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PMSing & Relationships: The Guide for Boyfriends

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Wait, is that a word? Oh, that’s what girls do, right? That bad thing before the period starts?

Leave PMSing, most guys don’t know what periods are, or why women need pads.

And in their friends’ circle, it’s a fun topic as to what happens when a girl starts ‘pmsing’.

Here is a word of advice if you are someone’s boyfriend – don’t.

What is PMS?

PMSing & Relationships: The Guide for Boyfriends 1

What is the Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) anyway?

Nearly all women go through it each month, for around 5-7 days before her periods. Sometimes it lasts for a few more days; it happens due to some changes in hormones. During these days she suffers from many symptoms like feeling irritability, acne, anxiety, tiredness, tender breasts, bloating and most dangerous of all mood swings.

Are you a boyfriend who wants to take care of his girl? This article is just what you need to read.

Stay away from me I’m PMSing.

PMSing & Relationships: The Guide for Boyfriends 2

When women start PMSing, it’s normal for them to behave like a sleepy sloth or even display unpredictable behavior.

No one can ever guess when she wants to stay quite and when she feels like bursting out. She can even set the house on fire if anyone messes with her. So either you clear her way or just be the prey to her viciousness.

PMS and Boyfriends 

PMSing & Relationships: The Guide for Boyfriends 3

As she has to bear so much pain and disposition so it surely not easy to suffer all this and still keep calm. Her calm gets lost somewhere and her patience says, bye-bye.

It can be tough for boyfriends too. 

Guys can easily fall for her beauty, sweetness, intelligence, kindness, but if you really love her, you would love her even during her PMS period – yes, in spite of all those savagery that can possibly happen. And no, it shouldn’t be a living room fun discussion with your friends.

PMSing & Relationships: The Guide for Boyfriends 4

Even if she starts to be the female version of Hitler and you being the poor little jew, you know that certain little charm she has, right?

Save your relationship

If you don’t want to get crushed by your girlfriend, love her anyway. Try to understand what she feels – and with a great rapport, it won’t be difficult. Even if it didn’t seem so initially.

Calm her down when she gets too much aggressive, feed her chocolates, buy her favorite ice cream flavour, play heart soothing songs and do literally everything to please her.

Sometimes, she might get overdramatic and cry for no specific reason. She can be really hard to handle during these days and sometimes just seem a bit too much. But don’t give up on her. PMS is not that easy, okay?

PMSing & Relationships: The Guide for Boyfriends 5

Get it that she is PMSing as soon as you see a slight change in her behaviour.

Don’t worry you have to do all these things just for few days. She will get back to her normal, polite, sweet little princess phase as soon as her PMS ends.

And she will know just how much you love her.

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