the thoracic spine that affects the nerve function of the arm and makes it weak.


6. Swim faster in the pool –

One of the important fitness tips- To build up the speed in swimming, develop the flexibility in the ankle. Flexible feet will act like flippers and propel the faster through the water. To increase the fin flex, do this like just Sit on the floor without the shoes extend the legs straightly with heels on the floor. Point the toes straight to out as far as possible, then flex them toward the shins as far as the person can and repeat this exercise for one about a minute.


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