Poetry: Father’s Love

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Poetry: Father's Love 1


We meet many people in our life: friends, relations, everything changes. What doesn’t change is your relationship with your parents. No matter where you live or how different you have grown to be, parents will take care of you always and forever. At times we fight for our materialistic needs and hurt them. But they always forgive us. Here is a poem that describes dad’s sacrifices, and now when a father grows old, it is the child’s responsibility to take care of him.



He was the one who picked you from couch to bed,

he was the one who taught you how to eat toasted bread,

He was the one standing beside you when you fell,

he was the one who never failed to fulfill our necessity,

he was the one who sacrificed his job to take you to fair,

you are the reason why he doesn’t have any hair,

He was the one who taught you how to talk,

he was the one who told you when to stop,

he was the one to carry you on his shoulders,

he was the one who cautioned you from the boulders,

he was the one who never expressed his problems,

he was the one who shared your problems,

through your Life, he was your guide,

now it’s your turn to be his sight,

with the time he has gone older,

now you have to pick his responsibility on your shoulder,

he was the perfect dad you met ever,

now you have to prove that you were the perfect child for him forever.


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