On We Go

On We Go 1

ON WE GO a poem written to describe the chivalry of the warriors on the battlefield. Their hearts may go numb with the limitless view of bloodshed, but all they know is to move on and bring victory to their homeland. This may be an elegy to their enemies but an elixir of daunt to them. Warriors see millions of corpses, their dear friends lying dead, but they never have the chance to weep and mourn for them or slow down. They are the embodiment of courage who will destroy the frenzy clouds and bring rays of freedom to their homeland.

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There are paths to tread.

There is a mist to be cleared.

On we go, fearless

towards the dawn.

We won’t lose chivalry

we won’t sabotage hope,

march on to enemies

to the heart of war.

Air clad in bloody blood.

The earth mourns cuddling valorous corpses,

still our swords ablaze

to lit the land with tranquility.

There ain’t no hiding

there are words to keep

clouds will be shattered, and rays will welcome us back home.

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